1. Next issue: the healer complaining that the BLM could hit the boss from anywhere, so why are they in the ass-crack of nowhere instead of in the range of heals.

  2. I did that once on the final boss of Twinning cause I had a spot that never got hit by lasers and the boss does no aoe dmg anyway (relative to my hp back then and manaward at least).

  3. Naw, if they (or any ranged DPS) wants to live out in the wilds they can learn to pack healing potions. I've given up on worrying about those people who miss out on the AoE heals.

  4. I taught my raid caster how to position by literally never using a ST heal on him. He quickly stopped hanging out with Courage the Cowardly dog and stayed in the group after a single night. It took a lot of DM's to convince my cohealer to cooperate.

  5. This week I actually had to rescue a Machinist into my Sacred Soil and range of my heals so they wouldn't die to a series of back-to-back raidwides in P7N. Everyone else was at 80% health and clustering around the healers, while they were at 40% and almost to the back edge of a completely separate platform.

  6. leveling black mage this expac had me placing down my ley lines out in nowhere and a half before realizing 10s later that i’m making the healer cry. never learned how to not do that:) oops:)

  7. Higher chance to avoid having to move out of ley lines and having a mental breakdown because of it

  8. This right here. Its not even a conscious choice. Just while dpsing I shift from side to side, catch myself playing DDR to do mechanics and then attempt to sit still so I don't look like a spaz.

  9. As a bard, I have a real bad habit of moving forward while doing my opener and suddenly finding myself standing right in front of the MT XD

  10. CBU3 gave me the power to move and shoot at the same time and by Godbert's beard I am GOING to fucking use it.

  11. This is because all bards are either FABULOUS, have ADHD, or are shit at the game and are running around screaming trying not to die.

  12. An extraordinary Bard would mark themselves with the safety dorito. Which halfway through the fight becomes a danger dorito with no warning

  13. Trial roulette the other day. Titania's TB is a cleave, so tank spun her around and wiped 5/8 of the party when the boss was at like 30%. Then the RPR decided to get cute and blamed the wipe on healers for standing in aoe.

  14. Whenever I get Ramuh, it's a total coinflip whether people aside from MT will decide right in front of Ramuh is the happening place to be and get repeatedly cleaved.

  15. I love when I have threat on the boss, I’ve had threat for the entire fight, then the boss does their TB, which happens to be a cleave. No problem. Except the other tank decides they wanna have main character syndrome now of all times, Provokes the boss, turning them into the raid and killing 6/8 of the party

  16. The skilled bards are the ones who run around non stop like an idiot, but still do all the mechanics. Had this one bard run around in circles non stop in titan normal, he never got hit by the cleave and didn't get hit by a single bomb, he would occasionally start strafing/jumping rapidly and then continue running in circles, so I don't think it was dumb luck.

  17. This was me until a kind soul finally told me what stack markers are. I was a very very stupid player in the beginning.

  18. XIV is my first MMO and I started as a Healer. So I was pretty static. Then I started levelling my first ranged... And I just jumped around like a dumbass because "hey I can move wherever I want!"

  19. I appreciate the accuracy of the BLM standing out in Narnia while the WHM futilely attempts to stand somewhere their AoE heals can possibly reach everyone.

  20. I mean when I was doing Savage as DNC my clock spot was NE... and we rotated supports CW when needed... so MT became my buddy more often than not, it's just natural.

  21. As a WAR main, I love the occasional crazy DNC that decides to stick next to me and give me Partner

  22. Bard main here. My rule of thumb was always camp near the healer in case of adds, but not so close an aoe targeting me would hit the healer.

  23. For a while I kept thinking melee might have front positionals because I kept meeting some on roulettes who were up front with me. Then I started wondering if they got confused by True North and thought they had to stand in the North.

  24. When I group up with my friends as a tank, I always tell them that if spread puddles come up and you’re overlapping mine, I’m not moving. You can drop yours on me but the only one getting hurt is you.

  25. I’m new to tanking and so I’ve been confused by this several times! When I try to adjust and the dps keep shifting with me I never truly understand what’s going on!

