1. Croatia was my second place of the whole contest so no other country is even close to being my favourite NQ.

  2. My number 1 for most of the time. It was definitely outshined in stage, have to admit. But I think it would still be nice to have it in the final.

  3. Bulgaria. I've always liked the song, but even people who didn't said the staging was great and it sounded good live.

  4. Yap and both band were putting a bit of energy in the contest if I may add… I’m just floored they didn’t go through.

  5. Croatia actually was a big surprise for me. Didn't really care for the song before but the staging worked surprisingly well for me and I did not know she would be singing in Croatian as well which bumped her up a few spaces in my ranking.

  6. The song has been slowly growing on me lately and I loved the performance last night. When she started singing in Croatian I was sure she would qualify.

  7. The Dutch commentator said that she decided last minute to sing part of the song in Croatian. (Well, probably a week in advance and not last minute, but still.)

  8. Albania kinda reminded me of je me casse last year. A song that could have gotten a higher placement if the staging was done a bit better.

  9. Slovenia and Denmark, but let's be real, they were dead on arrival. It could’ve been way worse for me, as I expected to lose Iceland and wasn't really sure my winner Lithuania would make it.

  10. Probably Denmark but I'm surprisingly fine with the results. Slovenia and Latvia seem to be most popular on this sub but Slovenia was always a clear NQ for me. They are alright but I just knew that wasn't going to happen. Latvia was on the lower end for me.

  11. Croatia!! I was pleasantly surprised by what the dancers added to the performance too so I really thought it had a chance. Croatia was my fave NQ last year too 😭😭

  12. Latvia, but I was secretly hoping Croatia might have been the surprise qualifier of the semi. The song has been a (pardon the pun) guilty pleasure of mine all season.

  13. Latvia.. Croatia sounds like some d-tier Taylor swift song tho. As someone who grew up during Taylor swift peak, her songs all sounds similar to one another.

  14. Croatia sucked. Like, it was really not good: song is blah, her singing in Croatian was five times better than in English, she wasn’t confident, that dance was awkward as hell, and not just that the dress really doesn’t fit her personality, it’s doesn’t fit her well physically which is ridiculous because it was made for her.

  15. Armenia is my favorite song and staging. It’s touching, a great vibe and honestly such a bop. The curtain ripping gave me a heart attack tho, lmao.

  16. you have a strong point here, I was surprised how much more I liked croatian part of the song and even after changing staging it didn't look good, but I give points there for effort to tell the story with those dancers.

  17. I also didn't like our performance (Croatia). It would have been much better if whole song was on Croatian, because then Mia sounds more natural. When singing on English her voice loses spark.

  18. She's mine too. Took me some time to like the song. It happened when she switched to her native language. Sounds so much better.

  19. Yep. Croatia. Could've been a contender. IMO they ruined it with the been-there-done-that modern dance staging, and that awful dress.

  20. I'm so sad Latvia couldn't pull through. They really put all their energy into their performance and watching them gave me that feeling I got with Lithuania opening the show last year: "this is why I love eurovision." The crowd yelling 😺 was just as awesome as I imagined it and I smiled through the whole performance. I'm not overly suprised, as I knew between them, Norway and Moldova they'd have the least chance of qualifying, but even though I was expecting it I'm disappointed

  21. Albania and Austria. I also liked Croatia a lot, but Albania and Austria not qualifying is just sad.

  22. In my opinion, Denmark should have qualified at the expense of Iceland. I still can’t decide whether I’m okay with Norway qualifying at the expense of Latvia, but rn I’m leaning towards Norway. Extremely pleased that Switzerland qualified, they were one of my favorites this year and their qualifying chances were grim as hell. Also extremely pleased that Albania didn’t have the legpower to qualify last night, I was scared they’d by riding off of pre-contest popularity and sink someone like Portugal or Moldova.

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