1. I think i would rather fry it with olive oil in the lordvessel I think Siegmeyer could give me some nice onions to serve with it

  2. This wouldn't be ideal, a tail is a highly used part of the body and would be very tough. Rotisserie would be acceptable as it is a long cook time, but you'd get best results with something more akin to braising or stewing. Really as long as it's cooked for a long time with lots of moisture (ie. Cover the pot) and some acidity (probably tomato or wine in this case) it would probably melt off the bone. Similar to how you'd want to cook oxtail or flank steak

  3. Too fatty, seath lives in a unlit cave minus low crystal light, and he has no balls, basically a castrated chicken just getting fatter and juicier, so a rotisserie would be best i think.

  4. This may speak to my lack of real world experience (terminally vegetarian), but I always assumed it probably tastes like Moonlight-Grape-sword.

  5. I think it would be like the taste and texture of alligator meat, but with the density or even more density than elephant meat.

  6. I would cook it on a cooking spit, roasting all the way through but then charing the skin inside the bed of chaos (basically a giant cooking fire) for it to have a good edge. I would then coat it with a siegbrauw glaze served with the eggs from the giant crown from dark souls 1. A squeeze of lemon juice and some black pepper would be phenomenal. Can be prepared by the butchers from the depths. Cut into slices and serve of a giant plate for all of the hollows to grab a piece and leave.

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