1. First off, this is nothing new. Direct response copywriting has been sold as a get rich quick scheme for at least 20 years, if not more. So if you're worried a flood of Andrew Tate acolytes is going to "ruin copywriting" at the entry level for you, you're wrong. There's always been a flood of very bad copywriters offering their services at the entry level.

  2. Yeah and he never sells it as a get rich quick it's about how much work you can do. Andrew Bass is the copywriting professor not Tate.

  3. I was tempted to say the same, but I'm glad you said it. Putting your name within remote proximity to his is an instant credibility killer. You're better off going to a real university.

  4. not to mention, the way I heard other people talk about the university, like coffeezilla, it's basically paying money to promote tate and the university. You are paying to promote the thing you paid for and hoping you get money out of it.

  5. All else aside, Andrew Tate is a 35-year-old man who won't date women older than 19, advocates abuse, and who blatantly targets teenagers to shill his scammy courses. Not to mention the sex trafficking investigation. I can't imagine why any legitimate professional would want their name attached to his.

  6. It’s always the people who’ve never even researched HU properly that have the most hate to say. I’ve graduated university and also joined HU to learn other skills. The Copy professor is extremely knowledgeable and the course is laid out very efficiently. It cuts out any bullshit fluff a college has and gets you going right away. It pays respect to the traditions of Copy and teaches you realistic skills. Stop hating on people just because you don’t agree with Tates political beliefs. Especially your last point “tiny peen incel sheep selves”.. yeah the only sheep is you. You’re the NPC because you quickly spout bullshit based off instinctual emotion without actually researching. Based off your insults and username “mcribsbitch”.. yeah I know exactly your type. You probably have red hair as well and go to bars to reject drunk guys and “protect” your pretty friends. Am I right?

  7. Yeah honestly the phrase “Hustler’s University” should be banned from this subreddit, I genuinely want to lurk and read and learn here but every other post is about this damn TikTok discord reality TV star’s “school” or something related to it

  8. Are the posts quickly deleted or something? I've just seen posts of people complaining about them, but not sure what they're complaining about exactly.

  9. Basically, all of the boot camps are bullshit. Somewhere along the way, somebody figure it out they could jack copywriters for an enormous amount of money, without delivering much value.

  10. They have different “courses” I think, and one of them is copywriting. As HU is somewhat big, OP is mad because he thinks this business was something hidden and super profitable and now because of HU people it is becoming flooded

  11. I jumped into the HU for a month, too much going on and not enough organizations tbh. I didn’t really apply myself as I was doing other things and just doing copy on my own. However, if you want to get feedback on your copy I guess it’s ok, but there are free options that are just as good for getting your copy critiqued. Forums and discord group mentioned above👌

  12. I'm sorry, but getting involved with HU calls for a good old-fashioned reality smack. That's the first step toward setting entrants on a better path. We're not putting anyone down; we're trying to wake them up.

  13. OH MAN! I saw one vid on the youtube short, and then suddenly everything was tate! literally, every shorty that came up was tate. Tate this, tatewisdom, tatepower, tatebrothers, so many channels all focusing on pushing tate content.

  14. The fact that you took the time out of your day to post this is pretty pathetic and honesty puts you on the same level as the people you speak of. First of all half of those people are literal kids. Kids who are actually trying to make a change in their life, they are actually trying to do something positive, why not help them and guide them? Instead of bashing them and putting them down “you’ll never be good” this sounds more like a you problem. Some of these kids are new and simply need some words of honest advice. If you think HU fucking newbies are affecting entry level folk, then they all just simply suck (I can obviously tell you’re affected by this so you must be literal trash at copy, you criticize these people but less than a month ago you were asking advice on building a portfolio..once again how are you any better?you’re a crappy amateur yourself.) No skilled copywriter is going to suffer in their business because a bunch of kids are taking copy courses online. On top of it all you’re not even making a living from copy??! Like who the fuck are you to comment on anything? You’re literally on the same knowledge level as all these kids. For Pete’s sake get better and grow the fuck up. Instead of writing this out, asking men how they feel about an attractive girl with 0 social media presence, and asking about bartending advice on here why don’t you actually spend that time writing productive things practice copy and get good? You live with 6 fucking people you are clearly not in a position to look down on anyone. Pathetic clown.

  15. I couldn't have said it better. HU2 actually provides some good value when it comes to copywriting. I personally know people who do this for a living now because of HU. I think people are butthurt bc they see others progress way faster than they did in the beginning stage. Then again I'm not surprised reddit is pretty much where the losers come together to bash anybody who's doing better than them.

  16. If Hustler’s University is so useless and teaches the students nothing useful, then why are you concerned about it ruining the experience of other entry-level folk? Surely there would be no competition for them if HU was bad ehehehe

  17. I notice every person that argues for Tate asks for empathy and understanding. Which are the exact opposites of the way Tate speaks in general. Why have empathy for the business of a man who is so vile to other people, particularly the more empathetic sex (women)?

  18. This gave me a good chuckle. Surely, Andrew Tate is the epitome of spreading kindness… and anyone who supports the guy and shares the same values.

  19. You’re absolutely right. All these people are dogshit writers, half of these people are not even making a living from copy but wanna judge like they’re big time. OP Is a prime example. No one making great money from copy is gonna be concerned about “HU PoSTS gO AwAy” these people need a reality check, and most importantly a life (without having to share a roof with 6 strangers as a female who instead of trying to better their situation wants to shit on young dudes trying to learn something)

  20. A while back it was the same with Dan Loks "High Ticket Closers." Funny how many people put "high ticket closer" on their LinkedIn profile for a while, only to revert back to having normal jobs again

  21. To be fair thats probably a bunch of 12 year olds who have just started hustlers university and learning copywriting, but honesty youre wrong

  22. Let them hate, the creator of this post is literally broke, everyone here hating is on the same plane as us. Idc if they hate Andrew Tate I respect their opinion but to shit on the youth for wanting a better future is barbaric and hypocritical.

  23. When resorting to insults and ad hominems to dismantle a group of younger men trying to invest their time learning a skill -whether you agree with tate it or not or the course in this manner- just shows how salty and insecure you really are as a 'professional copywriter' .if any of this bothers you on a personal level (especially if you're a grown adult) then it is advisable to seek therapy.

  24. Ironic isn’t it? He’s only dick sucking the more he talks about HU. Seems like from his message it really hit him deep on a personal level. Big fat fan girl Lol

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