1. The government essentially owns our bodies and our time/money. The rich will still get to have abortions on demand because they’ve always been hypocrites.

  2. People are making this about something it's not. This decision has more to do with fed vs state rights then it does with roe vs Wade and everyone who simply wants to be free to choose should support this decision. We're far to big of a country to have one set of rules make sense everywhere. Instead let the decision be made closer to the people it affects, at the state level.

  3. You definitely did have a choice with the vaccine I still haven’t gotten it and I never will even if I have to go live in the woods banned from society I say good riddance

  4. You had as much choice as telling someone they are free to shoplift but they will be arrested right after.

  5. Well USA is different to UK thank god !! We still have my body my choice!!! Sadly we still murder kids in the womb ...I don't believe my body my choice is the same when there's another body inside that you take that right away from !! It's only logical

  6. My only hang up on this in my actual life is that I still gotta pay taxes on whatever land and then any upgrades to the land as there are ways to be self sufficient otherwise. And then there is my child who should have the choice to be a woodland creature like myself or society person and Im not sure how those logistics in making them able to flourish either way would work out. There will always be someone up your ass treating you like worthless plebian scum pawns.

  7. The right to refuse a drug and the right to get an abortion are the exact same bodily autonomy issue. The Left vs. Right Paradigm says you must be for one and against the other.

  8. I mean people have been shamed for abortions too. Not saying it’s right to shame someone for their life choices, but we should really try to be more respectful of everyone.

  9. You have a choice. My wife, daughter and I have not gotten a single one of these shots. My daughters been in class for the last two years and my wife and I have been unaffected professionally. You decide where you work and where you live. Everything’s perfectly normal for all three of us with zero shots…

  10. Not everyone was so lucky. I am a nurse and my entire profession was changed by all of this. I lost my job for refusing the vaccine. Some people made real sacrifices for saying no, just because u didn't have to doesn't mean it has been that easy for others.

  11. i dont think people should use one slogan ("my body my choice") across multiple topics. it just adds to the terrible discourse and doesn't give any nuance.

  12. If they had given you a choice about the vaccine, then they would not be able to come along, and take away Abortion.

  13. There is a difference. For most people, the status quo for abortion was already similar to the vaccine. In that, in most red states, it wasn’t banned, but they couldn’t functionally get one anyway. Either there were no abortion clinics in the state, or there was only one etc. This was more similar to the vaccine situation, in that they didn’t force you to get it, but in some places you faced mild difficulty if you didn’t get it. But now, with some dozens of states having trigger law bans that go into effect now, it’s more like if they went door to door and made you take the vaccine by force. And if you didn’t, or even if the vaccine just didn’t work, they’d possibly charge you with manslaughter and send you to prison.

  14. Reading many of the comments here it seems many are forgetting the Biden government tried very hard to force a vaccine mandate on employers. And they almost succeeded.

  15. Raped women didn’t get to choose. Responsible use of birth control sometimes fails. Sometimes abortions are medically necessary to protect the life of the mother, because if the mother dies guess who else does. Stop thinking abortion is a black and white issue. You’re better than that.

  16. Oh don’t you worry now. They have more rights then us now. They can now come into this messed up words and probably pay even more money on bills and house. And let’s not hope they didn’t kill Mom at birth. Wouldn’t want them to have guilt

  17. Serious answer to your question; Because those on the prolife side truly believe the fetus is a life with same rights as any other human but unable to defend itself, and we assume that if it has a choice also, it chooses to live.

  18. This is exactly why ppl needed to push back on the mandates. Those set a precedent for stripping away our freedoms one by one. This could be only the start.

  19. I don't see how anyone forced you to be vaccinated. It's a free market if a company wants you to be vaccinated for you to be employed or for them to do business with you that's their right and you have to live with the consequences of your choices. While abortion is a right

  20. You did have a choice. No one held you down and made you take it… they just made it REALLY hard to go on with your life without it… but that’s a choice you made

  21. Mix and match. Row versus Wade was a mistake. I say this because of the 10th amendment. I am not saying if I’m pro-choice or anti-choice or whatever the heck it is. Whatever is not enumerated in the constitution is supposed to go to the states and the citizens of the respective states decide.

  22. Everything they are doing is about divide and control. They want chaos destruction and hatred and to have absolute power over whoever is alive afterwords.

  23. From someone outside the USA, you guys weren’t forced were you? That’s why you had such a bad vaccine uptake and suffered so badly.

  24. Funny how it's your body your choice when it comes to killing babies (another body) but it's not your body your choice when it comes to risking your life taking vaccines for big pharma's profit.

  25. hmm are pregnancies contagious? can they rapidly spread and kill those around you? a vaccine will not kill the person getting vaccinated, let's use some fucking common sense you dunce

  26. A baby will only “infect” the mother carrying it whereas COVID could infect everyone that you came into contact with. I really wish that more people that used this argument understood how backwards it is and how selfish and uneducated it makes you appear.

  27. Couple things, no one was forced to get the vaccine. There was shaming involved for sure, but at least where I was most of the shaming was only towards individuals who were against the vaccine altogether and engaged in the conspiracys. Most people who were just worried about it and chose not to get it didnt have any serious blowback from others. In the few situations where people were forced to, such as health care, if you dont support science produced by the healthcare community you probably shouldnt be in healthcare to begin with. The other thing is not taking the vaccine has a direct impact on those around you as receiving the vaccine does lower the chance of you catching covid, so it does not purely impact your body.

  28. Not true, it's your choice to be sexually responsible. And also your choice of what contraceptive methods to use. But you don't get to use murder as an excuse because you're irresponsible.

  29. So are you against the overturning of Roe V Wade? Surely you're outraged that the state governments can now control your medical decisions.

