1. Wait, are you saying you hope that handcannon/snipe doesn't become the new meta? Admittedly HC/shotty has always been more popular, but HC/snipe has been equally oppressive in the past. Could be worse, could be Last Word.

  2. Anytime there is a new shiny and good HC, it rises to the top of the meta. Add the ability for you to craft your "god roll" and this was inevitable.

  3. been using wizened rebuke. havent really tried main ingredient or that frame in general. is it still good? i know rapid fires feel horrible now imo

  4. All these years, all these weapons, sunsetting, etc etc and here we are back in season of opulence ….

  5. Hand cannons are just not allowed to not be meta. Those two are fan favourites anyway so they’re gonna be used all the time. I’d get ready to see more fan favourites come back at this point

  6. Hard Light saw the top of the mountain just to make sure that we never had another different meta again.

  7. I wonder if there’s a correlation between the fact that the 3 weapons at the top being the most used in pvp and the fact that they’re craftable

  8. Idk man let's wait a little, people are also just getting thier crafted versions if they havent been hyper grinding them out so that could cause higher then normal usage

  9. Gee, What could possibly go wrong, giving a crafted sniper the best pvp perks that can be also be ENHANCED. Get used to never seeing any other sniper again in pvp.

  10. I mean I wouldn’t be shocked austringer is the first craftble hand cannon we’ve gotten yet and most people likely finally unlocked it

  11. So when it’s hold W with shotgun it’s fine, but when you have to actually aim and be decent with a sniper it’s cringe?

  12. Brought back two cancerous weapons and gave them enhanced perks… who could have seen this coming…I for sure didn’t even think this could ever happen

  13. Handcannons have and always will be dominant unless they make them take an extra shot to kill. Peak shooting is to good and beloved is a fan favorite sniper in a game mode where a pick can decide the match. Now make them both craftable and you see what happens right here. As we get more crafted weapons they’ll even out where it starts becoming preferences. Cause no matter how much better say Dfa is ( I haven’t really compared them as I’m waiting for gms before I really try for a roll) if it’s easier to get that preferred roll it will be more dominant

  14. TTK plays a big role too. Gnawing Hunger and 600s were meta during arrivals only because they had a better TTK than most guns. Then they got nerfed and hand cannons reigned supreme all over again

  15. im prepared to be downvoted to hell but other primary weapons need a significant buff other than range, the good thing about handcannons are their high damage per shot which i dont think should change. however other weapons especially automatic weapons/burst fire weapons need better damage per shot, not enough to make them op but enough to ease the use of them. they need to give them definitive identities or get rid of certain archetypes of weapons, take autos for example they all have around a .8 ttk and with a few outliers all share the same ranges with no identity.

  16. Hand cannons have 0.87 ttk so I’d u say buffed autos with a slightly faster ttk then they would be ridiculous

  17. HC/Snipe is a sweet meta, Wish shotguns stayed a little more because sometimes people just play back the entire game waiting for a pick. But maybe I was just used to fast paced gameplay

  18. You can totally use off meta stuff, you just have to be good with it. My friend gets flawless every week easily and never uses hand cannons snipers or shotguns. You just have to be good at the game.

  19. OH NO A HAND CANNON IS AT THE TOP! Look pal a hand cannon will always be the best no matter how much the game changes they're just the best.

  20. I’d much rather have 140 HC/sniper than no skill laser beam autos, or 2 tapping 120s, or Lemon bow spam, or bastion, or Lorentz. Somebody will always be upset about the meta.

  21. This is what Bungie wants. They’re terrible at balancing PVP. Should ditch it next game and dedicate all their resources to PVE.

  22. When they were coming out i knew craftable weapons was gonna be completely the meta if they were good, i dont really have a problem with it since everyone can access it (i think) also i think beloved is really up there and 2 because map bright cant see red light

  23. lmao handcannons/sniper or handcannon/fusion has been the meta. Bungie made a 140 craftable. Of course this was going to happen.

  24. As mind numbing as it is to craft a austringer, it is the easiest legendary handcannon to grind for and tied for best in slot for kinetic slot legendary handcannons. Even a non crafted roll can be very good. So I don’t doubt it’ll be on the top of the trials charts for this season and the coming season

  25. Honestly looks like the same meta that it was at since Season of Arrivals, just swap some of the legendries for sunsetted weapons of the same type and it's about the same

  26. I used my four forsaken ciphers but I didn't get the last word in the tower kiosk thing, how does one uptain more forsaken ciphers?

  27. How is anyone even remotely surprised a this? This was always going to happen the moment we got those guns back. Beloved is one of the most popular PvP snipers in Destiny’s history. It’s only competition was Revoker and that’s because the gun rewarded you for missing. Austringer, in a world with no 150 rpm hand cannons would instantly shoot to the top, anyone with a brain stem could have seen this coming. And with crafting and enhanced perks was only going to further the overnight success of these weapons.

  28. Why the hell do you not want it to be a meta? New Crafted Guns that people grinded for would ofc be meta.

  29. There was a freaking reason why we nerfed flinch on snipers. Everything else on here is ok with me. I don’t think austringer is truly that dominant, but it’s everybody’s new craftable toy.

  30. Shock....the only craftable handcannon is top tier in trials...I definitely could NEVER have seen this coming.

  31. Top 3 weapons are all craftable and strong. I honestly think Bungie might reevaluate their philosophy regarding craftable weapons going forward, at least in PvP.

  32. It's always been like that, every 1 or 2 seasons the meta changes. But generally the nuking weapons (hc shotguns and snipers, sometimes fusions) will always dominate due to ttk.

  33. Not to be a black sheep or anything, but it's almost like the mechanics were created back when the game ran at 30FPS...

  34. Im just mad that best pve roll for austringer is outlaw frenzy. Give this gun like idk... Heating up there or something

  35. Usage != potency No Time to Explain, Messenger, Piece of Mind are literally all better choices than a handcannon in this current meta

  36. Bungie bringing back the most used sniper of its time and a handcannon that could have been the best had 150s not existed? Who could have guessed this would be the current meta

  37. I am so bummed out by this new season. I have a god roll beloved that I can't upgrade and fuck around with (even though it literally doesn't affect PvP or IB for that matter now if I did), but I have to first unlock it on the leviathan to start crafting them. Couple weeks into the season and literally 50+ events complete and I still don,'t have one so I can start crafting. It feels like all they want is for you to grind away for endless hours

  38. Hand cannons will always be meta, hardly anyone uses auto rifles or anything else for that matter besides the people using the buffed fast fire rate pulses.

  39. I've made peace with this. If you're decent nothing is stopping you from using other loadouts with good performance versus that setup regardless. I think of it more as a thing people like to do, so they do it. Some people do it because other people say it's the best so instead of doing their own evaluation they just copy what is currently popular. Nothing wrong with it, but it tends to skew numbers a little.

  40. As someone who normally hates hand cannons, fuckin Austeringer is so damn crisp, easy to use, and bullets feel like slugs the way they hit heads.

  41. Called it the day we knew they were back. Surely no one thought different. Im not suprised, they were good guns then and theyre good guns now. A shame its not as lenient as we would have hoped with meta balancing but definitely still expected sadly

  42. It will be. These weapons in that combo dominated the crucible in the same time that mountaintop and recluse was dominant. Go figure. (Not the pulse)

  43. Least it ain’t shotgun meta these days. Least I can sit back and pick someone off with a scout like the good old days.

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