1. You would have to take the tape apart. The empty spindle should have a spot with a little pin that hold the tape on spindle. Pop that out stick tape in divit pop back in pin. Reassemble.

  2. You may have to splice a break in the tape. You will need proper cassette splicing tape, which you can probably find online. Don't use ordinary sticky tape. If there are no screws you'll have prise the case open by force and hope you can repair it afterwards, or just put the tape in a new case.

  3. I've been using cassettes for at least 40 years and you can absolutely splice them with ordinary scotch transparent tape. Splicing is not easy but you don't have to use "splicing tape". Splicing tape does not make it easier or last longer. It just costs more and is harder to find.

  4. Yep. I've also used a blob of glue. Just try not to have any sharp edges on the outside of the tape where it runs over the heads or may increase wear.

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