1. SS: A lot of folks still don't realize that undercover cops and feds are often embedded in protests, either to monitor them or to stoke violence that can be used to justify a police crackdown.

  2. This may be from August 2020, but its the most blatant example of instigation by police I've ever seen.

  3. This happened in Canada once too. Folks noticed that a group of "protesters", who were advocating rock throwing, had the same footwear. They subsequently BTFOed 'em. I used to know a couple of activists that undercover cops tried to persuade to commit arson. The undercover cops - a hispanic man and woman - worked at an activist hangout where a lot of activists had meetings.

  4. " Hello, fellow protester. I see a large pile of rocks sitting here that could be used to break windows or to throw at police. You should maybe pick one up and then I will and then we throw them on the count of three."

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