1. It's pretty easy to just block the whole thing but god damn I fuck up the parry timing constantly cause the animations look so weird - straight up just rehashed moves in slow motion

  2. I still haven’t figured out the parry timing and medjay is currently my least favorite hero to play against

  3. Nobushi. Light light kick light light. And then your fucking bleeding everywhere and just accept your fate.

  4. I mean, the fuck are you supposed to do when your finisher light has such high recovery that you can get a guaranteed gb just for fucking dodging it.

  5. As a warden, yeah that’s spammy, but his mixups are good if you can manage stamina well and know how to defend without throwing an attack. You don’t need to be damaging your opponent every second.

  6. When I take on a pirate I tend to get one parry on their dodge attack and then go Souls Boss mode on their stam bar

  7. As a kensei who wants to get better at him I understand the light spam... and I have met dumbasses who think their good after lightspamming.

  8. Raider doesn't really spam 1 combo he has a mix of lights, heavies and zones that he soft feints into 2 things

  9. As a warmonger main I strongly suggest you add her, it's basically "light attack to preying claw and stab, guardbreak, heavy" and repeat. Plus she has vicious Impale which counters long chargeup moves.

  10. Pirate, I’ve never seen a pirate throw anything other than a light/heavy then the shooting animation (idk what it’s called, I don’t play pirate)

  11. Well tbf his kit is like the second fastest paced non-assassin kit next to Aramusha so it’s sort of all he can do

  12. I fought an orochi once that just back stepped light attacked. Only thing he did. It caught me off hairs the first two rounds.

  13. In my experience Raider, Kensei, Pirate, and Kyoshin have been the worst at just doing the same moves over and over💀 the definition of insanity

  14. 1.Medjay Light,heavy,light, heavy,........ 2.Ara left,up,right,up,left,up,....... 3.Orochi bayblade Simulator

  15. 1.) You are a nobushi so i would feel like that would be the top pick of spam 2.) LB literally can't do shit. All his combos include heavies or easy to parry lights

  16. Conq You can do combo of only unblockable After any Heavy attack do shieldbreak, then light, heavy and repeat. Enemy are confused af

  17. Every character has a combo or 2 and majority of players only use 1 of them. It comes down to the player not character. Jorm has a very very limited kit so he doesn't have many options. Lawbring has terrible offense unless it's off a parry. I'd say the most annoying and rage inducing is pirate.

  18. They don't have any reason to, but I find Kensei (especially a lot of high rep Kensei for some reason) tend to spam dodge attacks and/or triple light combo.

  19. It's probably a skill issue on my end, but Sharon's kick combo spam onto a knockdown makes me despise all who play him.

  20. My favorite is probably warden players who always feint the overhead heavy into a guard break, even after you start light attacking through it, it's like they figured out feinting and think they beat the game or something

  21. Berserker, because he only has 1 to begin with. Sure he also has 3 consecutive heavies but you can only really use it if you mix it in with his other combo, otherwise you get instantly parried.

  22. Fucking kensei dodge attack or medgay dodge attack. Losing? Forgot your combos? Don’t know how to read? It’s easy- dodge heby to win

  23. Warmonger and warden… but I mean c’mon their kit is so small compared to other heroes that they have just one bash mixup and then the occasional delayed heavy or guard break to spice things up, but I’ve met too many of the two that just do the same combo sadly

  24. Orochi: lights; Medjay: light then heavy; Nobushi: lights; Shugoki: bash spam; Centurion: punch; Aramusha: lights; Conquerer: bash spam. Pirate speaks for itself

  25. Self burn. Ppl forget that hitos entire kit is using heavy at varying times to get a kill. But i actually use feints and things.

  26. I’d have to say jorm. Pirate has a lot to do actually if u know how to play her the correct way. But pirate is right next to jorm if some clown u face is using her incorrectly. But jorm I think has the smallest kit? Idk. I am assuming so. Every time I play him it just gets boring after a few matches. (Edit) it would make him different if u could fake out his bashes. And Ik warden has somewhat a small kit but I like faking out his bash into different attacks or parrying. But warden needs more moves like a handful of characters we have

  27. All of them. The only one who probably doesn't effectively do it is Lawbringer, but even he can heavy-feint-light spam.

  28. As an aramusha main, ring the bell, feint into light, feint into light, feint into light, feint into light, feting into lig…

  29. You gotta specify what a "combo" is. Quad light glad is a combo, Aramusha's lights/heavy spam is a combo. Most are formed by the player because it works the best.

  30. Warden because they dont have that many combos but talking about light combo spamming id say its every hero that has a light hit combo string

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