1. I never really understood the challenge with champions gravetender and greatwolf. I've always just r1 spammed stunlocked gravetender's npc ass before the wolf can show up and then the wolf by itself is pretty easy.

  2. Same I'm only on my first plauthrough hut I got them second try pretty easily. I might be a little overleveled though.

  3. well the yeah the npc is really easy to kill but the wolf's where its at. the goddamn hitbox on this dude is bigger than the entire arena. and literally all it does is one combination of broken delayed moves with huge hitboxes that make no sense

  4. Same for me. It's one of those bosses where all my friends have difficulty with but my OG strategy always seems to work. Similar to yours. I just pummel the grave tender and then I fight the wolf around the pillars making sure to focus on dodging and getting a few good slaps in when he's open

  5. What the hell, were you putting them randomly? Gael on the same level as Nashandra, RRAuthority same as Seath, Asylum and Four Kings, Abyss Watchers and Vordt, YHORM and SNAKE EYES? How the hell are Skeleton Lords on the same difficulty as Genichiro? Why is Pursuer so high? God, so many questions

  6. lemme explain. so i m not ranking their difficlities factually im ranking them based on my own experience and how much i struggled on them and yes seath and 4 kings are both on the same level because both are really really easy.

  7. I beat crystal sage on my first try when I wandered into his area by mistake and thought he was ridiculously easy. Then in later playthroughs I just kept losing to him. Not sure what happened, but apparently I'm just bad now.

  8. Crystal Sage when you run a Sorcery build is fucking EVIL, but otherwise he’s easy. Even with other builds though, sometimes RNG will work against you and you get pelted by like, 2 Soul Spears at once off screen and instadie. Then you feel like an idiot because he’s considered an ‘easy boss’

  9. yeah yeah bro exactly. i mean didn't first try him but i think i beat em in my third attempt but on my other playthroughs i just kept dying for some reason

  10. Me too. I think it's bc I was a lot more thorough with killing enemies my first playthrough so I wasn't like soul level 10 when I fought him. Now I just do abyss watchers first.

  11. I'm really asking, is the dancer really that hard 🤔 ? Because i've finish the game 3 time (ng++) mostly as strenght/ pyromancer build and using dark fire orb just melt the boss within 8-10 hit and thus at first attempt every time almost without getting hit due to the boss room column... and i die a lot more on over bosses.

  12. I found Dancer really hard too. Took me 90+ tries which is the most in any souls game. I think I only needed more on Owl Father in Sekiro.

  13. yeah i mean if u have a really op build thats focused on her weakness ( DARK DAMAGE ) you can kill her pretty damn easily but on my normal playthroughs i still struggle with her a little because of how well her moves are made. always unpredictable for me

  14. Am I blind or did you just never play DS2’s DLC’s? If you haven’t you really should, they’re genuinely some of the best dark souls out their and have some of the best soulsborne bosses of all time. (Alonne, Fume Knight, Burnt Ivory King)

  15. i really wanna fight alonne and fume knight but i dont wanna play ds2 again tbh. every time i played it it drained my sanity out of every hole in my body lmao i hated and loved every second of it lmfao

  16. Borealis hits the fucking annoying tier for me. I've killed literally every dragon that is not Placidusax or Fortissax, but this mofo keeps ruining my day with his frost howl.

  17. yeah he was really harder than other dragons but doesn't mean it was hard because the dragons are just sooooo easy to kill for me at least i dont know about u :)

  18. Borealis is insanely cancerous. He has that instant roar that stunlocks you to death, and 80% slash and pierce absorption which invalidates a lot of weapons.

  19. How many times have you beaten elden ring? My first run l was convinced Maliketh was bullshit but on the 2nd run l tried to learn his attacks and fight him without OP shit. He is awsome (stopped the fight many times when he was low).

  20. beaten it 7 times and maliketh and malenia are imo the most difficult bosses in the series cuz both of them barely give u a chance to hit them

  21. since my first playthrough i hated him. and i still hate him if not more. its my tierlist so im ranking the bosses based on my own experience

  22. both him and gael are imo the best design vise and i practiced both of them so much that fucking asylum demon gives me more of a challenge gael lol

  23. The most confusing placements ever lol, there’s no way sister friede or demons are harder than or better than slave knight Gael

  24. Uh, way harder actually. That's your main complaint? What about Gravetender and Sage being up there?

  25. well for me they are because with gael and isshin, i've practiced and fought them so many times that they just became really easy. and also this is just a difficulty tier list. if it was a design based tierlist he would be in the S+++++ tier no doubt

  26. they are ranked as annoying. very annoying. and if u could believe it this is my tier list based on my playthrough and i hated the trees so yeah

  27. Most people find the Godskins annoying simply because they don't know how to cheese them with strats like sleep. They're actually incredibly easy once you realize they're humans and are pretty weak to every ailment and magic besides blackflame.

  28. yeah i know but i dont wanna cheese them. if i cheesed every boss this list would have been literally flipped upside down lol

  29. I extremely admire not putting any sekiro boss to the fucking annoying category except Bull. When i played sekiro for the first time i never ever shitted about something being unfair because i knew it's Always my fault. Except blazing Bull, that sumbitch should burn.

  30. yeah i was going to put him higher but then i saw malenia on the other tier and i didn't think it was quite as hard as fucking malenia

  31. the run back to the boss is the most cancerous thing mankind has ever created lol i hate it with every fiber in my body

  32. i dont got all of em on steam but i have ds3 on steam and i got i think 290 hours or something in it. and i've played most of the game in offline mode so im pretty sure it has to be something around 400 hours

  33. ohhh fuck i thought it was demon of hatred for a second thats why i put it in easy goddamn im sorry man i should've been more careful. FUCK i didn;t know it was mist noble goddamn it

  34. Surprising to see how low you put Gael vs how high you put Looking Glass Knight and Lost Sinner. Not saying it’s wrong, it’s all subjective, I’m just surprised.

