1. Less. You can be completely pro-life and still able to see the quagmire we're wondering into. So it's up to States to make the call. Great, right! And if you disagree with your State's standards, you're free to move, or leave and get an abortion. But you're not. Let's say you're a woman who discovered she's pregnant. Let's say this fictional woman is on the lower income side of things, living in Texas. Now you could easily pick up and spend a few days traveling to a different State, get an abortion, and return, right? Nevermind you, as my fictional low income woman, are likely barely keeping your head above water, if you're lucky. Okay that's a strawman argument. So let's expand the idea, let's say this woman decides to keep the child, but sadly miscarried. A tragedy for sure, but what if your doctor can't prove it was a natural occurrence? What if they think you did something to force it? Now you're looking at criminal charges, after a massive tragic event? Or what if you're this woman who has a none viable embryo, one that will harm your life, a clear cut exception for a medically recommend abortion. But your doctors refuse, but it could lead to liability for themselves and the hospital. As they met with the hospital's legal team, you suffered a septic infection and die. It's not just about "State's rights" or the "sanctity of life" it's a decision that trickles down to a million different possibilities.

  2. IMO a lot of people who support Roe vs. Wade don't understand the full scope of the decision. Basically it created a federal right to abortion for any reason up to about the sixth or seventh month (viability back then). The issue for many people is how far into the pregnancy do you go? By its very nature the SCOTUS cannot resolve such issues. They're justices of the law not scientists. If you fully support Roe then you support completely elective abortions up to the sixth or seventh month just so we're square.

  3. I have tried to tell others this but their answers are "Oh they would never ever have abortions past those months!" Or even right up or after birth.

  4. Anytime the federal government usurps states rights what is actually taken away is the right to vote on policy that directly affects the local constituency, which means you. RvW being overturned actually has nothing to do with abortion. It was overturned due to unconstitutional federal overreach. You can't legislate your way to freedom. It seems people have distorted ideas about what role the federal government is bound to by the constitution.

  5. I was just asking if people have more or less freedom now. You seem to be implying it’s less though I think. I appreciate your perspective.

  6. We are all slaves to the system. Many have died due to covid and the birth rate is extremely low. If this trend continues the outcome won't be good.

  7. I see a lot of responses citing the 10th amendment...state’s should decide, etc... It logically follows that conservatives would reject a federal abortion ban, but there is already talk. Are any fiscal conservatives concerned with Christian Fundamentalism?

  8. My body my choice right? Except if you don’t want a shot… and now kill ur baby I mean lump of cells? Do women have kids or men I forgot? How many genders have kids? Idk just want the freedom to murder my cells I mean abort my baby or something.

  9. All people are inherently potentially lawless or more accurately, our minds are automatically compelled to think in opposite or opposing ways, positive and negative, good and evil.

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