1. Ok. Still doesn’t erase him deadnaming just own transgender child. Or the look of that kid choosing to never speak to him to or be associated with him. And it certainly doesn’t erase his “overpopulation” BS crisis which with each new kid sounds like more of an excuse for his sexual exploits than a warning on humanity’s future.

  2. If Tesla suddenly went out of business, how many car companies would keep pushing so hard for electric? Who would pressure them to keep it up? What if Tesla went out of business 3 years ago? 6? Tesla is becoming harder to stop and the only way to compete is to play its game and make your own electric cars.

  3. If the man would just take his medication, stop sexing up the employees and stop playing silly troll games with the stock market he’d have landed on Mars by now.

  4. Yeah no kidding . It's getting pretty bad the gaslighting from every media outlet. As a android user if you swipe left at the home screen it shows "news" and like every post is either about amber heard or "elon musk denies affair acts like he is 7 sources say" of course these sources are not named it's almost like they just make up what they want cause of their online presence they know some person will believe it

  5. Nothing has changed. Nicola Tesla dreamed of a free, safe, pollution free energy source and he was cancelled. Those in power pretend to care about the environment and the people but if can’t be monetized it is dead.

  6. Elon is a target of lots of shady political groups. This one on the left is fairly recent. Most have come from the right: coal, oil, and the OEMs. Lately his stance on free speech has reduced the attacks from the right a bit and increased those from the left.

  7. Literally everyone who can stand him is a victim of his relentless propaganda. The one thing he can actually do is market is nonsense.

  8. Given his absolutely huge number of Twitter followers, I think you’ll find he has more support from people than detractors. Negative PR about him doesn’t mean much IMHO.

  9. Does the new Forward political movement have anything to do with this? They performed to be centrist which is kind of what I suspect Elon Musk truly is he's kind of a whatever works kind of guy but does anyone think "forward" has anything to do with any of this?

  10. Leftists, Communists, Democrats, foreign powers & other enemies Musk picked up by being honest about their Shit. They despise honesty & being called out. No longer supports the Big D. Titter & FB is NEXT.

  11. Yes yes, 100%. It's the left-wing and "communists", which under Obama gave huge incentives and loans to push for ev. Definitely not the but oil guys who are not at all threatened by the ev cars. It's the guys in the baseme t of pizza shop which does not have basement. Definitely them.

  12. Sounds like the same thing Trump and Republicans talk about... "a secret cabal of baby-eating lizard people are trying to work against me!"

  13. Please ask Youseff, which group faces the highest threat if we all move to electric cars? Which one? I can't put my finger on it. Which group spends most money in politics subverting the effects of climate change? Nobody knows. It's definitely not the right wing and GQP. Right?

  14. The $500m for Tesla that they paid back? The carbon credits that other companies had to buy from them? The contracts from NASA? Which came in at $BILLIONS$ under other contractor's bids... saving money, taxpayer money.

  15. Idk what freebeacon.com is and I dont really care about whatever this site has to say, but it’s not that unreasonable for this to happen. Elon’s been going up against big corrupt industries that profit off of causing problems (big oil is obvious, legacy auto that relies on needing to service already purchased products, space companies that had no problem making governments pay for single use rockets and didnt even want to try building reusable rockets, etc). Lots of people are going to lose money because of Elon’s companies

  16. Elon is also corrupt. Tesla shareholders discussed right to repair, yet he does not want to implement it because he would not make as much money.

  17. It’s actually a well researched article for anyone that cares to look. As far as the overall thesis that there is lots of “dark money” from hidden donors pouring millions into various political causes, well, that isn’t in dispute. It happens on both sides of the political aisle.

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