1. I am very sorry about your friend. And you are right there are so many (dangerous) side effects that can occur with eating disorders. I‘d like to add one myself that I haven’t heard about a lot: Autophonia caused through patulous eustachian tube (ear tubes) when you have the sensation that your ear won‘t „close“ or frequent clicking in your ear and through that hearing your own voice and breathing super loudly. It‘s more noticeable when I restrict again and when I stand up suddenly or when I‘m doing something a bit more strenuous. Any one else?

  2. Oh my I think I have this. Sometimes when I stand up my hearing goes almost completely void and it feels like there’s a weird pressure change. Ringing, muffled sounds, and my breathing starts to sound really weird. It only happens when I smoke though so I’ve always thought it was that.

  3. holy shit i’ve had the clicking for YEARS and no doctor has been able to figure it out! they always told me it was allergies wtf! i had no idea

  4. i had a bit of this when i was really struggling - it’s absolute ASS. a doc told me that tilting your head down almost between your knees when sitting helps

  5. no way i didn’t know the clicking was part of anorexia. i always assumed it was just my head being weird since i couldn’t find anything online

  6. I have this, it's annoying and something I just had to learn to live with. I tried some experimental treatments but none of them worked, and I'm not getting surgery.

  7. I had this before I went to IP a few years ago when I was very ill with AN. I just recently became aware of the term and that it was a thing. At the time, I think I knew subconsciously that it was something to do with my poor health.

  8. Yes! It happens more often to me when I’m restricting really bad. Sometimes it feels like my ears are underwater too

  9. Wait what, that's an ED thing?!?! I thought it was my teeth-grinding finally fucking up my jaw and by extension the pressure in my ears. (I have a bite guard that I wear at night, I've ground my teeth in my sleep for my whole life)

  10. WHAAAT. I had no idea this was eating disorder related. I’ve dealt with this for years and been to multiple ENTs and never found a cause.

  11. It was when I started to wet myself during my day to day activities because my bladder was too weak that I finally was able to convince myself to seek actual help for the first time for my restriction. The shame and being worried that I’d pee myself in public was more motivational than anything else I knew about other long term damage.

  12. ohhhh boy i made it through my entire childhood without pissing myself and now that my weight's gone down the last couple years it's been like a regular occurrence (mercifully during wfh)

  13. ohhhh boy i made it through my entire childhood without pissing myself and now that my weight's gone down the last couple years it's been like a regular occurrence (mercifully during wfh)

  14. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. This was an uncomfortable post to read but really important. It's easy to imagine we're 'not that sick' if bloods come back OK or we're not as underweight as some other people according to BMI and easy to forget the damage we're actually doing and the risk to our lives.

  15. Thank you. So true. sometimes it is hard to see the damage you are causing to yourself. lots of times you think you are okay, and you are not:(

  16. yeah, the bladder issues are awful. i feel so anxious just being out of the house not sure if i'll be able to get to a toilet when i need to or not. it's so humiliating. and at this point it's ruining my sleep, i have to get up to go to the bathroom sometimes 3 or 4 times a night. i'm scared of ending up straight up incontinent.

  17. I get up on average 5 times a night to pee. I lose so much sleep from it and it leaves me more tired than I am already.

  18. That sounds so difficult. I am sorry you have to deal with all of that. I wish that no one suffered from eating disorders, they do so many awful things to your health, and it is so isolating when no one around you understands the pain you are in

  19. wow i had weird chilblain-like lesions on my fingers as well. dermatologist thought it was post-covid symptom, but now i'm thinking my severe restriction at the time could trigger the autoimmune response as well. i started eating a lot more after that and got some perscription creme that helped so i'm not sure what it was really.

  20. I know right. I'm dealing with really scary hypoglycemia lately -- I've been recovering for less than a year now but suddenly if I'm on hour four without food I get faint. I'm having to think about food constantly and its so scary / uncomfortable and feels counterintuitive to IE. :/

  21. I am sorry. It's such an awful thing to deal with. I think it is hard for a lot of people to talk about. you are not alone in your struggle

  22. Thank you for listing everything so people can become aware. We all know it’s tough on your body, but rarely do we know the “why” of it all. It can be invalidating when doctors just nod along when you say you have AN or in recovery. I usually emphasize that I’m concerned sue to years of starvation and lack of nutrition. That seems to get their attention.

  23. you are welcome. I feel like these things don't get talked about enough when it comes to anorexia. I know how that feels. I have also caused irreversible damage to my body, now I live with painful symptoms I can't fix.

  24. I have also one of the worst side effects that ever existed. Even though I am eating normal amounts now and following a meal plan my body has created an inability to gain body fat a year ago. I am only able to gain edema and that is so painful. My kidneys are gargling so much and immediately after eating (only a few seconds) my legs swell up to a massive size. I just want to be able to gain body fat…

  25. that sounds awful. I also have trouble gaining weight after years of having anorexia, along with frequent urination. not sure why this is happening but it is very scary to deal with

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