1. says that to parents who are were hearing children being shot and receiving calls from their children begging for help. They begged for the police to go in and instead of action they were pepper sprayed and held down. Fuck Texas. Fuck Gun Nuts and Fuck the entire GOP.

  2. Not to a grieving parent though. He ditched the kids’ funerals to speak at an NRA event. Why the half measures, oak tree, why the half measures?

  3. He means thank God no law enforcement were killed. They’d actually have to put themselves in danger for that to be a possibility

  4. Someone more concerned with the gun lobby who backs him than the lives of the people he is supposed to serve.

  5. I….guess…? I mean, the cops could’ve waited outside the door for a number of hours until they thought all the kids were dead before going in….oops shit, that did happen.

  6. Shit, I don’t even know if having no police force there at all would have been worse. I feel like one of the parents would have naturalized that shit stain faster.

  7. At least the police didn't break into the other classrooms and systematically execute all the children. You gotta give them a lil credit for that...

  8. He had a small rally recently where he mentioned the Uvalde shooting and it was one of the greatest use of "motherfucker" I've seen someone use on a heckler in the crowd.

  9. He should have been dragged out of office the second he said this. Literally the most tone deaf, evil thing he could have said.

  10. Well in our defense, Japan did bomb us first. Can’t be mad at the country that fought back with two bombs when you bomb them first.

  11. Could’ve been worse, I mean the cops could’ve done nothing and arrest the paren— fuck that did happen. I hate that guy.

  12. I think he, his Lt Gov and his AG should be forced to conduct all of their business from schools, WITHOUT a security detail until such time as they figure out a way to make it better.

  13. Could’ve been worse? I mean the cops could’ve sat and done absolutely nothing and arrest the parents trying to save their chil— wait a minute.

  14. This is giving me “Aww your kids died?? Well mine didn’t so I don’t really care” Or “Aww your kids died?? Well I never had any so I don’t really care” Vibes

  15. I mean did you not think about that sentence before you said it. I bet you wanted those words right back after they left your lips

  16. How??? Honestly if they would have ignored it completely, the locals would have gone in there and blown the fuckin whack job to pieces even sooner.

  17. What a speech. “Mr. Vice President, Mr. Speaker, Members of the Senate, and of the House of Representatives: Yesterday, December 7th, 1941—a date which will live in infamy—the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan, but it could have been worse.”

  18. There is nothing he can say to follow this to make up for that preface. What an absolute piece of shit.

  19. The Art of Deception, you say something that can’t be proven wrong and want people to think you are right.

  20. We must treasure the fact that no police officers were harmed on that fateful day. Or, God forbid, a gun could have been damaged. Count your blessings!!

  21. Only reason he’s saying this is because his children weren’t horribly murdered. It’s easy to say stupid bullshit like this when you have no stake in what happened. Lip service to keep the police on his side. All politics all the time.

  22. These fuckers don't have a modicum of sympathy nor compassion. Their BS thoughts and prayers is worthless like they are. Until they love a child, family member, heck one of their mistresses in a tragedy is when they will work on some legislation and eventually some law will get enforced. In the meantime, tell this hack to STFU!

  23. It could have been worse. The Border Patrol might not have shown up, and the Police and Sheriffs could have stood around for several more hours with the thumbs up their ... I may have said too much.

  24. Who voted for people like that? I don’t see how! The police could of waited longer? You could give semi autos to kids in school? I guess you could make it worse. You certainly aren’t making it better

  25. A terrible thing can always be worse. It's pointless and often actively harmful to say that. The Uvalde shooting was a horrific and heartbreaking tragedy. Yes, it could have technically been worse. But it should have been better. Instead of thinking about how more could have died, we should be talking about how nobody should have died. And while yes, not everything is within our control, there very much were things in their control they could have done differently to save lives. And they didn't do it .

  26. In an episode of Breaking Bad Walter White says basically the same thing at a school assembly after a tragedy. The writers put it the show to show how Walt didn’t actually understand empathy. Neither does Gov Abbot.

  27. At this point, anything I see relating to uvalde is something I know will be extremely depressing and disappointing. The city has and will continue to torture and mistreat those poor families and communities tied to the victims.

  28. I think he meant “the police could have started shooting parents trying to enter the building. They could have gone way harder on the parents. So there would be dead kids and parents! Can’t you understand that?”

  29. Its wild that they want to institute “one door” schools, where theres only one way in and one way out…fish in a barrel..instead of more secure entryways.

  30. It could have been worse. It could have been the cops shooting the kids instead of standing outside with there collective thumbs up there asses.

  31. I don’t think it gets much worse than a bunch of cowardly cops refusing to do their jobs and a mass shooter killing a bunch of children because of that.

  32. Let's boot this BOZO Texas! He is a weak person. Not what Texas is about. He doesn't stand up for what's right, he just collects the money given to him by lobbyists.

  33. So what have you done to make sure it doesn’t happen again or even worse. Out of touch insensitive bastard.

  34. He loved the first day political photo opp until that’s day shit show was revealed. It took a couple of weeks for him to say he was misled on the facts. Abbott = POS

  35. The only way it could’ve been worse is if the officers went in there and shot the rest of the kids, and I wouldn’t put it past those fucking neanderthals.

  36. Who in the belligerent fuck would want an AR-15 for any reason? I’m the biggest Yankee Doodle Hillbilly Hick out there and I wouldn’t want one either. Too complicated.

  37. Don’t forget how abbot handled this and the rest of the GOP come November. None of these assholes called for any meaningful reform and then they swept that shit under the rug.

  38. “What happened” friggin twatermelon couldn’t say anything useful 🤬. I truly hope Texas voted him out but I honestly doubt they will. I’m so happy to be out of that god forsaken state

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