1. The start lights would be cool, everytime before you go to sleep you really can say "lights out and away we go"

  2. Wholesome. Now when you wake up you do the same, entering the ever eternal race. Lights out and away we go, lights on, for we grow!

  3. I don’t need to enter the giveaway, because we actually just ordered the COTA one for my fiancé’s dad for Christmas (he’s notoriously difficult to buy gifts for). I saw one of your giveaway posts months ago and saved it, and I’m so excited for ours to come to give to him! I expect many other purchases in my future!

  4. It’s was a chaotic 2022 season with unexpected twist and turn called as the silly season . Sebastian Vettel would be always loved but grid won’t be same without him and without Danny ric as well it’s just too much . With red bull major wins this year I hope next year they have a tough fight . Cheers to 2023 with many new rookies and more chaos!!!

  5. I would absolutely love one of these! Been following F1 since 1997 (Go Mika!) and think it would be so cool to display one of these in my home. Feeling all sorts of nostalgia with Seb retiring.

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