1. I was going to ask why would a high fantasy scythe give you Bloodborne vibes, then I saw it was a trick weapon, which is awesome.

  2. Igh't, I'ma say it, all of the cast being able to exist at the same time is already fantasy, yes, medieval europe and china had GP, but not flitlocks, so Pirate shouldn't be there, afail vikings weren't around by the time plate armor became a thing, and Samurai were later than Knights, so, already a good stretch of "suspension of disbelief" right there. Also, dragons are part of the lore now, fantasy is allowed to vibe

  3. I don't like the weapon of choice and I really don't understand how one weapon become another, it's weird imo.

  4. Moveset is cool I won't lie but I just can't stand the fantasy of the weapon and the armor. Also we already have Medjay using the exact same stance swap gimmick so I don't know why this hero would have one too, would stance switching act as a chain starter? What's the point of the guard switch to match dodge in scythe form if this hero doesn't have superior block on dodges or a deflect?

  5. See that's the thing with this subreddit. They give Ubisoft ideas, but when they act on them and make a new thing overpowered, they backtrack and angrily scream "this wasn't what we wanted. We angy. Fix game."

  6. Now I know that for honor has been dipping into fantasy with their guns and curses, but there are lines that should not be crossed. A fucking scythe that turns into a sword!? Are you joking? And this isn’t even an outlander!! It’s just a knight with exposed ribs, is he even human? I respect the work put into this, but save the concept for another game.

  7. i think the main concept is the weapon and feats. the character model doesnt have to be a knight at all. it can be some other armored character. and an outlander can be a knight if he wants it to be pirate is a chinese hero and yet not part of the wu lin. who cares if it looks like a knight

  8. I like the weapon but feel just a scythe would be needed. Now. Let me tell bout something like this but weapon master type deal. Starts unarmed with bashes only that start a mixup into one of two weapons depending on the actions you take.

  9. Please for the love of god I just want my fencing/rapier hero for the knights, don’t give ubi more fantasy ideas.

  10. Please for the love of God I want the other factions to have as many heroes as the knights, don't give Ubisoft any more knight ideas

  11. please no, I don't want fh to turn into a Dark Souls/Bloodborne clone. I won't complain about realism in this game but that's just way too fantasy

  12. I very much love the idea behind this. However I do believe that Ubisoft would botch it and make it very overpowered or extremely underpowered. Another point in favor is the soulsborn-esque theme. Can finally live out my hollow fantasies. Another problem I see is the passive healing being blatantly abused in team fights, where the Seraph just stands behind his team and they heal while they fight. The switching was medjay's gimmick, but it got old very quickly and became very bash oriented. Other than those problems, going back to the "Over/Underpowered" question is his total health, high or low damage, the healing rate, the revival range, how much damage the sweeping feat does, and how large will the sweep area will be. Other than that I really have no objections, even if it's "another knight" but in the outlanders.

  13. I admire the idea but...a scythe just doesnt work man. Not this type of scythe anyway, you have war scythes which are pretty sick. But then it might just become another big pole axe guy.

  14. Moveset looks like a better version of Medjay. But i don't dig the RWBY sword-scythe transformations. Also i think scythe would be better on a non-knight hero imo

  15. for his 2nd feat i would make it that both players get 50% more renown and they heal when one of you kills the other one in a duel. the 50% renown are always a thing but the full hp healing only happens in a duel, 50 hp heal still happens in every scenario as long as one rival kills the other

  16. That’s pretty cool overall, and I really like how that Scythe looks. I will say, however, that having Finishers have properties is something I don’t like. If it were Finisher Heavies and in-chain Zone attack, that’d be cool— I just don’t want Hero with 2-hit chains and undodgeable lights. I think we have enough of those: Kyoshin, Jorm, Pirate… If it were 3-hit chains I’d be fine with UD lights

  17. Makes more sense to have a scythe hero in the viking faction not the armore and stuff but like a jormagander ish armor and a scythe with a hitokiri ish fighting style but ofcours different enough that its cool and fresh

  18. I like that really much! That would be some fresh air for for honor. Sadly, devs probably won't see it.

  19. you really organized it here, the only thing is that ubi prepares the next hero the way they want him before any of us even know it or at least suggest something.

  20. I feel like this would work better for a middle-eastern style of design, because the armor is very knight-influenced... and I think we all know very well: there's a surplus of knights.

  21. I like this concept. A dope alt armor idea could be non traditionally armor more cloakish or grim reaper style loose clothing. Something in between anime cape and dark souls armor.

  22. See what would be better than the falx mode is is keep it a folding scythe bloodborne style and have a bardiche in normal stance like gryphon but it folds out like the scythe execution does in an offensive stance like hl

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