1. I asked over live chat and they said no (per their official policy), I asked again over fb messenger and they said sure! Maybe it depends on who you get.

  2. Have done this with jcrew, so mostly likely yes. Just email and ask for a price adjustment and they will credit you back the difference.

  3. Black Friday deals suck this year, but I will argue to the day I die that Madewell is one of the most quality brands there is. Their jeans are unmatched compared to ANY other brand.

  4. The site gave me some issues, but I somehow got three garment dyed all day crew neck tees for about $10 total. I applied the TGIF code and a birthday code. Dunno if it’ll go through, but they took my money and sent a confirmation so far! 🤞

  5. Does anyone have any experience with relaxed taper vs athletic slims for Madewell? I've always wore slims in other brands but am now feeling a bit of tightness in the thighs from lifting.

  6. relaxed taper has more room for sure in my experience. I outgrew those as well from lifting and now I wear relaxed straight which has significantly more room than the relaxed taper.

  7. Same thing happened to me, wasn’t fitting in any slim jeans from the gym. Athletic slim is by far my favorite jeans that fit well now. I kept the same size as other have with other brands (32x34).

  8. Haven't worn the taper, but as someone who's slim, but not a stick (and has some muscle from marathon running), the normal slims are too tight to be something I want to wear (though they still look good) while the Athletic Slims are stretchy and fit perfectly. If you have tree trunks for legs though, definitely go for something bigger than the athletic slim.

  9. Late to the party, but “FOOTBALLERS20” stacks on Jeans for an additional $20 off. (On top of “CLICK” for 50%-60% off)

  10. If you go into a Madewell store, they probably can. I was able to return a final sale shirt I bought online when I went into a store.

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