1. Reading it, my mind immediately went to Matt Berry for the voice. He can do camp pomposity like nobody’s business.

  2. Literally the best, I don't think anyone tickles Exodus' irritation bone like Sinister, and I get excited just seeing them on a panel together knowing it'll be great, annnnnnd they're seated so close on the counsel 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Is everyone just overlooking how cold that line was? “I want to know how many orphans it will make” like damn. The response is top tier too but damn that’s cold

  4. My favorite part of this Sinister characterization is that it’s masterfully toed the line of Flanderization. He’s flamboyant, fabulous, and hilarious, but still menacing as hell when he wants to be and is regularly shown to still be a massive threat.

  5. I haven’t read much beyond the Powers and House miniserieses, but just the way he was done there made me say “wow. I can’t believe I haven’t looked into him yet” since they were basically my first X-Books

  6. Hellions was my favorite book in the recent X titles. It was hilarious and made me care about characters I would never think twice about. Wish it could be continued in some way.

  7. Hellions was a fantastic book. Sassy Sinister in charge of his own “Outcast X-Men” was just a ton of fun.

  8. Glad someone else appreciates this gold! Hellions was my favorite team book when it was around. The team chemistry (or lack thereof) made this series.

  9. I've always loved how arch and campy Mr. Sinister is, but I don't like this modern thing of making him completely ridiculous. He used to work because he was a stereotypical evil mastermind turned up to 11, now he's basically a comedy eugenicist, it's very weird.

  10. Looking back on the Dawn of X era post HoXPoX, I think it was the definite highlight. Hickman's X-Men was pretty great, but no title was as consistently fun and entertaining as Hellions. And now that Sinister has taken on a more central role through Gillen's Immortal X-Men, the series serves as a neat primer on the character and his nefarious goals.

  11. Hamm is Fletch is fantastic. Hamm is so damn funny. SNL, the insurance commercials, Fletch. Dude is just flat out great. Add in his abilities in dramatic acting, dude would be down right menacing as Sinister.

  12. Don’t mean to alarm you but different people have different senses of humor. One funny thing existing does not take away from another funny thing from existing.

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