1. I didn't expect France to win or even top 10, but they deserved so much more than 24th. My favourites this year :(

  2. I will continue to die on the hill that those sweet Slovenian boys deserved better. Disko is such a bop!

  3. I like over half the songs here, but you know what? At least after his shitty live performance, Jeremie is here too

  4. Unpopular opinion I'm sure, but I don't get how Malta didn't qualify. Great voice, memorable song, okay it sounds a bit 2000's and dated but was still good enough to make it in my opinion!

  5. It is the most generic song ever and has literally nothing that makes it stand out to make people vote for it, obviously it didn't qualify.

  6. For me it was the only song this year that I gave 0 points to. I know it's harsh but the performance seems to be very weak. Like I know she can sing but she definitely didn't feel that song and the song is very basic to begin with, so I'm not surprised. Absolutely very low effort from Malta this year. Song is catchy but it didn't make you care about it. Too polished and souless

  7. Iโ€™d imagine a lot of the distaste comes from how they changed the song because they were unhappy with the response. Personally, I donโ€™t think either of the two songs were good, but thereโ€™s something that irks me about the one they went with. It sounds too much like a feel-good song, but in a bad way. It just sounds so annoying to me.

  8. Thought she was good vocally for the first portion but not that good for the rest. Okay overall imo. Dancing routine was meh as well

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