1. Now Introducing XBA (eXtreme Basketball Annihilation): The rules are simple.. there are no rules! No referee! And (did I mention?) no holds barred! Much like Prisonball, players step into the Thunderdome wearing their rags to represent their set. Players score points by making shots into the basket or each other by any means necessary. If you get your shit rocked, then you should have played better defense. Join us this Friday for the first game of the season or be a B.A.N. the choice is yours!

  2. Serious question: does the gear worn by hockey player's influence to go all out and want to rip each other's heads?

  3. I don't get why hockey isn't more popular. It's fast, physical, great action, impressive skill. And ya, it's just a mild infraction if you straight up fight someone.

  4. The barrier to entry is extremely high. Didn't really get popular on TV until very recently with the advent of high definition. Taking just those 2 things in to consideration it isn't played by a ton of people and as a mass watched sport it is very new. With all that said, I have never taken anyone to a hockey game that wasn't fully entertained (including many non-sports fans).

  5. As a futbol fan who moved to Canada i firmly believe that Hockey would be popular in Latin America if we had real winters

  6. It was a pretty poor TV product until HD. Was just too hard to follow the puck on most home (and honestly even bar) tvs

  7. Football is so popular because all you need is a ball and a couple of jumpers for goalposts. All my friends would enjoy hockey if they watched it, but they don't have a passion that comes from playing it all their lives.

  8. It's expensive as hell at every level. Building rinks that can keep ice cold enough for consistent play in everywhere that isn't a tundra is expensive. That makes buying ice time expensive and something you have to specifically schedule because the rink is juggling with every other team that wants to play. Gear is also expensive (although the NHL has some programs to try and mitigate that cost, it's limited in where the NHL is and a drop in the bucket). There's also the problem of the few PoC who do get past that are very often tokenized and/or alienated. I love hockey and have played all my life, but it's not hard to look at the game and see why it struggles to gain traction.

  9. Imo it's the best sport in the world. But it's really expensive relative to the other popular sports so a lot fewer people have the opportunity to play and learn it which results in fewer fans.

  10. Accessibility. I was a decent hockey prospect at a young age, I got recruited for a higher level than travel but I had to pay somewhere around $8-10,000 and that’s excluding equipment which is at least another $1k. A decent hockey stick could set you back $200-300 alone, and you can easily end up breaking it next game. My parents were poor as shit growing up as immigrants (they’re well off now) and tried everything to keep me in the game but eventually I decided I couldn’t do that to them

  11. I play high school hockey, and holy shit I enjoyed nhl before I started playing, but now after I have a whole new appreciation for the game. With other sports, like soccer (which I also played), you can go from playing and understanding to watching professional and still thinking it’s better than yourself and impressive, and you can kinda relate it to things you do or don’t do and can get better by watching.

  12. because most people dont play hockey, due to climate condition. I am Canadian, it's easy for me in the winter to just go to the local outside arena and play for free, I doubt you can do that in Spain or Mexico or Brazil etc.

  13. You can literally play soccer anywhere if you have a ball. Doesnt have to be a soccer ball too. Thats why its so popular in poorer countries since its one of the best way to spend the time and thats how I grew up. Whereas hockey requires a lot of gears and most importantly ice. A lot of places dont have the luxury to maintain an ice skate place for people to casually play hockey.

  14. I think the problem is the all around costs and requirements. Any high school can get enough grass to have a football team (either kind of football) but hockey isn't so simple.

  15. The other replies are all valid points, I'd just like to add that the NHL having a history of doing a shit job at marketing the sport also doesn't help.

  16. NHL sucks with marketing and has atrocious broadcasting deals, sports broadcasting has always fucked over local fans. Also hockey is difficult to introduce to more financially struggling communities due to the maintenance of an ice rink and the expensive equipment required to play, way harder than just laying down concrete and putting up a couple basketball nets

  17. Well, there have been 4 lockouts since 1992, one of which cancelled an entire season. TV viewership was eliminated during stoppages, TV deals were voided. It was a mess to be a non-local fan. Even when they came back, the popularity for anyplace outside of that teams locality was gone. I remember one season after they came back, the only hockey I could find on tv was on the outdoor channel on cable tv.

  18. If its expensive to do, you cant imagine yourself doing it, you wont have done it growing up, and it wont be interesting to you lacking the context to get into it.

  19. May be a lot of people can't relate to hockey as they can't play it themselves. There are few places in the world you can play it and even in those places you have to be kind of well off to get into the sport.

