1. Lots of bots, or shill accounts. Been looking at the profiles of a lot of the controversial topics and the accounts are mostly less than a year old, with nothing but

  2. Yep. Same here. Almost all of them match the same pattern. But it appears a massive chunk of them were ordered to stop working this sub.

  3. Most of the larger subs took this kind of a tumble, actually. I don’t know what could’ve caused it, everyone wants to point to Russia but correlation doesn’t imply causation.

  4. That makes sense tho, I mostly use this account for this sub as the rest of reddit is so tightly censored. What am I supposed to do, go to worldnews to discuss news? Lol.

  5. SS: Another user made a post how they noticed a decrease in activity. I felt that he was right. I did notice a very sudden drop around 2 weeks back. Turns out the data supports it. My source of the data on this image was via the waybackmachine archive. I skipped some days, because nothing was archived around that time. I chose 23:00 because that time had the most consistent captures.

  6. The war that started two weeks ago that everyone on this sub is denying and saying is fake coulda done it. I’ve posted here more before but after seeing that shit I don’t really want to engage much.

  7. Cos most people here are just voyeurs looking at how batshit crazy the regulars are in here, but after a while it gets boring/scary/inane so we leave.

  8. Are we finally back to the non-propaganda conspiracy posts? Can we actually have interesting conspiracy theories instead of the same bullshit being spread by bots and paid users?

  9. Exactly. No one here will admit it but they were upvoting those ridiculous ass and repetitive covid conspiracy’s written by the same russian. Lmao I think the real conspiracy is that Russia was spreading disinformation about covid to weaken the American resolve and honestly. It worked like a charm.

  10. Wow, yeah this is a great little conspiracy and something many people have felt for awhile. Happy to see some validity brought to it. I wonder if funding dried up, users/bots were redirected, or ISPs were blocked. Maybe a bit of all of the above.

  11. Either that or they just got tired of the same old “VACCINE THIS, UKRAINE THIS, LIBERALS THIS” Been an avid watcher and sometimes the “conspiracies” are just straight up cringe and I’m not even a Democrat or anything

  12. Yeah no shit because Russia is blocking non-state-run media outlets. Half this sub is Russian disinformation accounts.

  13. Look man, I and I’m sure a lot of people like browsing here but the amount of Russian shilling going on here has just been insane the last few weeks since this invasion kicked off, I really wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of posters are Russian. I get that the theme of this subreddit is being contrarian, but fuck, I just don’t see how you can justify Russia invading a sovereign European country minding its own business, even the theories Russia puts out to justify the invasion are out of the realm of believability. Once I heard all the posts complaining about ‘Nazis’ and all this other bullshit about Ukraine I knew this subreddit was being astroturfed by Russians.

  14. There are still A LOT of them here, be it bots or paid trolls. Every day I see many comments where some desperate attempts at justifying Russia's war are being made, and you probably see them, too.

  15. All the Russian shit posting shills got conscripted into the army and now they are too busy dodging javelins to Astroturf for Putin.

  16. Seems you're right but judging from even yesterday's content, there are still a lot of them here. Still, fewer is better.

  17. There are some pretty crazy conspiracies involving the moon. Tbh usually when people link things in the comments I always read. Not that I believe a lot of the stuff but I just find it interesting.

  18. Yo, you ever hear about Tartaria? It's an ancient globe spanning empire that excited only a thousand or so years ago. They have been systematically erased from written and oral history for various reasons, but their buildings have been repurposed into various government and historical buildings. Essentially the idea usually boils down to "man, the architecture on that buildings looks way different from other buildings. MUST'VE BEEN BUILT BY A HIGHLY ADVANCED SOCIETY". But the concept is a fun one.

  19. Your saying you were banned from pokemon for literally commenting on another unrelated sub such as Conspiracy? Or was it because you brought up a conspiracy theory on pokemon sub. Hope it's the latter.

  20. For sure mostly bots but def some users who were banned from posting anywhere else on Reddit simply for posting or upvoting something in this sub.

  21. Could also be they pulled out the bots/campaign to make it look like they were all Russian bots.

  22. This has been the 4th thing I’ve seen that proves that there has been SIGNIFICANT drops in combative, decisive in-fighting online in American political stuff.

