1. I was gonna come in and say thats how bad shamans play, but you're playing shaolin and thats the effect shaolin has on me too, as a shaman main. Every time i fight this monkey fucker i just want to get it over with so i just throw attacks and stop caring.

  2. Yeah shaolin has insane pressure but shamans always are too aggressive and refuse to go in a more defensive play style. When needed I can try deflects or those counters in qi stance but shamans always aggressive

  3. I really struggle finding a way to properly punish Shaolin now. Aside just parrying every single starter he does.

  4. Ubisoft doesn't want you defending yourself. Shoalin is one of the examples of their vision. Press alot of buttons without thinking.

  5. People just accept pirate came our busted and will always be broken or annoying but shoalin is was the embodiment of skill at one point (long time ago) and now he's... Easier to say the least.

  6. I wasn’t mashing buttons. I tried to deflect and parry. You know play normal first round but I realized the guy was never blocking or parrying

  7. Everything went right here . I was defensive at the start when I realized he isn’t blocking or dodging my sweep

  8. Damn. Chill your user flair says aramusha so i guess you are aramusha main now it’s easy for him to counter shaolin. And anyways shaolin is the most fun hero

  9. Yes I agree I named it in that way because the shaman didn’t even try to defend and always attempted an attack

  10. This is the third round. First few round he was spamming the shaman combo thing then this round everything went well

  11. To anyone who says why am I spamming and stuff then just know, that’s how shaolin plays and every assassins. Shaolin matches an assassins even shaman plays aggressive but in this case he was dodging on undodgables and not dodging on sweep even tho I didn’t even feint once

  12. The newer players forget how toxic characters from older For Honor use to be as well. As bad as it is now, atleast your viable offense doesn't come from forcing your opponent to have seizures. May 2019 - September 2019 Raider's whole thing relied on his stunning tap blasting your eyeholes with epileptic shock.

  13. Literally all the people in these comments are mad cause they can’t dodge the sweep attack I know what you mean by this shamen being aggressive and you took advantage of that. They are malding hard because they want to be able to have a opening when this characters whole build is about chained combos

  14. If I let the shaman. Then he will pull of a whole combo on me so I counter aggression with the right form of aggression. I knew he wouldn’t block much and would instead dodge so I did undodgables. It’s pretty easy to dodge sweep and I wasn’t even gonna feint it

  15. OP don't listen to all these idiots giving you shit for playing Shaolin. He's fun as fuck to play and has great flow, keep playing whoever makes ya enjoy this dumpster fire game 🙏

  16. I was wondering why I was getting so much hate. A few days ago I played orochi, got hate for that, then i played cent still got hate cus I apparently was playing wrong.I like shaolin he is much more fun then the rest

  17. Guys, if you are salty because you fall for this stuff against shoalin, it's literally a skill issue. I play shoalin from time to time, and I also face them just the same as you, and I gotta tell you, against actually decent players, you can't get away with this. You just can't. If you keep eating it, it's a you problem.

  18. Thank you for actually standing by me. And yes I know it doesn’t work with skilled players from experience fighting against them. But in this case from the first rounds I understood the guy couldn’t read my attacks. Most likely he barely fought any shaolin. He was dodging on undodgables even tho he knew I mostly throw those and he wasn’t dodging the sweep

  19. congratulations on being one of the few players who actually has a brain and doesnt shit on OP for playing a character in a fighting game

  20. Thank you... Gods. This is why characters get nerfed that don't need it. Shaolin is in the best spot he's ever been in. They actually did him right. Although the sweep feint isn't the greatest addition

  21. And annoying cus they don’t realize the guy was putting in the wrong reads. He knew I would mostly do undodgable attack and he still tried to dodge them he didn’t try to dodge the sweep. Also he wasn’t even trying to block

  22. Bro people crying about shaolin now? He's far from top tier. Use him in higher mmr and he gets dumpstered. I honestly believe he's in the best spot he's ever been.

  23. Shaolin is easily one of the top 5, if not top 3 heroes in the entire game right now. He's getting dumpstered by nobody unless you yourself are playing him poorly.

  24. Idk I'm convinced half this sub are people that read a lot about the game but don't actually play it or something. Half the time they're dog piling on shit like this that any player who's even half decent can get around and doesn't even get mad about. I've literally never had a problem fighting shaolin no matter who I'm playing, unless the player themselves is actually good.

  25. U say shaman was to aggressive but like shaman kinda has to be aggressive otherwise shaman just ends up staring the whole time

  26. The for honor community is the most counter productive community I've ever seen they complain about a character not having good momentum or that he's easily punished then when they make a new character or rework a character to make the fight a prediction game they complain it doesn't matter what happens they will complain the entire combo would be stopped with 1 correct read

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