1. I feel like that is because Canada doesn’t have “gun culture”. I’ve lived in both Canada and the US and in Canada very few people talk about their guns except around people who also hunt or shoot at ranges. It’s a bit taboo in fact. In the US people talk about it like they talk about their favourite TV show.

  2. 1/4 households. The culture around guns is different here though. We grew up with a gun in the house but only ever around 1 /2 a box of ammo and it only came out at deer season for a couple weeks and then was locked away.

  3. Well, like Alaska (commonly referred to as the final frontier) there's quite a bit of wildlife, and a lack of law enforcement, so I could see Canada having a good amount of firearms for those reasons.

  4. Yeah, the average person might not own a gun, but hunters and farmers will often have 10+ guns so that really skews the average

  5. Yeah I looked at this then forgot that there are TONS of hunting going on in pretty much the northern half of every province

  6. Canadian here. Many gun lovers in this fine land. We are allowed to have hunting rifles, shotguns, hand guns, semi-automatic rifles such as AR-15, M-16, Russian SKS and many more. There is a rigorous class, test, police background check and procedure to obtain your firearms liscence, including a minimum 28 day waiting period from when you pass your test to when they even begin to process your application. All handguns need to be registered in a federal database and can only be used at shooting ranges that you informed the police about. We can own almost all the types of guns Americans can, but this procedure seems to weed out the crazies and leaves the responsible citizens to poses firearms. we don't have mass shootings, except that one crazy in Nova Scotia, that was banned from owning guns but managed to buy them in the USA and smuggle into Canada.

  7. As an Ethiopian, this is definitely false. Even poor farmers have fully-automatic ak-47s. Ethiopians love their guns. It’s engrained in the culture.

  8. You are using logic in looking at this graph and thinking hmmmm this doesn’t add up. Also you can look at this graph and see shit don’t add up on the first one.

  9. This post is just cause it’s a hot button issue in America right now especially with the recent school shooting. I’m all for reform but people will use stuff like this to shift a certain narrative

  10. Not really since legally speaking, the moment a civilian picks up arms and starts fighting against another state, he/she is no longer considered a civilian.

  11. Brazil looks so peaceful... You wouldn't even imagine our murder rates are higher than literal war zones...

  12. Same thing with Mexico, despite the fact that the cartels own a butt load of weapons crossed from the US.

  13. In 26 years I've never seen a gun in Mexico other than those owned by police and military. Violence is very localized and most people live in cities where they might have never seen a civilian gun.

  14. Once conflicts calm down, firearms are quick to flow out of developing countries and into other markets. It's only rich western countries where there's widespread peacetime civilian gun ownership.

  15. It also helps that Norway and Finland have had mandatory military service, and for a long time people were issued guns to keep at home in case the Russians invaded.

  16. The data is from 2017 and even then there is absolutely no one who knows exactly how many firearms are in Yemen

  17. It's very inaccurate, and it's using a useless number (firearms per capita) to talk about gun-ownership, which everyone thinks is the problem.

  18. Using gray as actual data-representing color is kind of not the smartest decision when it is usually used to show "no data available"

  19. Remember when we had actual beautiful data on here? It seems like every post nowadays is just plain graphs with coloured lines or plain maps with coloured countries.

  20. Exactly. What's up with the groupings. One group is 0-15, and around 75% of countries fall into this group. Then another group is just 15-20, which only a couple countries fall into, and which is GRAY, the same color as no data. And then you have 20-120 which is orange, meaning the color scheme would suggest that the blue and orange countries are on opposite polars, but it's just high and low values of the same scale.

  21. pepperide farm remembers. someone could start a subreddit with a clearer title like 'datapresentedbeautifully' or smth

  22. Not sure if this is your first account, but in 2015 (or before I forget) the mods decided to allow the admins to make this sub a default sub; every new account was automatically subbed to 8 different subs since the beginning of reddit, which increased to 50 and this sub was included. Due to that the quality in here dropped dramatically and oh boy was the 2016 election just

  23. It's also not particularly useful data. Better would be firearms ownership as % of households, and a Mercator map isn't a great way of visualizing it either.

  24. I want to point out that Australia is not "very blue". Lighter blue actually means more guns. More saturated blue means fewer guns. Grey is more than blue. This color scheme is terrible.

  25. It's probably worth noting that in the 20 years before the Port Arthur shooting, there were only ballpark ~40 deaths as well, give or take. Australia didn't really have a mass shooting problem to begin with. Also, the Port Arthur shooting is the only mass shooting that has killed more than ~10 people. The overall trend of "minor" mass shootings is generally unchanged, and in terms of "major" mass shootings there's only the one data point so you can't really draw any conclusions, at least with regards to mass shootings.

  26. Notice Canada is orange and yet we have extremely few shootings as well - there is a solution that is not simply taking all the guns.

  27. Australia saw a decline in overall violence in general that could not be attributed to stripping firearms away from the general populace.

  28. Yeah and because they banned guns, Australian citizens now live under a brutal authoritarian dictatorship and have virtually no freedoms /s

  29. And then an Australian went to new zealand to fuck up our gun rules by getting brainwashed to believing muslims need to die

  30. It's hard to get gun in Russia. Not super hard, but requires a lot paper work, talking with psychologist, having no problems with drugs and a safe for weapon. Yes, you can bribe somewhere but most people usually don't bother because there are no reason to have gun beside hunting.