  20. It's hard for me to be a fan of my local team (Krakens) when ESPN blocks their local games out for not being sold out. Local games are usually 6pm which is when people get off work or are stuck in traffic and few people want to deal with Seattle traffic after getting off work. So less people buy the tickets and less people get to watch which means less people are interested over all. It's the whole reason I got the Disney+ bundle but now I see how worthless it is.

  21. People tend to watch what they played growing up, so while its not expensive to watch hockey, the chances that you grew up playing hockey vs backetball, soccer or football is slim, so less fans due to less exposure.

  22. “In World Cup soccer, Mexico defeated Cameroon one to nothing. Or as it’s known in soccer, a blowout.” - Norm McDonald

  23. A significant amount of NFL games also end 2-1 or something similiar, it's just that you decided one point is worth 7 somehow so that it's not "boring" meanwhile you watch 1 hour of commercials per point.

  24. There's a very famous story here in the UK where a goalkeeper actually broke his neck at the highest level, continued playing and finished the game, received his medal with a crooked neck and only 3 days later found out he had broke it.

  25. lmao, i'd argue hockey fights are even more 'real' than boxing fights, because in boxing, the entire ruleset is focused around how you beat the other person up.

  26. Neither do rugby players and you never see them writhing on the ground like a toddler only to be totally fine 30 seconds later when the ref moves on.

  27. Canada is that big, gentle giant that never gets mad, but if he does then the offending country will be Captured and renamed new Canada just to piss them off

  28. Sledge (not the sport the slang), psychological damage is the way you get into your opponents head. Fistfights might let you break bones but getting into opponents heads and appearing intimidating will mean they wont be the same facing you again. You might make them angry leading to loss of concentration for them. :)

  29. It also keeps the teams playing fair. You tend to rethink a heavy check into the boards if you know the 6'4 250lbs enforcer will be on your ass for it.

  30. Enforcers are there to make it so people don't pull stupid shit. I can't remember the player, but he did a really nasty check, realized what he did, and his first reaction was a shrug, he dropped his gloves and turned to the incoming enforcer. He knew he pushed too far and was about to get his face punched in.

  31. American Football (line) players: Hey, I know we're on opposite teams, but me and my lineman buddies are gonna hit up the buffet after the game. You guys did a hell of a job, wanna come with us?

  32. Calcio Fiorentino/storico is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s played shirtless in the mud and you are encouraged to punch and kick each other mercilessly to get a ball in a goal.

  33. man, don't you just find it weird when somebody in a sport simply just falls down and isn't even hurt but acts like they're hurt anyways?

  34. Have you seen south America's football matches? Some looks like WWE matchs, even more the lower categories

  35. Lol.. full respect to hockey.. 1 openly have an enforcer 2 throw off gloves and mostly punch to a head in a helmet!

  36. My favorite reaction to fights is in baseball, you can tell the announcers are totally into it, but they have to pretend to be embarrassed for the sport of baseball for some reason lol.

  37. We should add fist fights to everything. Workplaces, boardroom meetings, classrooms... Just the threat of being punched in the face will keep people from acting like jackasses. Bad eggs can get away with a lot these days and there's a brajillion bureaucratic hurdles to leap to hold them accountable.

  38. I've always thought nascar would be way more exciting if they were legally allowed to fight in the pits. Maybe a mandatory stop every 50 or 100 laps to sort out any problems.

  39. It's funny because more and more hockey fans are starting to think that fighting should be removed from the game.

  40. The thing about fighting in hockey is that it's typically a response for injury another player or a dirty hit. Imagine in soccer a player goes to his guy rolling around dying on the ground and asking him "Are you actually hurt?" Before fighting

  41. You two were bad, go sit in the time out box for 5 minutes right next to each other and think about what you did.

  42. I remember an old MAD Magazine that proposed a version of baseball where the batters get to use their bats while running the bases.

  43. Hockey should be more popular. Problem is probably the price to play and lack of ice vs any random area with a ball

  44. Not even mad half the time. More just “hey, I fought you that one time because you wanted to, so you owe me a fight now because we’re playing like shit.”

  45. Really wish they'd take fighting out of hockey and make it its own sport. Major League Ice Boxing, where skates and jersey are required, but gloves and pants are optional. Same teams as NHL, hold it before or after (or both!) regular season NHL games.

  46. No, soccer is the ultimate troll sport. The object is to piss your opponent off and get them thrown out. Allowing fist fights would act as a pressure valve and ruin the rage dynamic.

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