1. I never get these memes. It’s like, you raised that generation. If anyone is to blame, it’s you! The child didn’t decide to get a participation award, that was the adults.

  2. It’s awful. Some of my family is that die hard boomer type that actively base their lives and personalities around news stations and political sides. It’s so stupid. I can’t even have a normal conversation.. was trying to talk about Jeopardy with one of them and how I like the new guy and within 30 seconds it’s how they can’t watch anymore cause Biden supports so and so and this and that. Like.. get away from me. Lol.. I cannot be around people like that cause I don’t have a filter I’m going to eventually blow up and be mean so I avoid it.

  3. Coworker said he busted his kids Xbox when he told him he couldn’t pause the game but would clean after the match was done- and I’m like…. Dude you said you bought your kid that for Christmas ofc he’s gonna play it

  4. Parents raise individules. Society raises generations. My parents didnt make Nintendo popular for every kid in my age range. They didnt invent grunge music as I was becoming a teenager.

  5. I think it's kind of weird to think that children don't have agency over their own lives lol. It's not like you raise a kid and they turn out exactly how you want them to, many millions of factors go into a child's upbringing beyond how you as a parent raise them. You could easily argue that society has a larger influence on how a person turns out than how their parents raise them, especially after the kid starts developing independence of thought around highschool. Never heard of children becoming rebellious and adopting their own identity?

  6. I've brought up that participation award point with my dad and all he says is, "Well it wasn't my idea." So what? You still allowed me to get one. Party of personal responsibility and all.

  7. Same happened to my cousin around that age with a cigarette kept begging for puffs and was told to Smoke a whole one. He was the only one in my whole family who didn’t smoke lol

  8. I begged my dad to taste his beer. It was the worst thing I had ever tasted and my parents couldn't stop laughing.

  9. "Is my capacity for rational thought diminished by exposure to alcohol, lead, and cigarettes from a young age? No, it's the children who are wrong"

  10. No. We are not boomers. We don’t do this. Tell your stepfather we talked, and he can’t be in our generation anymore.

  11. Another GenXer here confirming that we kicked your stepfather out. We are fellow victims of all that boomer bullshit.

  12. My step-dad used to share memes like this, and extremely anti-vaccine memes, etc. dude died of Covid 2 months ago and the irony is still strong as ever

  13. How about we all stop generalizing entire generations of people who happen to be born between x and y years.

  14. My dad, born in 64, used the phrase "boom boom" to describe female anatomy parts to me as a child, instead of just using the part names. Boomers are weird.

  15. Haha Boomers said that about Gen X'rs too. Gen X is just picking up the curmudgeon torch to lead us boldly into the near future. Soon you too can grab the torch LOL

  16. I feel like the person who made this was born in 85 and wanted to be called Gen X to jump on the Millennial hate train.

  17. I was born in 1985 and have never once thought of myself as being part of Gen X. If you were in high school on 9/11, you are a millennial IMO.

  18. It’s really weird how often these types have to post this weird shit to keep their fragile egos from shattering.

  19. Fuck these people. The very term "Generation X" came about because supposedly we are the generation that refuses to be defined. This post is putting us in a box with the fucking boomers. Eat shit, person who made this thing.

  20. As a Gen Xer this is the first time I've ever even seen our generation come up as one to hate. What I liked so much about it was that it was always boomers and millennials and the gen y and z'ers that got all the flack.

  21. It's the most entitled thing ever to believe the next generations don't have the right to shape the world in the way they want (barring evil shit, of course).

  22. I was born in this period. I wouldn't post this picture. Hard pass. If you have to say you are a bad ass, I have some bad news for you.. .

  23. These types of dads are always the most full of shit. My dads like this, loves the military yet if he served he would’ve “punched a drill sergeant”, he’s a ‘strong moral character’ but cheated on my mum. Then moved 1500 miles away and asked to be put in my health insurance when I was active duty (which isn’t possible) yet hates ‘ free loaders’…real big pussy if you ask me! Not because he didn’t serve or anything, but because he’s full of shit

  24. Got a guy at work who shares this monthly. He's a raging alcoholic. Not a day goes by where he comes into work and didn't drink 20+ the night before. Then leaves early because he doesn't feel good.