  31. Importantly, this is from a survey two years before the Christchurch masacre where sweeping gun control reform was voted in 119-1 in the NZ Parliament.

  32. Lots of farmers, lots of hunting rifles but overall good and responsible gun culture, fairly stiff background checks and gun license required.

  33. Only a fool would assume that a high murder rate NECCESSARILY correlates with gun laws (especially in Mexicos case, cartels).

  34. Uhm... This estimate seems a bit off... Should probably specify the dataset description to be what... Legally owned only I assume?

  35. I get the same feel that something is not quite right and I would like to know the source(s). I would assume that countries like Afghanistan has more weapons than shown, but I could also be wrong with my thoughts about that.

  36. If the homicide rate is so bad in Mexico, south and Central America, are there just tons of ghost guns there?

  37. The way I read it, Uruguay is probably the only country in South America with a proper and functional gun registration program.

  38. Just think, if Taiwan had as many armed citizens as the US, the CCP would definitely think twice about fucking with them

  39. I can’t help but laugh at the juxtaposition. The rest of the world has 15 guns per 100 people. In America there are more guns than people 120 to 100.

  40. Now imagine trying to round all of them up, we'd have a few decades until we got anywhere with progress there and still have plenty of firearm deaths.

  41. Does Austria have about a quarter of mass shootings per capita compared to the US? How linearly does gun proliferation correlate?

  42. No, we have pretty much zero, the only one I can remember is a terrorist attack two years ago, but we have very little murders per capita as well

  43. Austria has 0.1 firearm-related homicides per 100,000 population a year (2.45 suicides, though) with 30 guns per 100 inhabitants.

  44. If gun saturation had a causal link to mass shooting frequency then the US should be at about 3+ times higher than the next country on the list, in the US it is A LOT higher than that so that pretty much confirms that it isn't the amount of guns that is the cause and that there is something else causing it.................

  45. Because the vast majority of US gun owners don't go flaunting them around, and have them secured in their homes or are lawfully concealed carrying.

  46. I'm from Europe, but went to university in the U.S. Since I could not go home for Spring Break, I spent my first one with a friend who happened to live in the Florida keys. He was a perfectly normal computer science student. His father was an architect. I remember two things distinctly from their home: Being sternly instructed to conserve water and being shown their collection of guns. Oh, and getting seriously sunburned from wind surfing.

  47. Funny you say that. My wife was the same way till we started dating. She had never held or shot a gun until our first date. She enjoys going to the range now. She won't hunt but we take the kids and go camping when it's hunting season.

  48. The numbers for Norway are slightly skewed by Svalbard - a polar-bear infested island where you are required to have a gun to travel outside city limits.

  49. Not too skewed with a population around 3000 people. Many people hunt on the main land and sports shooting is popular.

  50. Hunters all around the countrie can end up having anywhere between 2 to 7 guns. When you first get a weapon locker, you got room for so many that you don't need to throw them out when you buy a new one, so you just stack up plenty of rifles and shotguns over the years

  51. Way too few people on Svalbard. I would attribute it to hunting weapons, hunting is fairly popular in Norway and many have more than 1 weapon.

  52. The Small Arms Survey is conducted by the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, Switzerland, which is a well-respected research uniiversity that specializes in public policy, public administration, and international affairs. It has seven Nobel Prize laureates among its faculty and alumni. To call it an "anti-gun group" is an absurd argument. But you are certainly welcome to produce an alternative source of data. As we say in my line of business, that which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

  53. We may have alot of guns in finland, but they are not given to anyone. We have very strict laws. And they are for hunting.

  54. I don't know a single person that owns a gun beside a friend that is a cop and he only has it with him if working.

  55. I could be wrong but this data is based on 2017 statistics, I'm pretty sure since 2019 because of new laws New Zealand guns have dropped significantly.

  56. I realize that Alaska is part of America, but somehow I feel like we should be a little darker than the rest of the US.

  57. Bruh what is this? I am from Austria and I do not know of anyone, who has a gun at home, except for hunters or people, who work for the police and maybe some criminals! Lol

  58. We have quite a few gun nuts here in Canada, but we use them for target practice and hunting, usually the idea of needing it to defend yourself doesn't even cross our minds (It's also not legal to defend yourself with a firearms here, unless it's your absolute last defence and you cannot run away). Either way, the thought of using it on another human being doesn't usually cross our minds.

  59. Switzerland has about 2 million privately owned guns in a nation of 8.3 million people. However, many households have access to their military rile, which is at their home. I think the same is true for Israel.

  60. During a visit to Manila a few years back, I stayed up the road from the Bourbon New Orleans bar in Makati. Was going in for a few drinks & dinner - sign on the door changed that.

  61. I’m getting more now that I know coward cops don’t give a shit to protect children while they’re actively getting massacred. Carrying 24/7.

  62. I'm an American and I don't own a gun but I feel like I should get one cause worse than everyone having a gun is everyone having a gun except for you.

  63. Wtf it shows that Mexican gun ownership is almost non existent? They obviously have never been there. this map is bullshit

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