  23. I have a feeling it's this. And not the conflict. Covid bots vanished as soon as the MSM started to report on shit we've known here for well over a year.

  24. Probably because half of the posts on here are people regurgitating Russian propaganda or other nonsense. I came here for aliens and stuff, not a right wing echo chamber.

  25. Could be just shadow banning. Basically maybe reddit is just showing less of this sub in people's feeds and therefore less people come here and participate. If they are smart, they would do it subtly.

  26. I used to dip into this sub regularly back when it was primarily UFO's, mattress companies, cool/weird theories I'd never heard of, etc.

  27. The trolls are missing. Some of them replied to your post. And it’s not even difficult to notice them. Also, your statistics start Feb-12 till today. Da fuk are they supposed to do, keep trolling with all the fakes called out?

  28. I left because I thought the war was going to start a shitstorm here. Just now checking in for the first time and I guess I was mistaken..

  29. Maybe they got bored. My writing sucks though I still stick here as this place helped me staying strong and kept me updated in general.

  30. Plot twist: we shouldn't be worrying about China trading Yuan to Saudi for oil, the real economic threat is the IRA trading Lucky Charms for oil, with their monopoly supply the rest of us are f*cked.

  31. So, has there been a decrease in certain types of posts or comments that anyone has noticed? I haven't really noticed a difference in content

  32. Bots realized they couldn't influence discussion... so they moved on to their next target. Funny world we live in.

  33. Suddenly a huge decrease in the number of posts promoting Trump, Putin, Flat earth, pizzagate, etc etc. I wonder which country’s gonna get the baton next.

  34. This is interesting. Is this based on post activity or subscribers? I would assume that is based on post activity since, if the theory is correct, that funding for paid shills ran out, then why would they bother unsubscribing?

  35. now that putin has cured the world of corona virus, the covid apostles have found a new pastime. probably a new pokemon video game. give them a couple weeks and they'll be back looking for conflict.

  36. So all the bots have been Russian and not Chinese like is always implied....? Or are we just adding Russian to the Chinese list or what’s the conspiracy here?

  37. Honestly I come by less and less because I am just getting burnt out on everything. Needed to take a break for my own mental health.

  38. This right here is good evidence for how Reddit has always been government propaganda, I mean hell, Ghislaine Maxwell was a reddit power mod back when the site was NEW.

  39. Where were these Russian bot farms people are talking about on this thread? All I saw was pro Ukraine posts a few weeks ago. I don't sort by new and stick to the front page on here, so were there a bunch of Russian posts getting downvoted that never made the front page or something?

  40. I used to be more active here (not just this account, but previous accounts spanning years) and I've just gotten sick of all the covid topics. Even if I agree with it all (which I don't), I'm just done. Whenever I come here it's just covid this covid that covid covid fauci trump covid fauci wuhan LAB vaccines modern Pfizer fauci covid masks blah blah blah blah blah. This sub used to be a lot less constrained than before the pandemic. Should be renamed conspiracy_covid or something and maybe we can get the old one back.

  41. Thanks for this, I had heard anecdotely that Russian bot networks had gotten shut down but it's nice to have hard data

  42. Plenty of army units, state intelligence, private intelligence contractors, farms & bots on both sides. Surprised sub hadn't bigger numbers.

  43. I had heard Russia was disconnecting from the internet nationwide, making there own with blackjack and babooshkas

  44. Smells different in here without all the Russians. Like maybe a bunch of people that have been fed bullshit for years.

  45. Honestly I left around that time cus I just felt burnt out on this place. Perhaps I wasn't the only one. Came back recently obviously.

  46. Lots of bot accounts switching off. They already got enough Americans to think that the Ukraine invasion isn't real, it's staged, or supporting Russia and causing disruption with the information...

  47. Not surprised, I barely come here anymore because it is nearly nonstop conservatives bashing liberals and spreading as much misinformation as possible.

  48. Or maybe people are catching on that skepticism is good, but skepticism in the face of true evidence is pointless and outright hurtful to society.

  49. Still full of ruskis trolls asking pseudo-intellectual questions hinting at Putin being "sort of justified"

  50. I've left and came back a few times, this was a good sub before anti vaxxers and Trumpers took it over. Now it's the same uninteresting trash everyday

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