1. No sources or names. Nothing from any members of the royal family confirming such behavior. No actual interviews to look at. Nothing. Just some dude claiming it happened.

  2. Well there was money to be made and tabloids get away with “close friend” “source close to the family” all the times why not make a whole book right

  3. That is always why I'm always skeptical of the criticism against her. Nothing solid, just tabloid fodder.

  4. I just want to chime in that I worked with her a while ago, long before her marriage and such, on a terrible TV show, and she was sweet, attentive, and professional. You can tell a lot about someone based on how they treat PAs on set and she was very nice to a junior PA that was about the same age as her. I refuse to acknowledge my involvement in that TV show, but money is money and the economy was pretty bad ....

  5. There’s been a lot of deductive reasoning that’s been done on this. And it points to true. There is also a literal photo of her publicly seducing Serena’s husband along other more subtle things. If you don’t have experience with NPD abuse it’s easy to be duped.

  6. I mean…Meghan did as well at the walkabout when the staff kept trying to take the flowers from her. They had to ask three times for them. Neither was right but if you are going to call out one you should probably call out both.

  7. Is this supposed to make Markle seem relatively normal and undeserving of criticism? I swear, she's so polarizing. Some people are saying anything negative is false and racist while others insist she's a total narcissist parasite feeding off the UK somehow.

  8. For real. They have been just pounding away at her and Harry all while he’s mourning and burying his Grandmother who basically had to help raise him. From what Harry had said , she’s seems like his rock. And he’s lost her and keeps getting kicked by royal nonsense.

  9. I have a genuine question because I don’t follow anything royal: why is she so deeply hated by people? Her snark page is so scary.

  10. I imagine her not being royalty herself has a lot to do with it, along with just being some pretty actor. I’ve also heard plenty speculation that they aren’t fond of her um let’s say “complexion.”

  11. She's been non stop bashing the royal family since she and Harry left for America. Left the royal family to have a private life away from royal duty but still wants to be seen as royal and take advantage of it when she was in England when the queen died. For someone who doesn't want to be involved with royal duties, she and Harry do love taking advantage of their royal title for profits.

  12. Racism. People pretend it’s not but it is. Interesting how the claims of her skin color changing in different lighting don’t compare a single white person’s skin in different lighting. That plus people say her kids aren’t hers or that she’s never actually had kids. They get mad at her for smiling. Mad at her not smiling. Mad she holds hands. Mad she held flowers. Mad she handed off flowers. Mad she flipped her hair. Mad that she has an “unladylike” walk. Mad that she complained about racism during the pandemic because people were dying! Mad that she went to the funeral. Mad she ate an avocado.

  13. She went on Oprah with Harry in the middle of the pandemic and complained about being cut off financially from the royal family despite packing up and leaving the UK for LA. She pulled the race card on her in laws on live tv but she still wants to be paid by the British government but not have to do any of the bullshit the family does. Meanwhile people were out of work and struggling to make ends meet in the lockdowns. It made Harry, Meghan and Oprah look severely out of touch.

  14. Peoples seem to hate her for being so transparently focused on monetizing her marriage. The whole “I want the press to leave me alone!!!” And then “please pay attention to me!!!” Got old quick. She’s a Kardashian who thought this would be a stepping stone to fame. Bad choice.

  15. Racism, classism, she's American and a divorcee to boot. Seriously, for all these people who swear she's a terrible person I've never heard anyone give an actual reason or example of what she's done. It's all hearsay and whispered rumors or her estranged family members who are getting paid to talk shit about her.

  16. Because there are a lot of people who recognize COVERT narcissism and a lot of people who don’t have the experience to recognize it.

  17. She’s very manipulative, check out Baggage Claim’s YouTube videos where she breaks down everything Markel has done. To fringe observers who know nothing she seems like a sympathetic figure but everything she’s done has been calculated and cold. Not surprised Reddit has done zero research into this.

  18. There's a thousand different reasons for you to pick. One of the first main ones were her comments about plans to modernize the monarchy and shake things up.

  19. So people have given some pretty good reasons in response already, but I'd also like to submit that the royals and their media just have a history of doing this. Look at Fergie, or Diana, even Kate Middleton before the royalists decided she was actually perfect. It's like they need one member of the royal family (always one not born into it) to just . . . drag the shit out of nonstop.

