1. Storm rush is weird. I can parry lights on reaction, react to zanhu dodge attacks almost everytime but against storm rush my brain completely shut down. People have been telling me to react to the animations but it never works, I can't even block it.

  2. It is weird I used to get smashed by it but now I have to look at the indicator. For his zone tho I have to look at the animation which is what I do for most fights anyway. My main problem is the new guy I try to go based of animation and I can’t and if I use the indicator I go way to early. So next time I have some free time that’s definitely what I’m doing.

  3. If your really having trouble even blocking it, try a light attack or fast bash that can intrupt it, people seem to forget that this fact hasn't change since the initial rework.

  4. Tbh I have no clue how I got it there it’s always been in training ground. I just learned yesterday that somehow u can turn it off by everyone telling me too lol

  5. Training grounds set their move set to whatever you like. I also set it to light attacks to train for light parries and they have improved a lot

  6. Except it does work and I just posted a video recently of deflecting a storm rush in a match. Plus Iv done it multiple times with shinobi and glad. It does help.

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