  26. Generally as a tank, you keep the boss pointed away from the party (typically North) and try your best to move as little as possible while still avoiding mechanics

  27. If you have the boss pointed away from the group and some DPS decides to take the cleave with you, that’s their fault, not yours. You did your job. You can’t do their job for them.

  28. PLEASE, I've been leveling tanks on both my main and alt toons and the amount of times I've seen this is absolutely wild. And while on my non-tank main, too, I saw a Dancer die, like, three times in a level 90 dungeon, in one boss...

  29. To be fair, if you're not familiar with the level 90 dungeons, most of the mechanics are not things you can run out of if you didn't see it coming.

  30. As most jobs I like to sit at the ass cheeks of the boss when possible (except as MT, that's in front). There are a few benefits:

  31. I don’t care if I have the range, I’m going to behave as a melee, it keeps me within healing range, and if I’m dodging appropriately and maintaining uptime, then where is the problem?

  32. As much as I love Samurai, I do hate how they made it all circular aoe.... I always have to stay inside the group of enemies now when before there was movement inside and out with the two cone attacks.

  33. Since most dungeon bosses don’t cleave it’s not even really an issue for dungeon runs 90% of the time, but it still manages to rub people the wrong way. There are even bosses with attacks that look as though they should clearly be cleaves (and should be, like just commit devs!) and are still single target attacks.

  34. "We've reworked all Physical Ranged DPS classes to only do DPS when they are at certain far range and they can't do any damage and will miss when they are up close,AOE skills are excluded.This will encourage them to be at a distance while let actual melee DPS classes to do their work"

  35. Funny story, in Final Fantasy 11, the MMO precursor to this game, ranged weapons had a mechanic where their damage went down the closer you got but accuracy went up the closer you got.

  36. I'd still prefer this to the BLM in Narnia, they're outside of my aoe healing range as well as most of my kit except single target, they can get closer or I will let them die.

  37. Lol, I also phys range as dancer I go as far as I can and keep moving I get like mid way close in SS,,,and TS so I can damage them with the finishers I noticed when I am too far the burst from finish steps don't land.

  38. As a former tank, I don't really mind about it, if they want to experiment melee mode on bosses thats valid to me, its either to have fun after a bad day or they are testing in the name of science if phys ranged/caster does more dps closer than being on range 💁‍♀️

  39. Lol why is this so real as a DNC. The other day in p5s I stood right next to the tank while “venomous mass” was casting and didn’t move at all and then realized how dumb I was when I saw the animation and died.

  40. Real tanks don’t care, if they went through the trouble of facing the boss away. If DPS wants to hug the tank, everyone knows who is coming out on top in the end.

  41. I move on top of the tank if I know the autos and busters don't cleave... and if I know the buster doesn't cleave I will chase down the tank and make them feel nervous for fun.

  42. False, they can't stand anywhere at all, they should stand close to the healer, thus BLM is also a shitter here smh smh.

  43. That's when as a Bard player you flex on the boss by using your back hop skill at the last second to avoid the attack.

  44. Next issue: The Tank trying to avoid damage at all costs. Don't know if it's just a me issue but most Tanks I play with try to play the FF14 version of Fat Scout or something.

  45. Had one of those, where the tank non-stop slides around the arena like he was a figure skater, with predictable results when he got a stack marker.

  46. Because it makes all AoE's that target the tank don't hit the party as well. These can range from cone shaped tank busters, breath attacks, magic etc. All the DPS/healers are supposed to either be behind the boss or on the side of the boss to minimize the amount of damage is sent their way. Typically these attacks hit HARD, I've had many times where they would take half my health of I wasn't using any form of mitigation. And I'm a tank, imagine if something like that hits the entire party

  47. started tanking about a month back, every time I do a leveling, I run to the opposite side of the enemies, and the dragoon or bard follows me, only those two though, everyone else is fine, but its like they think we take less damage the more people get hit

  48. There have been times where I set my lay lines right by the tank without thinking. It's always so awkward just finishing up my rotation next to them, knowing they are like "wth is this blm thinking?".

  49. I remembered before I started playing DPS classes thinking to myself "all you have to do is deal damage, why is it so hard to just do your rotations and avoid aoes?"

  50. I kept rescuing an archer who did this and they said something along the lines of "my brain mush" and just kept living up the joke. Honestly it was a cool party but ya know.