  20. Honestly, I don’t hate her, but I do dislike her. I was honestly ok until the Queens Platinum Jubilee. Meghan and Harry went, and to the service they went to, she had the gall to wear a copy cat outfit to Wallis Simpson. I honestly thought was just so…spiteful?

  21. Well, there’s a ton of theories out there and I’m sure you’ll get several insightful and less insightful thoughts and responses on it, but the reason is that she is black and people are racist.

  22. I’ll take “Shit that Never Happened” for $500, Alex. Lol “shaking” give me a break. It’s not enough the media killed his mother, they have to attack her too.

  23. The original article is from the times of London so I assume it must have some solid reporting behind it .

  24. Am I the only one who doesn't care at all? Harry and Meghan made their choice to leave and come to Santa Barbara, they seem fine with that, why do we still care so much about this?

  25. I tried really hard not to care, but people kept saying very obvious lies (ex, both of her children were born via surrogate). I ended up rooting for the Sussexes more and more with every new, horrifically cruel, headline. By villainizing her so much, they made her quite sympathetic to me.

  26. I know very little about Markle or the royalty and their staff but this article reads like bullshit to me.

  27. Nope. Aint buying any of it. She was bullied to the point of suicidal ideation. They will continue to try to smear her because she is black. Period. End of sentence.

  28. Also, if this is true, I wonder how long it took and how many micro aggressions from the many racists in that place it took, to get to her. At that point, I would lash out too.

  29. I’m on his side. Everybody says “shit” when that happens. Apparently that wasn’t the first leaky pen he’s been given to sign an important document. If I get a leaky pen to sign the document that makes me king HEADS WILL ROLL! Give the guy a break already.

  30. Right, he's got a document the size of a blue print on top of what amounts to a side table, signing a paper that's probably worth more than my car. I'd be stressing about the ink pot and leaky pen too.

  31. The Royal family media machine sure is going after her pretty hard core after the funeral. I’ve seen several “sources close to the Royal family say” stories. According to the British press, she was a monster during the week she was there for the funeral and was so poorly behaved that Diana rose out of the grave to beat her ass.

  32. Now the Queen has gone there’s nothing holding her and Harry back from telling their story. She’s savvy and likely has receipts to back up everything she says. The royal family are doing as much as they can to grind her and Harry down while they can.

  33. Because, in this instance, any named source has rather positive (and dull) things to say about her and all the rude things come from 'unnamed sources close to the family" aka are lies. And because I've seen the other clear and obvious lies spread about her from the same media source (the surrogate thing, the trying-to-be-queen thing, the abusing Harry thing, etc) and now I know to distrust them as a matter of course.

  34. Yeah. Then I looked into the claims and realized that a) a fuckton of them physically could not have happened (surrogacy, she assaulted the Queen, etc) and the rest were things Catherine also had done to much acclaim. Then I realized that none of us know her, but all of the things the press is smearing her for as normal and boring, so I'm not going to be weak to that propaganda.

  35. ‘Shaggy’ ‘Moaned’ at the Gang, ‘Crawled’ away with ‘Crippling’ Scooby Snack ‘Obsession’, New Reddit Account Claims

  36. It seems they had good reason to get away from the Royal family with all its stuff, as well as the British press. The racism is real. But H&M are not innocent in this either. The whining about money to Oprah, the passive aggressive snark towards the RF, the coy posturing and attention seeking while complaining about a lack of privacy, the constant attempts at one-upping William and Kate—are much better ways to make change (which is needed!) than creating enemies and more divisions. They have opportunity to do some real good though, especially around the huge problem of racism in both the UK and US. Meghan in particular, is pretty intelligent and well educated. I hope they can get over themselves and the need for celebrity status and do some actual good. Real potential is there. And the monarchy is a dying institution that really needs to shift and change to serve the metamodern era, now that the Queen has passed on. H&M have made some mistakes and got off to a rough start but I wish them all the best for the future, that perhaps they can do as much good as they have said they want to do.

  37. People be blaming the hate for her on her skin color but it’s clearly that she’s unlikeable from her arrogant actions. The result is that you see how the family was split and drama is being spread by her books and comments.

