1. Adventure 1999 has no relation with Adventure 2020 in terms of story. They just have main characters with same name and appearance.

  2. Digimon Adventure: Colon (2020) only reuses character designs, it really isn't a story remake, and lacks a lot of the character development that made Adventure '99 so good.

  3. As much as I like 2020 Adventure, the original Adventure has better character writing. That said, I do recommend the Japanese version over the English version.

  4. I'll go with Adventure first, I was under the impression that 2020 was a pretty straight forward remake with some of the fluff trimmed but knowing it's not, I'd definitely be more into the story side of things.

  5. Adventure 2020 is easily the worst anime in the franchise. The only salvageable thing about it is the technical aspects, but that doesn't even come close to compensating for the crimes against humanity that they did with the writing of it.

  6. If you are more into action and battles with a good background plot weaved in 2020. If you want good plot and more heart and a bit more fleshed out storylines and character arcs then Adventure.

  7. That you can binge it makes you realize that there wasn't a single moment of relaxation until about episode 30. We literally don't see them sleep, eat or rest in the slightest for more than half of the series.

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