  30. You had a choice with the vaccine too. I’ve heard this argument a few times. NO ONE forced you to get the vaccine. These are 2 totally different things and they are not relatable at all.

  31. Because you can't get someone pregnant by sneezing on them. That's why. Grow up and start thinking of someone else for a change.

  32. Yeah it takes a lot more forethought to have sex and get pregnant so you should be even more responsible for the human life you create. Time to protect the " most vulnerable among us".

  33. I don’t support govt control of either of these issues, but you getting covid and passing it on to someone could literally kill them. You getting an abortion kills how many people? Zero. Because most abortions are done very early on in the pregnancy. The ones that are done late term? Usually to prevent the mother from dying/the child from suffering once born due to medical complications.

  34. Many in the pro-choice crowed that I've seen are hypocrites with that. It's my body my choice but you have to get the vax or you're a murdered, and you shouldn't get a choice whether you get it or not.

  35. Well you see we aren't being told if you have an abortion you can't go to the movies we're being told if you have an abortion you're going to prison for murder.

  36. "Abortion is a human sacrifice ritual -- the most powerful known to exist. It was invented by eugenics operatives within the occultic elite to cury Satan's favor while gaining his protection of their warmaking, usury, currency manipulation, and control over the minds of men.

  37. You did have a choice. You always have a choice. Try swallowing now. Dont murder unborn children because of your inability to be responsible

  38. Because your actions were about killing other people. Same reason you can’t drive 150 mph on the freeway. It’s not for you it’s for others. This whole things is about not being selfish.

  39. Because pregnancy isn't contagious; especially not via airborne particles that cause harm to vulnerable populations.

  40. The vaccine wasn’t designed to prevent the spread of covid, so saying that the vaccine mandate was justified because covid is contagious doesn’t really make any sense at all.

  41. Abortion only harms the person getting the Abortion, where as by not getting the Vaxx you're putting others at risk of harm. That's their thought process anyways, I think everyone should be able to do as they damn we'll please

  42. I'm from Canada normally if you quit your job or get fired you could apply for government assistance but during covid they said if I don't get vaccinated and become unemployed they wouldn't help me financially.

  43. Nobody seems to have read the constitution these days. Or the 10th amendment. All Soros has to do in 50 states is buy legislation for abortion to be legal.

  44. Can someone eli5 “the Supreme Court overturned roe vs wade”??? So they made abortion legal before, now they took it back and put it on the states?

  45. You absolutely had a choice with the vaccine. Are you in jail?? Because I'm pretty sure this is going to put a lot of women and providers in jail.

  46. Oh don’t worry. This is only the beginning of taking your autonomy away. It’s a Brave, New World we’re living in.

  47. You were allowed to choose. You just weren't allowed in with the rest of the population because of your potentially infectious self if you made that choice.

  48. Can’t tell if ppl here are being purposely stupid for the sake of political argument. Diseases against which we are vaccinated are TRANSMISSIBLE. You can give a disease to someone else. So it’s not really just your body on the line, it’s everyone’s bodies dependent on each other’s bodies. This isn’t the case with abortion. Abortions and pregnancies aren’t contagious.

  49. How were you not able to choose about the vaccine. I know many people who didn’t get it. How is that the same as the government forcing you to have a child?

  50. No one said you had to get the vaccine. Just have to deal with the consequences (e.g. can’t enter certain businesses).

  51. It's funny how when it comes to gun rights that states have the say even though the constitution says otherwise. Why should it be different for abortion? Weren't there states banning it prior? The tug of war between the fed and the states really seems like a gray area to me anyway.

  52. People are shamed after abortions as well? Sometimes before, during and after. Not sure where you are but no one forced me to get vaccinated.

  53. Just remember, the US government literally has the ability to force a man to fly overseas into the middle of a warzone. Bodily autonomy is an illusion.

  54. The more and more I hear things from the governments of the world I wonder, “what does a politician give a shit about your baby?” Which then leads me to what is their agenda….and I have a few thoughts.

  55. What sucks is the state I live in is still fine with 24 week abortions. Now every fuck head is going to move to my state just in case they have to throw their kid in the hoover.

  56. Two wrongs don't make a right you salty cunt. And I respect your decision not to get the vaccine. That's why you should understand this. Not a fan of using abortions as a form of birth control. But freedom should involve choice over ones body. They both are a lot more connected then right and left nonsense...they need to realize this as well...

  57. Vaccines help protect everyone from people spreading diseases. It's literally something every first world country does that allows life to move on and not have millions of kids die every year.

  58. But honestly. Your comparison is so hypocritical. You see that right? It's crazy to post this, especially on this thread. I hope my couple of drinks have impaired my judgement and this is satire.

  59. You know there are probably a lot of people roe v wade will impact who also did not want the vaccine….. this isn’t us v them.

  60. I mean you had a choice but it came with consequences, like not being able to fly or go to certain restaurants, maybe your job. Women now don’t have that choice at all. It’s different. No one held you down and made you get the vax.

  61. You absolutely did have a choice. You maybe would have consequences from your employer or businesses etc. But you had a choice. This is a dumb comparison

  62. Kind of seems like “Republicans” voted for this to make Democrats get out and vote during midterms seems very suspect tbh

  63. Nobody has shamed me for choosing not to take the covid vax, and i live in portland, the most left city on earth. Most of my friends got it, but dont care that i didnt. If u were shamed i guess u live in a conservative area?

  64. I’m a crazy Christian, dumbass. But this is a literal case of not throwing out the baby with the bath water. NO ONE ever says that what happened to any woman wasn’t horrible. But what does killing a potential life, that no one has idea of their potential, do? One horrible thing doesn’t give someone the right to kill a fetus.

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