1. There is a strong sense of "Don't throw your food away" in Slovenia. And when I was young i had to eat it all when visiting grandma.

  2. Many people in Greece, when they go out or order for delivery, tend to overestimate their eating capacity. It's quite common to see a table with a couple plates barely touched. Or food containers from takeout almost full with food (usually salad).

  3. In Austria most parents teach their kids to always finish their plate and that is usually accompanied by something like "In africa children are starving..."

  4. My mom... will.. eat... everhthing.... just so she dosen't have to throw it away... and from what I've heard all slovenian mothers are like that

  5. I eat my food. Joke aside... Firstly I cook for the amount of people eating. If anything is left I pop it in the freezer, eat it later for dinner or just combine with some other ingrediants the next day and have new lunch.

  6. TBH, even 39kg sounds like a lot. The only thing I can think of is unsold stale bread in the super markets but other than that?

  7. Idk about tourists but for us locals Greece is the place where the waiter actually tells you to stop ordering stuff cause you might eventually explode after eating all what you've ordered lmao

  8. We do in fact tend to order and cook much more then we can eat, and we actually have a term for that to make fun of ourselves "κατοχικό σύνδρομο" (occupation syndrome), referring to the famine during nazi occupation and implying that it left us with an everlasting food insufficiency trauma ;p

  9. Good food, cheap and generous portions as well. Makes you order more than you can eat. I have been there countless times. Ordered too many mezes and had no space for the main.

  10. When I tell grandma she made too much for me to eat, she just says “that’s fine, eat them without bread” and it solves nothing.

  11. This saddens me very much. The last time I think I threw away food was once at school a few months ago when the fish was so bad I threw up when I got home. 81 kg is really bad, and sad to see.

  12. It's not just consumers, this likely includes expired goods at grocery stores and restaurants too.

  13. Today I bought a half priced Proviva that expired 2 days ago, I'm not sure they are allowed to sell if things are past the best-before date but I know it most likely isn't harmful. Half price? Hell yeah! Also got a Hugossons prawn baguette half price too with best-before date today. I hate throwing away food.

  14. From the report “The Food Waste Index considers total food waste, meaning both the edible and inedible share of food items. A country having high household food waste does not, therefore, necessarily mean that a high amount of edible food that is suitable for human consumption is being wasted. This is particularly the case for low- and middle-income countries, where no estimates of the extent of edible food waste were identified.”

  15. I'm curious if China can solve this. with their leniency to human rights and central database system they could limit people to e.g. 2500kcal/day depending on their height age and gender

  16. Λογικά θα είναι των ΠΓ που υπερκοστολογούν τα πάντα και μετά κλαίγονται ότι δεν πουλάνε και πεινάνε.

  17. I think they count inedible leftovers as well, foer example the bones from ribs, steaks and fish.

  18. I looked at my country's(Slovenia) official statistics page and the 2018 report says we had 68kg/capita food waste. Also says more than 50% of food waste was generated by households; and food waste accounted for 11% of municipal waste generated.

  19. I'm telling my mom not to buy food just because it's on sale, because it will be forgotten and spoiled. So im not surprised we are high up

  20. https://epthinktank.eu/2014/02/07/tackling-food-waste-the-eus-contribution-to-a-global-issue/food-waste3/

  21. Why? People stood in lines for hours to get a loaf of bread a couple of decades ago. Most families still maintain their vegetable gardens. Russians are frugal and they value food, 80s and 90s have taught them some survival habits.

  22. kg per capita per what? Per Year? Month? Week? Over the persons lifetime? I would guess per year, but either I'm blind, or this graphic is lacking some information.

  23. What is considered food waste? If its someone not finishing their meal it is not a good measure as many countries have laws to use that food for animal feeds and other ways to reuse it without wasting it. Sure humans are not eating it, but that doesn’t mean it is wasted.

  24. In Hungary, the convenience store is selling 1 day away expiring frozen goods, rotten fruits and vegetables.

  25. I wonder how much food waste could be prevented by better packaging sizes. A lot of food is sold in a single package despite being enough for several meals.

  26. I will never forget the kid in school that bought some fries and threw them all away, because a leaf fell on them when he came out of the building he bought them in.

  27. not sure what to do about food waste in stores and restaurants but for homes imo there should be some easy system to keep track of the dates on your food. it could integrate with calendar and give recommendations on what meals to make to prioritise expiring stuff.

  28. I don’t even pay attention to those dates. Only check if the product is spoiled/rotten/smells bad, then I will bin it. Otherwise it goes into my belly.

  29. I work in a care home in Sweden and there's SO much waste food. There's 12 people living on my win and every day for lunch and dinner we get enough food to serve like 30 so we have to throw a bunch of it away.

  30. I know the dutchies are cheap ass so not wasting food obviously. On the other hand, they only eat to live.

  31. How was this measured? I am not entirely sure that it's correct for Ukraine, at least I never noticed that our or other families that we knew ever wasted much food

  32. I don't live in Romania anymore but before all the meat leftovers we have given to dogs and cats and the rest of the food was given to the pigs,we hardly had any garbage overall because all was recicled at home.I live in Germany now and makes me sad every time that I throw food in the garbage

  33. Romanians have been drilled to eat everything off their plate but there's also a saying that describes the situation "if there aren't leftovers, then there wasn't enough" in the sense that if there's leftovers you know for sure everyone ate until they were full. We're just lucky that, especially in the countryside, leftover food gets used in fertilizer or animal feed for pigs.

  34. More details on those numbers would be quite interesting, because I dont think this can be boiled down to what an average household wastes.

  35. The OP's post history shows a particular dislike of Turkey, hence they arbitrarily excluded Turkey (a country with land borders with the rest of the map) from the map while keeping non-EU countries like Belarus and Ukraine, geographically European countries like Cyprus. Data on Turkey is available in the Food Waste Index report and nothing prevented the OP from keeping it on the map.

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