1. I seriously don’t understand how that man is such a beast. For some reason Louis is like a god whilst Vander is absolute trash.

  2. To pressure you into getting nintendo switch online membership since you need to have a paid account in order to get these.

  3. they're on rotation, once there isn't a "spotlight" on a new game they'll probably return again sometime.

  4. Honestly, not a fan of how they used the 3D models instead of the official 2D art for every character besides Alear. I wish the other royals like Alfred had their official art used.

  5. So, I assume this means Ike'll be available to set as a user icon as well at some point? Splendid.

  6. Do I get Boucheron, or leave him on the bench like I did in game? Assuming there's at least four more waves, I need to make some cuts somewhere.

  7. Glad we have FE icons now but I wish there was more original artwork as opposed to the 3D models

  8. Can't believe the time has come where I can have a sigurd user icon on a nintendo console. All I need now is a way for other people to play his game.

  9. I'm an absolute boomer I got the sigurd one but then when I went to my switch profiel to try and change I can't find am I looking in the wrong spot?

  10. So happy to get a Céline icon, she’s been my favorite character so far, though I might trade it for an Alcryst icon once he’s out…

  11. yunaka most likely will come next week with the brodian characters, considering we will get 6 weeks of Icons, we might get icons for all the playable units, if we get some extra NPC... please add the Queen of Solm.

  12. Yes. They are gone. But in December last year, they did a special where they shuffled icon waves for all the games they did icons for every 24 hours. So maybe you'll get the chance to get them then.

  13. I should've gotten Lumera. But i now have a spicy Alear profile pic 👌🏻 I am excited for the Jade icon

  14. Damn I just realized I missed the first wave of these icons. Oh well. What does kinda suck at least for me is that is that they seem make you not only pay for Nintendo Switch Online but also spend platinum coins for these icons and backgrounds.

  15. Plat coins are pretty much useless other than for this. They give away enough every other week to get pretty much everything and still have some left over.

  16. Do I only get to use them until February 2nd or do I have to claim them by then? I’m a bit confused haha

  17. I wish they were slightly more zoomed in/higher quality, or had an option to zoom in on the face. They look fine in the picture, but when you actually use it they come out so small and low quality compared to the native switch icons.

  18. Anna has been one of my favorite characters in the past but…why does she look like a literal child in this game……

  19. I've been looking all over, and thought maybe one of you might know. All the pages for the DLC lists wave 2-4 as coming out Dec 31 2023. That can't be right. Do they mean between now and then, or is that the planned release date. Thanks.

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