1. Tuff guy towards his own child and innocent animals, this is what a real coward looks like. I hope he has fun trying to be a tuff guy in jail.

  2. I say we just set up a cage and you can pay $20 to get in for a minute with this piece of trash. He wants rage, and I got plenty of it.

  3. I just wish she and her dog didn't have to experience that trauma, my heart goes out to her for being strong enough to go through this

  4. My dad used to be like this. When I hit 21 I told him we can step outside or you can walk away. He screamed, hit the wall, and tried talking his way out of the situation by making excuses for his shitty behavior. My only response was we can step outside or you can walk away. He went and bought a gun next week and I told him that doesn’t change anything and walked away. He had a stroke later that week and I can now be certain that god is good because he definitely would’ve shot me for standing up for myself or my mom again

  5. Someone’s gonna yoke his ass up by his throat in a 8x10 cell and show him who’s boss!😡🤦🏻‍♂️

  6. For real, this guy needs to go live on garbage island. I'm not a violent person by any means but I'd like to hit this guy with a tire iron.

  7. People would be shocked to learn how common this behavior is behind closed doors. My parents were model citizens but turned into monsters when alone.

  8. Can we start taking their right to vote at least? They don't get a say in what happens in our society if they are going to behave this way.

  9. Fuck that, anyone who can treat people and animals like that deserves nothing better than a brutal death in a dirty back alley. What a pathetic excuse for a human being. I hope someone force feeds him a bottle of Tylenol and refuses to give him pain meds as he goes into total organ failure.

  10. What a pathetic individual..to treat someone you should love so poorly..and to abuse an animal...I just can't relate to someone who needs to have this kind of control.. appears to have mental issues...hope the young lady and her pets have been able to save themselves...

  11. Yeah, look at him thinking he is the big intelligent manly man. He didn't like the dog favored his child, oh grow up. True strength is pacified, it is not aggressive. He is the opposite of a man with strength. I hope he is in jail for a long time.

  12. This video made me have a bunch of flashbacks, and holy cow, does it hit home how very small and pathetic the adults in my life were.

  13. I was watching the video in disgust and when he hit the dog, I checked the sub. I was shocked, not in a good way, to see it was on face palm.

  14. It should at least have a NSFW for violence because some people don't want to see that, and just going into the comments on mobile autoplays the video.

  15. For real. This is the worst shit I've seen on the net in awhile. I grew up around stuff like this and it makes me queasy in a way no gruesome car wreck type shock video can.

  16. Getting aggressive in the dog's face, hoping it reacts so there's an excuse to beat the shit out of it. Small, pathetic human.

  17. That was hard to watch. What a tough guy when it comes to a young girl and little dog. Piece of shit!!!

  18. Fuck this guy, let’s make him famous. His name is Damon Becnel of Destin Florida He has an instagram, @damonbecnel Also has a real estate website

  19. Hmmm. Looks like there is a contact page there. Would be unfortunate if his inquiries began to change.

  20. I can’t watch this but I am glad he is facing the consequences. I feel so bad for those animals and child.

  21. That's truly awful. He is/was a fucking monster. Hope you managed to overcome it. If not, you should really talk to someone about it because that is the worst kind of betrayal.

  22. Imagine having to put up cameras to prove you are getting the shit beat out of you by the one person in your life that is supposed to be there unconditionally for you. We live in hell and it's only getting hotter.

  23. Just get a couple German Shepards, train them to be protective then watch how hard it is to actually defend yourself against them. A POS like this feels like a God and thinks he can overpower anything

  24. WHO WOULD ABUSE A MOTHERDUCKING DOG, i understand why the dog snapped at that giant pile of shit BUT WHY KILL THE POOR THING, JUST DONT ABUSE IT, AND IT WONT TRY TO KILL YOU, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS GUY, HE DESERVES A LONG AND PAINFUL TOURCHER SESSION, and this a new reason why I want to be in law enforcement so I can arrest piles of literal immoral pieces of shit

  25. The sad part is, law enforcement’s hands are often tied because of the ways laws are written. This POS is tied into their local PD, so he likely has “buddies” willing to look he other way (hence the girl needing to install a camera for proof). He was arrested, then let go for $4,000! Local to me, a man stalked his EX and was released, he came back and tried to kill her, then got held on a $3 million dollar bond. It took literally attempted murder to get this POS in trouble.

  26. Degenerates like this deserve to be stripped of all their responsibilities and agency, made to feel just as helpless and powerless as those they abuse, then maybe he'd understand what it means to be a victim. If not, he's no better then an rabid animal and deserves to be put down like the hollow shell he is.