  38. When Meghan first came on the scene, I liked her. I thought she was pretty, she wasn't some bimbo, empty head, Harry seemed positively smitten, etc.

  39. I saw an article about how Megan didn’t go to the Queen’s deathbed, and Harry had to go alone. Weird part was — in the exact same article — they said William also went without Kate, who was watching the children.

  40. So day of, it was announced that both Harry and Meghan were traveling to the queen's bedside. Then later it was updated that only Harry would be going (also note that he had to charter a plane and traveled alone despite being literal neighbors with other royals who also went that same day) alone.

  41. Someone in this comment section linked to a Buzzfeed article where they compare headlines of Kate and Meghan doing the exact same things, yet the spin of how good or bad it is is the opposite. It's frustrating to see the way the press has molded so much of this narrative.

  42. Then the next article says that Charles told Harry he couldn’t bring Meghan. So, which are we to believe? The one that gives Kate a pass because she “had to pick up kids from their first day of school” or the one that naturally causes more rift in the family? Or in my case, neither because it’s all garbage.

  43. I saw her around Beverly Hills a few times before she was married. She was always nice. I don’t buy staff shaking in fear. Can you imagine Harry dealing with that? He seems really down to earth and I don’t think he’d be with someone that was full diva.

  44. The second a black woman decides she’s done being polite to those who are being rude to her, i.e. do some truth-telling, she’s painted as a maddened and enraged psychopath with a fury deeper than the deepest ocean. It’s fucking racist and the oldest story in the book.

  45. can you imagine how powerful a scream would have yo be to leave you "broken" and "shaking with fear"? you'd have to be black canary to leave such on impression on me. i really doubt anyone said that

  46. Yeah, she sucks. Her own family has said this countless times. She manipulated her environment, clothes, and perfume until she was able to convince Harry she was what he wanted (aka acting like his late mother as much as possible).

  47. That's the thing though, she's sued people before over false claims. She said that she was happy that her name was cleared when the palace kept their investigation into the bullying claims confidential, but no one knows if her name was actually cleared, because ya know, it wasn't released.

  48. The woman who is notorious for going after Meghan Markle consistently, Angela Levin, is also the biographer of the new queen consort, Camilla. There's an unholy connection between the gutter press (mostly owned by Rupert Murdoch) and the Royals. They use each other constantly. It appears the someone decided that the only way to get Harry back in the family fold was to destroy Meghan to make her go away. They did the same thing to Diana, so this is not new behavior.

  49. She’s a total opportunist and literally wants to barge her way into the royals. Now I also believe the royals should be disbanded but it doesn’t mean her motives are pure.

  50. I mean are we surprised by this? Isn’t this the same woman that was nagging about only being to afford a 15 million dollar mansion?

  51. Meghan Markle is an incredibly transparent clout shark, but you gotta hand it to her, she chose the only people less sympathetic than herself to ruthlessly use to climb the social ladder.

  52. Grifters gunna grift, too bad her Netflix deal fell through. Makes you wonder if she regrets not holding out for that $110 million royal jewelry collection she would have just inherited lol

  53. Because everyone knows how scary a WOC is when she screams.. right guys? Remember the stereo type? Nothing racist here...

  54. Because they were as dumb and worthless as the royal family and because she isn’t brainwashed by them, she had enough of it and let them have it? Good for her!

  55. She’s so unreasonable, what with wanting the man she’s seeing to publicly acknowledge their relationship and not wanting to shake the hands of hundreds of strangers. Who does she think she is?

  56. At the House of Reptilians, nobody cries! These are obviously just more lies. Who writes their tabloid trash now that Lizzy’s in a box? Could it be William?

  57. I don’t believe this and also does anyone think it’s funny we haven’t heard anything from her sister lately? Someone must of gotten a letter from a lawyer.

  58. Even if this is true, doesn’t this happen with any celebrity or high level person? You’re under a lot of stress, perceived mistakes by the people below that you trust add to that stress. I would expect any of them to occasionally yell at their staff

  59. Why do the British obsess over every action she does? It’s mostly hate and ever since the old hag died, there’s been a dedicated subreddit that’s been popping up and it’s just her getting shit talked on. Tf is the deal people? I’m pretty sure they’re just racist af to her but idk I’m not that invested.

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