1. Both teams chasing a title or throwing to farm kills. I remember trying to get breakneck back in the day and the other team kept dying. We banked nothing and it still took the almost 20 minutes to win.

  2. I thought oh, must be a private match and all so I did a bit of investigating since I knew of a few people in the match history

  3. How? Why? What the fuck? After 200 motes i would’ve just stopped picking them up. You lost 4 entire games worth of motes and didn’t bank once. How do you live with yourself?

  4. No lmao I just followed him around reviving him the whole time it was funny. We were doing this at like 3AM anyways so it was way funnier than it should have been

  5. your team killed a lot and didn't pick much, but i'm not seeing enough guardian kills to justify the game going on this long

  6. This has to be a bug or something. 🤓From the right side of the screen we can see that the person in question, “Fashy,” sent over 2 blockers. However, it also seems that 0 motes were deposited by the same person, which is already an impossibility. You need to send motes to send blockers, so no motes sent = no blockers. However, the 411 motes lost is just over twice the addition of all shown motes deposited, 203. That has relevance here 🤓

  7. I bet OP was in communications with the other 3 players on their team and either set this up as a challenge to them, or some glitch happened to the enemy team which prevented them from completing a wave so OP's team took advantage of that to get a funny score board.

  8. Wtf!!! As a certain x dredgen. I’ve never ever seen this many motes lost by a whole team, let alone one person 😂😂😂😂

  9. Me, hearing the Drifter say "you've got enough to summon a Primeval".... depositing my 4 motes, watching my teammate with 14 motes run past the bank because he needs ONE more. WTF?!

  10. Dredgen was fkin grriiiinnnddd. It helped so much when some of my friends would suck it up and play gambit with me for the seal 😂 but a couple owed it to me cause I helped them with theirs ha. But seriously..... how do you lose 411 motes. Is there even that many in the whole match 🤣

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