1. Right. Let early adopters iron out the bugs. But if they're really able to deliver a product that can boost your brain power, job competition would create a driving force for global adoption. Maybe not with our generations who have those old-fashioned ideas of the integrity of the human body, but future generations will embrace it. One step closer to the immortal machine, as the Omnissiah wills it.

  2. I fit the criteria for testing according to their website. Paralyzed,no family,won't sue. Been tweeting at Elon and emailed their company but no reply yet(been like 2 months) would love to be their lab rat. Even if it doesn't work it will further the science. I just can't get ahold of them to try. I'd give anything for them to test it on me. I'd be honored

  3. Hey man, i Salute you for being so brave. I know this is Reddit but if you need anything or just a talk, let me know.

  4. I'd do the same, but I'm in Europe and I'm kinda too lazy to make an effort to contact them. I'd love to be a lab rat for science though

  5. I was thinking more like cars. Yeah a 1960s car could go 90mph but think of the complete lack of safety features. I’d rather have any brand new car now compared to even the “safest” 50+ year old car.

  6. I heard 8th generation should be good already. It allows semi-manual leg movement and inverted sexual stimulation

  7. Not in a million years. I'd sooner put a bullet in my head than something that could allow companies to beam advertisements directly into my brain

  8. Elon should focus on a chip that allows men to understand women for when they say one thing but mean another. Don’t tell my wife that I said that 🤭😇🤣

  9. So if it could unlock a cure got my cancer or help develop a cure for cancer for future generations, I would. If it could help me to become stronger and healthier, I would.

  10. 100% would once typing is second nature for these devices. As a developer I could only dream of the fast, iterative UX design possibilities when you can just think your interface into existence…

  11. I'm a perfectly healthy 27 year old. I'd do it. Fuck it. Life is so boring and pointless feeling why not be a lab rat.

  12. No way in hell. I deal with IT security. I find it scary that people are ok with interfacing their brains with computers, can you imagine viruses or malicious actors taking control of your brain and literally making you a zombie?

  13. I won’t even try those new eye drops Vuity yet😂. I like to wait and watch before trying anything new.

  14. Without question, it will make you so much more capable than a basic human, essentially a tech god. It wont be released as a consumer product until its been extensively saftey tested of humans.

  15. As a developer, and so long as it is safe and I had full access to the data from it, yes I would do it right away. I want to see how I work and I want to engineer myself.

  16. I would. The electrode design alone is incredibly innovative, compared to all BMIs currently developed - the glial scarring would be minimal. I injured my hand in a fight a couple years back and my fifth metacarpus did not grow back quite perfectly. If I could free my right hand from daily typing, it would free me from a lot of pain. I would likely wish to know more about the software beforehand, however.

  17. Bug: Left eye stopped working when chip is overloaded with information. Will be fixed in the next update/patch. Temporary solution is to poke left eye until it turns on again.

  18. No not unless I had some terminal illness that it could help or if I had some neurodegenerative disease like Alzheimer’s.

  19. I won't have to worry about it. As far as cognition enhancement goes, this is not coming to humans in my lifetime nor my children's.

  20. I hate the idea of this beyond solving legitimate, major medical issues, but it very well may come down to staying competitive…

  21. I study neuroscience and am going into med school next year hopefully for neurology and I would say not for another 40 years

  22. After it gets tested for enough time and the chances to get brain damage or worse are close to zero it’s a no-brainer (no pun intended), until that point in time no

  23. Meee 🙋🏽‍♂️I’m blind in one eye it’s really screwed up. So they could just take it out and put a port in the socket, easy to plug new versions of nuralink in etc

  24. Never in beta testing, but once it's been thoroughly tested, if it'd fix my pain in my back or my headaches then absolutely.

  25. At the moment it's just for brain injuries etc but if Elon is right in maybe as little as a couple of decades we will all have to be implanted just to be on par with everyone else and the technological advancements of A.I. I probably won't partake but it's going to be absolutely insane to watch haha.

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