1. My parents are divorced, yet best friends. He even picks her up and drives her to family functions. Took over 15 years, but it can happen

  2. Same. They barely communicate unless it’s about me or my brother, but we are adults now so they even avoid that. The concept of them being even cordially on speaking terms is so foreign to me

  3. my dad left my mom when she was pregnant with me in ‘81. I’ve only seen them in the same space once when I was 28. it was insanely awkward and horrible.

  4. Same. I wish they had a relationship like this. But I'm also glad they didn't stay together, because one of my only memories growing up while they were still together was before I was even 4, with them yelling at each other and me looking at up them from the ground begging for them to stop and asking why they were yelling.

  5. I left my marriage. It was so dead, soulless. But my ex was content. I tried VERY hard to make it work. We have kids.

  6. Some people getting divorce not necessarily because they hate each other. The kids probably know this and they seem close to laugh about it.

  7. Hating each others guts is not the only reason to divorce the parents of my ex divorced because they just didn't love each other anymore and noticed that living together resulted in conflict so they divorced and now live separate from each other but are still civil with each other and go on vacations together with their children. They divorced so that they don't end up hating each other. There's a lot of reasons for a divorce.

  8. My ex and I hang out all the time. We both had another kid with our spouses. We just weren’t compatible and had to find a new partner. We hang out with all of the kids together all the time. Our daughter isn’t going anywhere. Us working through our past has made us better parents.

  9. Sometimes people still get along after a divorce because they don't hate each other, they just realize that they aren't really compatible, aren't really making each other happy and satisfied in the relationship, much later than would have been ideal.

  10. First thing in my brain was - why would you try to do that? They adults, divorce because they have a reason to divorce. I’m sure, even if they smiling and joking, it’s a very stressful for mon and dad. Selfish kids.

  11. My ex thought everything I did was to "hurt" her. Although I was busy raising 2 little kids and at the start of my career and trying to fix our first home. Once I took removed myself from her life, she got a lot better.

  12. When you have children it definitely makes divorce different. My husband's ex wife is definitely a volatile, troubled person. When we're around the kids together I see all the best parts of her. She's charismatic and funny. It made it hard for me to understand their divorce after hearing so much about their relationship and her negative traits.

  13. Absolutely no question about it. With the torture and torment that my ex put me through, there's nothing about what's going on here that would be worth that level of uncomfortable. I have a wonderful relationship with my daughter, but I won't ever trust her mother again for anything.

  14. I feel really bad for the parents, they may of been joking and stuff but, There’s a reason for their divorce. My parents are divorced and super cool about it but I would never do this in a million years. It just seems wrong in a sense

  15. The jokes and sassy remarks are how they're trying to cope with a situation that's clearly stressful and uncomfortable. I don't like it when people put strain on others for their own amusement. Divorces are a delicate matter.

  16. I love that family dynamic it's amazing you can still joke around even after divorce you can still go out to eat even after divorce even if it's a little bit off you can still do it and have fun with it

  17. Growing up I had a friend who’s parents were divorced. He was my best friend so naturally I spent a ton of time with him including at both of his parents homes. Now his parents were fucking loaddddeeeedddddd. They each had their own home and they were multi million dollar homes. Both had giant rock pools, his mom had a “bonus room” with tons of arcade games, air hockey, and basketball shooting, his dad had a bunch of other cool stuff and lived on a gold course. Going to either house for me was like going on vacation and having a blast because I wasn’t from a wealthy family. Like my family was pretty middle class maybe even upper middle class, but his parents were both 1% earners (probably even higher like .01%). His parents were both friends with my parents, and they treated me like their own kid because I was best friends with their son and was good friends with their daughter who was 1 year younger. The 3 of us would hang out constantly.

  18. Sounds like my brother in law and his wife. They are divorced and each have their own homes but are together with the kids all the time. They even talked about getting remarried but maintaining separate households. It's a strange but functional dynamic.

  19. As you should. It doesn't take much for me to tolerate being around my ex-wife on occasion so that my daughter gets to have a moment of normalcy and actually get to be around both parents at the same time for a change.

  20. My aunt and uncle got a divorce years ago. They made it a point to remain close friends for the sake of their kids. They’re both remarried now but one of the sweetest moments I’ve ever seen with them is when they both came to Christmas dinner with their spouses at my parents house. I remember the 4 of them standing in the living room. My uncle had his arm around my aunts new husband and my aunt was holding my uncle’s new wife’s hand. And they were laughing and carrying on like they were all best friends. Very good to see.

  21. I’m guessing dad still loves mom just they weren’t working out but you know as men we have to not have real feelings so we play it off as jokes

  22. There would have been nothing pleasant or cordial about a reunion with my parents. It would definitely go a long way towards making holidays more convenient though, if they could get along.

  23. Sometimes it's not because they don't love each other. Something happened and they make mistake. And maybe ego and pride get in the way.

  24. He missed his line: Mom: [gesturing towards herself] "Because he wanted all this! " Dad: [gesturing towards all his kids] "I had all that!"

  25. My parents split up a few months ago, I still live with my mum and barely see my father (as in he has made no effort to try to spend time together. Maybe that will change but I currently only feel negatively towards him.

  26. I'd be so hurt. Especially if my ex cheated on me or something. Moving on is hard even if it's years later. Don't make me sit across the table from someone who dilberalty hurt me.

  27. I can only imagine how cringy that would be. Stopped as soon as it started with the synthesized voice though so missed most of it.

  28. My ex-husband joined me, our kids, my fiancé, and my fiancé’s kids at my fiancés house for Thanksgiving yesterday. We all enjoyed the day and the two men laughed and chatted like old friends. We had plenty of drama when we first split up but worked together to build a friendship because we have children together and they deserve parents that can get along. I wish more people were able to do this as it really is a pleasant way to be.

  29. My kid is a genius off to college at 17, and boy oh boy I have talked to her mom in 3 months now 😆 🤣 😂 it's been amazing.

  30. What would have made it better was if he said after the mom saying you wanted all of this he should have said I'm sorry I thought I was getting a good deal

  31. Why is it a facepalm?? Despite being divorce, they still can crack some jokes together so clearly it's working out. It's not like the kids try to make them remarried or something

  32. I work in a hospital and have seen many couples who have divorced many years ago come to each other's aid when one would get sick.

  33. I mean for a plan like this a casual place is better. If it goes south it's better for a cheap lunch at a Dennys to be ruined as opposed to one at an expensive place

  34. I love this. I understand completely the awkwardness,sadness, carefullness, the planning that may or may not have occured for whatever reasons.

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