1. As some one who is trying to get better with shaman, I love your videos. Could you put some out that are in dominion? There is definitely a lack of urgency in duels that allows for better reads, but I would love to see that chaotic energy of dominion.

  2. Sure I can try to record some. Problem is she’s not super in 4s due to bad teamfightibg, and she’s not really good at anti ganking either. You can do ok with her Ganks and Feats but unless you have s decent team she can’t carry. Still fun though and her Out of Lock punish with stealth is actually kind of crazy. I’ll try and get some clips!

  3. I just wanna add that me and the Raider ended up chatting, and adding eachother after another ranked game. In the third ranked match he did insanely good, and really caught on to my playstyle. He later asked for advice, and was a really kind player who will go far! See you in GM Tucanguy!

  4. Those are the best duels. I love getting into a mojo with someone and we just duel it out for the next hour, changing to random characters

  5. I remember WAY back in the beginning days of ForHonor, I was playing LB in duels & ran into a guy playing LB too. They where not very good & they never blocked or paired. But they kept wanting a rematch after I beat them. I liked their conviction to beat me, so I started trying to teach them how to play (Without messaging them). Whenever they threw a heavy, I would parry, but not follow through with a punish, then I would throw a heavy for them to parry. Eventually they got the message & started to parry my heavies. We kept playing match after match as they started to get the feel for LB & his toolkit. Pretty soon, we where having genuinely close duels with me barely edging out wins 3/5 times. We friended each other on PSN & parted ways, but I haven’t seen them since.

  6. Condition people to dodge your Heavy into Bleed soft feint so that they dodge whenever they see a neutral heavy. That way you can soft feint it into GB for a Bite or more bleed! You also start lighting, and zoning when they’re bleed since they’ll be scared to parry. Then you get Heal + mix up potential lol. GL and welcome to the Shaman gang!🩸🩸🩸

  7. Can someone answer a question. I’m debating if I should re learn the game using controller. I’ve used M&K up to this point but I swear I’ll try blocking in a direction and it just doesn’t register.

  8. Shaman's kit has always been OP, when it was added into the game there was no other character with that many mix ups and soft cancel movies, it was insane. Plus, in 4v4 you just had gank squads of them that could stun lock you with head butts and tackles until you were dead and there was basically nothing you could do.

  9. Yeah she’s really fun! A bit outdated for the current 4s meta but still a very fun hero with amazing feats, and with a good team her ganks are still amazing

  10. Been maining shaman for a while now but I can never get a hang of the reflex guard / defense. Good fights 👌

  11. Isn’t soft feinting top attacks into the bleed attack dangerous? Isn’t there a big risk of getting light parried if they try to parry the heavy you’re feinting?

  12. I like how the Raider started adapting, it just took him to long. And depending on the input, Shaman can be hard as hell in a duel. Especially a good Shaman, which you obviously are. The only time I play ranked anymore is at the start of a season to get my placement and see if I've improved at all each season. And then after that, I never touch it, since I have most of the cosmetics I want.

  13. Shaman is S tier, if used to full potential. People at lower levels over rely on side dash and charge which are the single most readable moves in her kit, then get beat and say she's mid. When you use her bleed mechanic as well as this guy does she's easily S

  14. A from what I hear, but tbh I’d place her in S on console. I usually cancel her Ub or Chain heavies into bite but I feel like 14 heal and more bleed is too good to pass up since it is unreactable which Zone into bite is not. Still a great tip though!

  15. She has some really bad matchups tho. Conq, for example, gets an easy win against her if he has even half a brain cell.

  16. Nice to see people using their whole movesets at the top. I quit playing when every detail if the game was funneling the meta into "bait parry punishes and throw nothing that can be parried".

  17. Well Shamans kit contains a lot of soft-feints. Zones are a given at that point but I didn't see many lights. Zones sure, I saw some good heavies and Unblockables being thrown.

  18. Didn’t let not 1 heavy fly.. whole bunch of lights.. I guess at higher levels you just simply can’t afford to throw heavies 🤦🏻‍♂️

  19. I haven't played this game in many years, master at the time, instead I went on to other fighting games. Two things come to mind : this is grandmaster gameplay? Completely suboptimal punishes, very few mixups, no pounce cancel pressure?

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