1. What’s the plot? He’s convincing someone to go to a Christmas party? They only switch between the car and the house, that can’t possibly be the whole movie

  2. There's a guy at a Christmas party who's really disillusioned with the holiday because of how commercialized it is. Kirk Cameron goes off on some irrelevant tangents about the bible that don't actually address any of his arguments and somehow it convinces him into loving Christmas. I've only seen the videos by Smeghead and I Hate Everything so I could be getting some details wrong, but that seems to be the gist of it.

  3. I think he convinces the guy that all of the secular parts of Christmas are actually derived from the Bible, using really specious arguments.

  4. I watched it without the sound and thought it was a video of someone reacting to the trailer when it got to the part of the guy picking his teeth. Seriously, why is that so long in the trailer. Then I was positive it was a horror movie.

  5. Sounds like you’ve seen it. Is it only one set during the movie, everyone in that house? And then Kirk and the guy in the car?

  6. This trailer makes me feel like my face looked the first time I tasted a lemon. There's even a token black guy doing black guy things.

  7. Used to watch a movie called "Fireproof" played by Cameron. It's about a porn addicted firefighter going through a separation trying to patch things up with his wife before it's too late.

  8. This one is so fucking weird for a "christian" movie. It takes the focus away from Jesus to glorify consumerism. What a strange message. When I was a Christian, I remember every adult at church saying "Christmas isn't about presents or buying things, it should all be about Jesus." Is this how the rich Christians talk about Christmas?

  9. Keep your eye on the kid in the red shirt. He's so out of place and looks so confused, it's chefs kiss. These are definitely the family of crew no way that kids ever been in front of a camera like this.

  10. Oof! Family Force Five holds the dubious honor of being the worst live performance I have ever seen. In fairness they hadn't played together in years but it was literally from start to finish a cringe fest.

  11. You need to listen to the god awful movies podcast, it is hilarious, all they do is rag on shitty Christian movies.

  12. The three ladies dancing 100% look like the family members of people who would make a movie like this. Rumor has it that after this scene they all went to McDonald's to berate the employees for not giving them enough barbecue sauce with their nuggets

  13. You might want to look up "gramps go to college" low budget shitty christian movie, and "gramps" i believe is the writer and producer and there are many others with him in it under the same umbrella. They are all free on youtube, and they are fun to watch if ur into that kinda trash.

  14. My parents sent me to a Christian school when I was younger and the "believer is persecuted and schools an authority figure who claims to be an atheist because the writers don't know what an atheist is and there's always a twist he's just mad at God" movies are like their own genre. God's Not Dead came out when I was an adult, but those movies were being made decades prior, that one just happened to hit big.

  15. I wanna see Kirk Cameron collab with Steven Seagal on a movie. Someone else gives them an equal amount of capital to spend on it, they're forced to compromise, or capitulate on their vision. Maybe it could be called Soldier Of God or something. Actually, yeah, Seagal probably doesn't care as long as he gets to play the soldier, but doesn't have to stand up to do it.

  16. That whole trailer was like being spoken to by someone who is actively smiling but has hate-filled rage in their eyes.

  17. I always hate when people say things lke "'They' are replacing Merry Christmas with Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings.'

  18. I got into a match with a woman who would not watch a Hallmark movie because it was titles #XMAS. They took Christ out of Christmas

  19. Why is it that all the Christian movies that are made look exactly the same. I mean the lighting, framing, and even the actors. You could splice this into any other Christian movie and it would blend right in.

  20. I like how the guy in the car is explaining that the Winter Solstice is a pagan festival, and Jesus' birthday wasn't even December...

  21. I think he did get it but then Kirk Cameron and the cool black dude gaslighted him into celebrating Christmas. Dude was soooo close.

  22. I’ll never understand why “Happy Holidays” is so offensive to Christians. There is more than one holiday in December and not everybody celebrates Christmas

  23. Do you guys think in another timeline Kurt Cameron never married that girl and became like…their Robert Downey Jr?

  24. I am convinced Kirk Cameron has been blackmailed for the last few decades. Someone has some dirt on his family and he's doing all this under threat of some deep family secret being revealed. It's the only way I can see him making real sense. Every night when he's all alone he cries in a closet, whispering "this is the dumbest shit ever!".

  25. Growing Pains. Although I believe Candace Cameron, who was on Full House, is also a Christian wackjob. And, at least the Star Wars Christmas Special is fun to watch with a group. This feels like it's just going to make me angry.

  26. So I have seen this movie and it's not nearly as bad as it's made out to be. Rather, it's BARELY a movie. It's a glorified clipshow with a milquetoast dance party at the end. Boring as hell and lame? Yes. But it's not really BAD. Jack and Jill is BAD. That new Lindsay Lohan Christmas movie is BAD. This is just dull and uninteresting, which in a way, makes it a much harder watch than the others I mentioned.

  27. the sad thing is that Christian boomers eat this shit up. The only thing that matters to them is "My Jeebus". The movie is just the vehicle for the message.

  28. Do they really though? Or is it a select loud majority on social media and some people down south eating it up? I’m in the age range where my parents and friends parents are boomers and none of them think this is even slightly entertaining or good.

  29. I am so mad that the trailer waited until the end to show his name. I had to watch the entire thing and I can't unsee this monstrosity

  30. This isn’t even as cringy as his real life convocation at Liberty University, where he promotes the movie, calls himself “Uncle Kirk” and awkwardly criticizes Chinese culture with a terrible English accent.

  31. It's not just the worst Christmas movie ever made, it's one of the worst movies ever made, period. The eighth worst according to IMDb, and 0% on RT. FWIW...

  32. What is it about these movies that make them looks so amateurish? Is it the lighting? It looks like someone filmed it with a phone ffs

  33. “They want to replace ‘Merry Christmas’ with ‘Happy Holidays’, or ‘Season’s Greetings’, whatever that means!”

  34. I wish these protestants would stop spreading this lie that Christmas is based on a pagan holiday, because that is total bullshit and in no way true. Also Santa is Saint Nicholas, not some Nordic BS, the man was a Bishop.

  35. I saw this in theaters when it first came out. Im 20 now but even as a kid I remember thinking that movie wasn’t entertaining. Crazy to see the trailer again now and still consider it awful and boring.

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