  25. All that’s missing is a cigarette in the fathers hand and it would be pretty darn accurate tbh my family has pics like this in the old photo albums lmao

  26. EVERY generation think they are unique and the best oh and the one who will make things better and change the world, invent sex, yadda yadda... so it is normal, no worries, you will experience the same thing they have to make your version on this memes in no time. Taking those personal is a waste of time.

  27. I like how they didn't even get the years right. Gen X is 1965 to 1980. If you were born in the 80's you are a millennial.

  28. Funny how the most emotionally unstable people post shit like this and other emotionally unstable people like it and then they call everyone younger a sissy because nowadays people accept their emotional baggage more often instead of coping with alcohol and toxic man talk and end up in a divorce but yeah.

  29. This is stupid. Why do parents want to give children sips of alcohol? It isn't even healthy for an adult in access. Let me gove it to my kid and take pictures for entertainment! I know we don't want to hear some happy memories or things our parents did weren't great all the time, but yeesh. Education and life experience goes a long a long way before having a child and some people seem not to care as long as they have one.

  30. My family from that generation were ravaged by alcoholism, poor diets and early deaths. My generation now has to mop up and do better

  31. Raising alcoholics is cool kids, you‘re just not a real man if you don‘t have permanent brain damage because you drank beer as a toddler

  32. I’ve noticed that gen x is transitions into the elderly boomer mentality with all the “gen x is great” posts I’ve been seeing.

  33. Ugh. Boomers were the worst parents. I remember all of the smoking and drunk driving. So dangerous. So gross. The 20th century was bathed in cigarette smoke. I have no idea how we survived.

  34. No. U people are fucking offended by everything and it’s excruciating to listen to. If Richard Pryor or Sam Kinisin were trying to make it today you shitheads would immediately cancel them and the world would have missed out on generational comic voices. U already tried to cancel Dave Chappell for fucks sake but reasonable people prevailed. Can’t imagine the talent trying to make it today that has been muzzled by you sensitive creeps. Lighten up and enjoy life. Don’t like it don’t listen. Leave it alone for the deep thinkers who don’t take everything literally to enjoy. Movies and music these days are fucking vanilla garbage cause everyone is terrified of being canceled. Thanks.

  35. Oh no the kids i had are more empathetic than i am! Better refuse to understand their points of view and further dig the trench between our generations

  36. I’m Gen X and I’m glad my kids aren’t growing up in the same experience I had. I make it a point to make sure they don’t.

  37. I am Gen X and let me say that the views and opinions expressed by the douchebag who made this meme do not represent those of myself or most of my fellow Gen Xers.

  38. Thinking something’s stupid isn’t the same as getting offended, it’s kinda like your parent’s relationship with you

  39. you know who raised these sissies? that's right, you. i don't get how they don't get how badly these sorts of posts backfire on them lmao

  40. I was born in 1981. I'm 40 now. For you younger Gen Z'ers, I can promise you that the 80's fucking sucked because everyone was afraid of the Soviet Union, doing coke, or wishing things like cell phones were more widespread than only the rich and famous having access to them. The 90's had a lot of great music, but everyone seemed to be miserable or hooked on heroin and corporations were just learning how to pander to the youth by tacking on "EXRTREME" to everything. We were sick of the 80's, and swung too heavily in the opposite direction. Right-wing religious fundamentalism ruled the roost. Everyone was afraid of AIDS and gay / gay panic jokes were considered comedy S-Tier material. Fuck those boomers and fuck their heavily rose-tinted glasses. Ill take what we have today in a millisecond over how life was back then.

  41. Your 80’s and 90’s sound like they definitely sucked buddy, how’d you know so many people doing coke while being a small child? And who the fuck was wishing cellphones were widespread and scared of Russians? Lol, that’s too bad, sounds like you missed out on the fun.

  42. you cannot change them. You cannot explain them that this is a different world now. The must die and make space for the newer generations, it is the only way.

  43. 55 year olds saying everyone younger than them is stupid, exited for the day i get to do that, really funny that seniors say they’re the last good generation, prove it, show me how you are better

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