  51. I get this, but that being said, of we're on a trial or dungeon boss and we just did a bunch of confusing mechanics and I as a BLM somehow am accidentally in north when I drop my ley lines, could you please just be a little understanding and move at least 45 degrees away? I will stand on the far edge of the leylines to maximise distance. I know I shouldn't really be there but it's too late now, and you don't have to be so anal...

  52. I feel like the game could do a better job making it clear. People seem to generally figure it out by level 60, but World of Darkness in particular is painful for it. Angra Mainyu gives me fits as a healer sometime because it's so hard to get people to not stand next to the tank.

  53. While this meme is accurate, I would find it more accurate if it displayed a REAPER standing next to the tank. Those are who I witness eating tank busters, all the time.

  54. Not tha tthe black mage USED to stand right next to the tank, but the fight moved to another part of the arena and the blackmage refused to move from his circle.

  55. Easiest role to do mechanics on, no cast times or positionals. Still somehow always the ones to get hit by AOEs or doublestack things, etc.

  56. You should always be ideally chilling by the boss booty in some capacity; melee, healer, ranged, caster doesn't matter.

  57. Yeah nobody should be standing next to the MT in case of cleaves, only exceptions are shared tank cleaves, where the OT should also be standing next to MT, and tank swaps. Everyone should be next to the healer in this image.

  58. When I'm playing BLM I'm usually so far away from the enemies im out of range the second they move. I should probably be a little closer now that I think about it.

  59. I never had this problem when I'm Tank, but when I'm melee dps, Samurai especially, ohboi every ranged (not BLM though) and Healer stands on me.

  60. I hate when there are spread mechanics, and for some reason a Bard insists on staying planted and forcing melee to run out and lose uptime.

  61. I feel this way about my squadron all the time. Like I love them don’t get me wrong, I spent months getting exactly who I wanted and how I wanted-but their ai def leaves a lot to be lacking.

  62. that's so weird to me that this is apparently universal for people because often the phys ranged I get are standing all the way back with the blm. I'm actually not sure I've ever seen one run right up in front of the boss and next to the tank

  63. Either that or they are as far away from the boss as physically possible while constantly circling the room.

  64. I do this on my dancer a lot since most DF tanks will tank with mobs surrounding them in a messy circle instead of clumping them up neatly for AOE.

  65. Omg, I had a few of these earlier last week too when I was tanking, had a few dps just ridung my tail, and I kept thinking to myself that there were some daring folks.

  66. My ranged phys of choice is machinist, because I care for flippy shit more than I do optimal dps, I’m not a raider so I have no real need to care anyway. That being said, I’m almost constantly on the move, I don’t think I ever stand still unless I’m in an Alliance raid roulette cause there are just so many people that I need to know exactly where I am, not to mention the much larger attack quantity and sizes.

  67. Trust me it never ends. Source: I did what the bard did in DSR once and felt very stupid for the rest of the night

  68. for some reason they do that all the time when i'm tanking, i've seen several brds dnc and mchs die from doing that.

  69. The dancer in my static always finds a way to not stand in my asylum, or our SCHs sacred soil during raids. They're also always caught by mechanics where they should've stacked and moved with the party, but for some reason they're all the way off in Narnia

  70. I always tried to stay out of the way but sometimes you get tanks with no spatial awareness. I’ve had the dying misfortune on many occasions of having a tank keep moving the boss and it’s AoE’s right over where I am.

  71. Somebody help me cause that’s what I was forced to learn. Healer dps between heals, and regardless if I am ranged(dps) I have to be in range of heals, which most times meant in mele range.

  72. Yeah, you should be fairly close to the healer to be in range of group heals. But generally not in front of the boss because they sometimes have frontal cone attacks, and if you're too close to the tank you can get hit by a tankbuster and get one-shot.

  73. When I play reaper I stand where the tank is at 24/7, except for expert roulette, and most of the time the tank will try their best to spin the boss for me until they give up.

  74. Oh my god, like the dancer who could be stood behind all the mobs, and spam AOEs, where they're safe, instead they stand next to the tank getting hit by everything, then die, then scream at me for not healing them through it..

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