1. I'm sure it is good, but i'm definitely never spending $5 on an 8oz serving. Maybe if I ever catch the brand on sale i'll give it a shot, so thanks!

  2. Cavatappi is clearly the best pasta for mac and cheese, and the texture was perfect al dente. Broccoli was all small florets that maintained a firm but tender texture. Cheese sauce was pretty garlicky, which I like, and was creamy and rich tasting. This comes with a handful of shredded cheese on top when you microwave it, so when you mix that in with the cheese sauce it gives it a great stretchy/ melty factor too. This is a top notch frozen meal.

  3. I buy this brand at Target and Sprouts. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of the products for less than $4.00. The Fried Rice with Shrimp is almost $10 but it is 2 meals for me. I only buy the dinners with the shrimp…yum

  4. This brand is also good with frozen meals that have shrimp in them. Shrimp is hard to do right in a frozen meal, but Scott and Jon’s ones are good. Just not enough food.

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