1. So many grab attacks with broken hit boxes. There are several in every game that you have to be really far away from to avoid, because dodging to the side will still get you caught by them

  2. #1 Fire Giant - Roll. First, he can and will roll himself onto rocks and logs where you can't hit him and by the time you circle around he just rolls again, ONTO ANOTHER LEDGE. You also can't see shit in that fight because of the camera and size of the boss. Terrible design. Come to think of it, I just hate everything about this fight.

  3. Capra Demon's jumping attack. It's not an egregious example, but it illustrates what would make me hate an attack. The reason is because he will still track you and rotate after his feet have left the ground. That's just a bad attack animation. There are a ton more examples throughout the games, but that was the first one I noticed. After that, I stopped expecting Soulsborne attack animations to make sense.

  4. Pursuer cursed sword grab (DS2) I've literally been teleported onto the sword even after I've rolled away. Although I'm not going to dispute if it actually hit or not, it's frame perfect but the animation is very delayed.

  5. I hear people say this a lot but I don't get it... Just walk to his right and he basically can't touch you. I don't even roll past the stab, I just walk to his right

  6. Godskin Noble roll attack. It's dodge is so unintuitive and it, being a pretty common boss, doesn't deserve to have such a random method to dodge. The glitch(?) where it can stop them restart while skipping the wind up also makes it hatable.

  7. The worst part of the Godskin Noble roll for me is that nearly always being on a pillar is safe during the Duo fight, by every now at then he'll just roll over that too.

  8. I don't think the roll attack itself is much of an issue, you can just dodge diagonal and let it roll around and repeat.

  9. Literally everything Marget does when we first meet him, and Gideon Ofnir being broken as shit because of the Knowledge Above All debuff. I get that it works on him too but with how he hits us like a freight train when using all the spells in the game, how much Law of Causality just vaporizes my Hp it just feels like a broken one hit build for PvP and that it wouldn't really matter if we hit him just as hard because all of a sudden all enemy NPCs roll as much as we do which they NEVER used to do. In my most recent fight against him I was moving to his left, my right while he was charging up Comet Azur and he snapped to me like a cheater with Aimbot in an FPS, tf?

  10. The Ds1 Hydra fights are horrible. Hitboxes out of whack. That na died of Chaos. And Elden Stars isn't poorly designed, it just makes the average player panic; I felt so good when I figured out how to deal with it.

  11. Personally, I'm not a fan of the ridiculous roll bait wind up stuff that started in ds3 and is on almost every enemy in ER. It was cool at first tbh, thinking nameless king, where it felt like "wow this is different, he's designed to punish you for spam rolling". After seeing it so, so often in ER it feels like a really cheap way to increase difficulty by increasing the amount of attempts it takes a player to catch on. For the most part, it's really, really hard to react dodge these attacks when seeing them for the first time. And I'm not sold on the mechanic. Wish they'd find more creative ways to make enemies tough

  12. Yeah it’s kind of funny you mention that. Nameless King was always by far my hardest Dark Souls 3 fights. And after beating Elden Ring and going back and fighting him on one of my playthroughs where I hadn’t killed him yet, I beat him easily on my first try.

  13. 1000% agree. It’s such shit because normally when you roll to dodge you are responding to visual cues with short response time so you are rewarded for fast reflexes and paying attention. The delayed swing just rewards memorizing the delay timing and counting it out in your head. It minimizes skill and reflex and rewards boring rote memorization.

  14. Sooo maybe i missed out. But why do people hate the elden beast so much? I got it on my 3rd try so my frustration was low

  15. I personally don't think elden stars is even a problem attack. There are way worst boss attacks in elden ring.

  16. Any foot hitbox in DS1. You know when a mob turns and their feet hit you for very little damage but it interrupts whatever you were doing

  17. Since this is Elden Ring Discussion, I’ll only focus on those. Not that I have an issue with OP putting other games in at all, of course.

  18. One very specific thing about The Malenia Anime Combo and the Malenia Scarlet Flower Bomber: While she is way up in the air, she still has collision directly under her position. If your means of dealing with those attacks involves staying close, maybe getting behind her, you have to maneuver around pure unsubstantiated bullshit videogame invisible walls that have no relation with what's going on in-universe. Her hurtbox is way up in the air where her model is, though, and you can walk under giant bats and stuff, so I don't know what happened here

  19. The charge/rush attack by Ebrietas in Bloodborne. To this date, the most reliable way for me to not die to that attack is to just stand in place and tank it to avoid the counter-damage taken if u mistime a dodge.

  20. Idk what’s up with Godrick’s ai lately but every other time I get summoned to fight him. He’ll just spam the fire tornado in his second phase. I mean like he does his tornado, then does his jump attack or throw his tornado projectiles then proceed to start his fire tornado up again… I counted one time, and he did it 5 freaking times in a row lmao. It’s pretty annoying to fight against not because it’s hard to dodge but it’s boring to wait for him to finish.

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