  27. Just put him in general population, spread the word that he beats his daughter and her dog, and just turn away for an hour or two. They'll straighten his ass right out.

  28. Could someone please tell me where the back of the queue is to beat the shit out of this guy? I hate walking past smug people who are ahead of me.

  29. In highschool, I used to regularly beat the shit out of my friends father. He was an alcoholic and constantly abused my friend simply because he had to dish out money for his sports when he wanted to use them for booze, telling him he was never going to be anything so it didnt matter. I remember he threw their cat at the wall and resulted in broken legs. I swore and told him I was coming back with a bat and breaking his.

  30. People like that need to be taken out back & beaten with bats until they stop breathing or being an asshole, which ever takes longer.

  31. Good Christ, this man needs to be fucking put away. It's excruciating that even with undeniable evidence of his abuse that he'd be let out of prison for any amount of money. If this girl and her dogs end up dead, I won't be surprised.

  32. Anyone who touches my pups like that won't ever breath or eat without a hose ever again, if they ever eat again. Put this piece of shit where he belongs.

  33. The only fix for an attitude like that is a beat down from someone bigger and meaner. Also a brick to the face, taking him out to the middle of the woods stripped naked, and dumping him would work too!

  34. Did je seriously ask the dog if it understood him Edit: why’d he act suprised after the dog attacked him after literally slapping the dog, the doggo seems to be more smarter her

  35. There is clear evidence that he terrorizes the whole house hold. Every creature in that room was patiently waiting for the storm to pass. Then when it escalated farther, the one dog tried to intervene submissively.

  36. Fuck man this gives me fn flashbacks. PARENTS LIKE THIS DESERVES DEATH! I had a mom and a dad exactly like this asshole, never managed to get them in trouble tho. Me and all my brother (my only sibling thank glob) have moved away, broken contact with them and are bouth diagnosed with CPTSD. But yeah they never got in any trouble and it seems the rest of our blood relatives believe we were just rebel kids who ran away to do drugs or something (we are bouth clean and have always been btw).

  37. The strength of this woman to not give up, and to let her father to assault her one last time just to get proof for those who didn't believe her. I have so, so much respect for her.

  38. Here is what is the most terrifying about this clip. Ever throw something? Or scream into a pillow? Or punch something? It is an animalistic way to handle too much stress. But after you do that you feel better right? Not this asshole. After punching and slapping and tossing the dog around he sees his daughter screaming and crying in the corner and instead of reflecting “Oh my God… what have i done?”. He grabs her and throws her out.

  39. Things like this give me intense, violent thoughts. If I saw this going down he’d be in a world of hurt.

  40. This makes me want to finally start working out to I can beat the shit out of abusive assholes like this.

  41. This is hard to watch. Men oh man do I want about 15 minutes alone with her father. Bet he’s not so tough against a full grown man.

  42. God, I hope he meets the wrong guy one day. This was awful to watch. And all too common. And this is what it takes for authorities to take abuse seriously. The woman did so well to release this. Big balls

  43. Bite that motherfucker! Use your teeth, go for his throat. Use your nails, take out his fucking eyes. Piece of shit doesn't deserve to live.

  44. I know cruel and unusual punishment isn't allowed but I'd love to see this fucker in a steel cage with a group of highly trained German shepherds and/or pit bulls.

  45. This brings back so many horrible memories, my mother started dating this piece of shit illegal immigrant from Mexico for years, he was so fucking abusive, he even took atleast 3 of our cats and dropped them off in the middle of a field and left.

  46. My brother-in-law in law is no where near as bad as this piece of shit but he does the same “I am the boss of this house”.

  47. I chewed the crap out of my cheeks watching this SOB. So strong picking on a child and a helpless animal. Good on her for jumping on him to defend her dog. What an absolute piece of garbage.

  48. How people think they can lay their hands on a person or animal, especially one like a dog, and then be shocked when they retaliate. What a delusional mong. I hope someone in prison is looming over him every day, showing him that they're the new 'boss'.

  49. Men need severe help. They need therapy. Cause violence is always their go to. Even with innocent helpless animals. I wish heaven were real so this fuck could be denied. I really wish this stuff didn’t happen. I’ve seen it with my own eyes tho. Some people do not need kids. Nor animals. Just themselves. So they can feel the true nature of loneliness.

  50. It’s literally almost all men and for the most part as a gender I fukin hate them. I’ve seen this every girl I know has seen this. There is a freaking reason! I have guy friends which are the exception. But you’re right they are a huge problem in society being left unchecked and without therapy. Meanwhile in America let’s ban abortions and give the rapists custody…. Smh I can’t even with this world sometimes.

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