  35. First playthrough of my ds1 was hard really bcz I couldn't play that time.... 2nd complete playthrough was very easy.... Only manus and artorias was hard for me in the second playthrough....

  36. Im guessing some of these are jokes like champions gravetender,crystal sage and especially soldire of godrick Also im guessing you did the soul of cinder fight for example alot more than oceiros and dragonslayer armor becuase i find dragonslayer amor and oceiros pretty mid because ive beaten the both at sl 1 while with soul of cinder i really could not might just be me being ass at perrying or reading him as well as the other 2

  37. no crystal sage and grave tender aren't jokes. dude u know the times where u get stuck on something in your life for absolutely no reason ? well the thing happened to me for the sage. idk why i always have to die at LEAST once to this fucker i hate it so much. and for the gravetender i've only fought him 3 times and i always hated it so yeah

  38. Do you need some mental help? I'm here if you want or need to talk about anything. That's a really unhealthy amount of playing time.

  39. I've completed pretty much all of DS1 (first real playthrough) except I got stuck on Artorias. I go back every couple months and cannot beat that motherfucker. No other boss in DS1/3 or Elden Ring has been literally unbeatable for me (except barely beating Friede by the skin of my teeth each playthrough). Help

  40. This was a roller coaster of a tier list, cuz some of these make him seem a god, and others a baby. Midir is mid, but erdtree avatars are top tier? Okay

  41. Soldier of godrick? A real challenge? Were talking about the same dude right? Yeigh high stupid lil sword no health pool.

  42. Dancer of boreal valley isn't a real challenge she just spam 2 attacks that she barely telegraph and the only way to dodge the 9 360° spins in a row is to be far enough when she starts it bc you can't reliably roll out of it. And she got way more health than what that frail and weak body suggest. And you somehow can't poise break her even with the strongest of weapons

  43. never thought a fucking redditor would give me an advice like this. i have a life and i do go outside unlike you. so shut your fucking mouth and dont disrespect someone right off the bat. i played this game and i beat it 43 times and made money off of it. what the fuck do u do that makes you better than me ? do you think writing mean comments on reddit makes you cool ? it doesn't, trust me it doesn't

  44. the whole post isn't a joke its just a little joke in the post. the whole soldier of godrick being the hardest is a meme on the sub if u haven't seen it lmao

  45. no its not pointless. i spent a lot time putting it together for over 221 people that upvoted it, only for their entertainment and mine. learn to respect one' opinions and if u dont then get the fuck out here, so tired of you guys just not understanding how opinions work

  46. How do I beat ds2 I beat the bosses at the throne room and found the kind but I have no idea where to go after wards

  47. no one has a strat to be honest. dark souls games are kinda semi open world so u can literally go anywhere and there is no such place where " you dont have to go to " just find a path and follow it and if you are really lost. google is your friend

  48. You and I must have veeeeery different skillsets. All of those annoying tier ones are all easy peasy. But then you list Genichiro Ashina as easy??? Tf?

  49. i know right ? its almost like its a joke i made and now there are people that actually think i was being serious!!!!! ( not including u just some other karens )

  50. Oceiros has the worst move in DS3 and it ended so many SL1 attempts. I think he’s the worst boss in the game lol

  51. yep. did u find bed of chaos easy to deal with ? if u have then imma tell u you are the best and most patient player this world has seen

  52. Am I the only fucker who thinks dancer is a mid difficulty sometimes easy boss. Cause every ranking I have seen has put it in the top 5 hardest bosses in the game

  53. Tbh as long as you have 30 vigor the godskin noble is really easy to deal with, just stay away from walls and make sure you either have full health or dodge game when the roll comes. Also frost mist works well against him

  54. as i've said in a billion other comments i've fought and practiced gael a LOT thats why he is really easy for me and i can kill him without getting hit so yeah

  55. Well the runback to the boss is really really really really really really garbage and the boss does a lot of damage and thats why i fucking hate him lol

  56. ive only played ds3 and its my first playthru but ive found the dancer and champ gundyr pretty “easy” compared to the others. theyre still hard asf but theyre not annoyingly difficult if yk what i mean

  57. yeah thats why i put them on a real challenge and not annoying tier. cuz they got a very respectable amount of difficulty

  58. You found mohg and godfrey annoying? I mean all power to you but i fucking love those bosses and thought they were some of the most balanced bosses in ER‘s mess of a boss lineup

  59. i get why people dislike malenia and maliketh but godfrey on mohg are both excellent fights with little to no bullshit, i hardly think they’re on the same level as Malenia

  60. Why are you guys hating on his opinion? That's a tier list with a lot of bosses. I think it was very well put. There are some bosses like soul of cinder where most people would say he is really difficult. But after you make sl1, challenge or 42 fucking runs he gets easier because he is easy to dodge or predictable. As in other hand bosses like cristal sage which are highly luck based are rather difficult. I can understand some of his opinions but not everything. But I completely respect it.

  61. i found midir more annoying than hard, dont really like to be chasing around bosses, it reminded me of that white dragon in the DS2 dlc

  62. im pretty good at parrying so pontiff isn't an issue at all for me. oceiros is pretty hard cuz i haven't fought him many times and also he has a lot of health

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