1. Understandable, in addition to his looks, he probably is fluent in 'Kanackisch' and therefore all around more suitable for the kind of missions the Bundeswehr has and expects to have, than any Kartoffel or Lauch (both derogatory slang words for white skinned Germans) would be.

  2. Other outlets have reported this a bit differently. Sky news is the only source for it being an actual pause. The Telegraph said that it was described like a pause. The Times said that recruiters favour women and minorities who are qualified and that is why the person in question quit.

  3. Absolutely. So why are women and minorities under represented in management and tech? Are these groups less competent or is there perhaps some bias towards hiring white males?

  4. I mean, I've gone to job applications and people have told me 'Please rescind your application. We won't accept you, but we can't be seen not accepting you too much'. Because I don't tick any boxes.

  5. This is a hopeless way to improve integration and overcome discrimination, because it is so obviously unjust to so many people.

  6. Funnily enough, when your population is majority white and usually men are more likely to be interested in military service, most applicants will be white and male. Who could have ever seen this coming?

  7. Uh huh. What's the employment rate 5 years after graduation, then? What's the percentage of them entering management tracks 10 years after? They don't need luck, they're already being taken care of.

  8. So if this is happening under a conservative government it’s the fault of a single bureaucrat, but under a left government it’s the fault of the left agenda and the government?

  9. It is fake. It was posted already and It was debunked already by Raf but that won't stop Sky from getting some clicks.

  10. This sub has become such a boring basic circlejerk. I can not believe how reactionary and just plain stupid my fellow europeans are. I'm so embarrassed to be a part of this.

  11. Just hire people suited for the job, fuck diversity targets. People should be hired for their skills and not for their ethnicity, genitals or believes

  12. Company I worked in hired underqualified members of minorities and created numerous fake upper management positions for "talented" women with sole purpose of facing the quotas.

  13. Maybe they should just invest in education and preparation in communities where minorities live? Obviously it’s much easier and faster to stop hiring one race but the results won’t help minorities in the long run

  14. Let's not employ people of certain race and gender regardless of qualification because equality.... Fucking moronic.

  15. The university of Eindhoven once announced that they will only hire women for the first 6 months of the open application. I understand that the world of academics is mainly men, but that was not the sollution. The moment that you are selecting people by their gender or race rather than there skills, you must realize it has gone too far. Luckily the university realized their mistake.

  16. Ahh, hiring the best of the best (of a specific race/gender/orientation in order to meet an arbitrary target set by some civil servant with no military experience or in fact any workplace experience outside of Whitehall excepting that Saturday job they had while studying at UCL).

  17. When reading stuff like that i am wondering if it is a) the result of people that have no idea about the true core of diveristy an inclusion and order to implement what they think will please the "young and liberal" ending up with something that everybody hates, e.g. a quota. Or b) it is some kind of malicious compliancy of people who want any effort regarding diversity and inclusion to fail because they just hate the idea and therefore promote ridiculous solutions to be able to later say "see, it was a bad idea from the beginning".

  18. Someone once made a point to me that to achieve diversity and defeat racism you need to embed it in all parts of society even at a cost. Only then you can establish that background isn’t a hindrance and that all mindsets can be taken into consideration.

  19. Okay, the Titel is a bit misleading. It is debated if such a pause is really happening within the Article two sides come to word:

  20. The article states this is the alleged reason and that the RAF itself denies. Also one google search reveals RAF specifically disputes this claim. Don't believe whatever the tagline of a click farm website tells you!

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