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  2. I'm also sorry you're going through this! I can't imagine how frustrating it must be for the Contagion Caravan to have adopted the words 'medical exemption' for their terrible attititudes about masks when there are people like yourself who genuinely cannot use the. I wish I could offer a solution to the problem. Take care.

  3. I don’t have a solution but I just wanted to say that I’m really sorry you’re having to deal with this. You also seem to have done everything you can. I hope things get better soon.

  4. I think they're meeting at Parliament House again around 10. Consider this if you have to commute in the morning.

  5. This is a niche complaint about the 'protesters', but as the grandson of a merchant navy seaman of the Second World War it really irritates me to see them miss-using the merchant navy flag. My grandad risked his life while in the merchant navy, including surviving the torpedoing of his ship off Newcastle, and these lunk heads are so stupid that they think the flag he served under is the 'real' Australian flag rather than the flag flown by Australian ships. Hundreds of Australian merchant seamen died in the Second World War, and many thousands of Australian workers have crewed merchant navy ships over the years.

  6. Any photos of protest vehicles sporting business livery/names? Given their eagerness to brigade google reviews of local businesses, it’s only right for Canberrans to return the favour.

  7. Here are a few local businesses that have thrown their support behind these morons. I won’t post the website where I got the list because I don’t want to promote these wankers.

  8. Four reviews? Sounds like they've stumbled on another poor unsuspecting business that is similarly named.

  9. "Won't take much to destroy their rating" wonder if they realise how many Canberrans love Grease Monkey, or that their google reviews has almost 3000 positive reviews

  10. As a mentally disabled person, I don't appreciate stupid being compared with intellectually disabled. That's a wild assumption and that kind of comment is very harmful to people with disabilities. I would ask you to reflect on the appropriateness of your statement there. Thank you.

  11. I don't represent the ESA or ACTAS, and I'm posting only in my own capacity. With that out of the way, I just looked at the map and there are ~ 15 jobs on the board. During the day it's pretty normal to see 30+ if we're particularly busy.

  12. Saw a few people discussing Andrew Barrs response to the protesters which did not include the full quote on what he said at the presser

  13. The quote from Mark Parton is something else. That is the politest “these people are crazy” I’ve seen in some time! 😂

  14. I’m waiting for the “our cause is more important” comments by them. That should build a nice little divide in the group- those who care about mental health and those who don’t

  15. Horrible thought just occurred - what are the chances they'll hear the ACT Gov announcement about easing check-in requirements and take that as an encouraging sign that their message is starting to get through...?

  16. I really want to see the ACT government announce an extension due to the protests. Pretty sure that would hit a nevre

  17. One of the speeches on Saturday was trying to claim Barnaby Joyce’s resignation offer as the result of their pressure and ‘arrest warrants’. They’ll claim anything.

  18. Over on FB they’re already taking credit for Anna Palaszchuk easing check in rules in QLD. Delusional bunch of morons

  19. According to Pervy Pete on his live stream, they’ve reached out to Brittany Higgins and Grace Tame to attend and speak at the rally.

  20. They got to play a game of Capture the Flag though, so they've finally achieved about as much as my childhood camping trips with the Girl Guides did.

  21. The other day when people were arguing with each other, some of the people near the streamers were saying "oh that person has got to be an undercover cop" or "that guy has got to be a plant" Seriously, if there were any undercover cops in there they would just be staying undercover, not starting fights.

  22. I mean, of course there are spies in the camp. Are they seriously dumb enough to think that all our three and four letter agencies are just going to quietly ignore the rhetoric and occasional outright calls for domestic terrorism?

  23. There are a few things planned tomorrow at New PH, including the Nursing and Midwifery Federation, and a pro-refugee rally. Going to be a bunch of clashing ideologies in one place.

  24. So some old mate just took the mic in front of APH and suggested the best way to deal with this is to ring fence the area, and bring in the bombers to level everything.

  25. Update: Malcolm Roberts came along to do a speech to gather some low hanging fruit for One Nation, and is currently being out-crazied and actively engaging in a shouting match with the crowd. Poetic really.

  26. Ask them if they're not wearing them because they're weak bitches. I said that to someone on Friday and he kept his unmasked eyes to the ground.

  27. Bunch of fucking selfish cunts. Please excuse my venting. What the hell do they even think they will accomplish by inconveniencing plain old canberrans? Do they think we make the rules? Are we all lizard peoples and just don’t know it. They can take a dose of their own logic and fuck off back where they came from. Grrr

  28. Because part of their modus operandi is to appeal to traditionalists. Thus the endless reveilles, exorcisms, speeches about community, action as a group showing unity, etcetera etcetera etcetera.

  29. There were a few at Watson shops about 15mins ago. One tried to sneak into the supermarket with her Australian flag cape just as I was leaving. A few minutes later she emerged without her grog and went back to the orange landcruiser labeled Zombie Hunter to complain. Couldn't hear what they were saying but she got a mask out of the back and went back in. She then complained all the way back about how she'd never seen so many sick people. Alcohol comes first.

  30. Looks like the cops have moved most of them on from the ABC, there’s a bunch of belligerents trying to intimidate the cops left.

  31. I was driving behind a car that had a "wake up Australia" sign on the back of it, so I chucked my mask on (in my car by myself) and overtook him, whilst staring at him

  32. I drive to work at 5AM, but I usually take Horse Park Drive. This morning I decided to take Flemington Road. I must say, it’s very therapeutic driving past EPIC with the horn on at that time of morning. Might have to make it a regular thing.

  33. Notwithstanding the normal (albeit significant) workload of our beloved ACT Ambulance Service, this seems a bit odd. It's hard to tell though, they are always super busy (even well before COVID started).

  34. I noticed that too and thought it was very odd. Seeing that they were apparently floating the idea on telegram, I'm going to assume they've gone and done it. Fucking shit stains on society. Surely this is enough to actually do something to get rid of them.

  35. It seems a big high, when I've looked in the past for things like storm damage paths, there's usually only been a small handful of ambo calls

  36. I have to get my booster at AIS shortly, are they hanging around there? Don’t really give a shit if they are, just need to plan my trip so I get to the appointment on time.

  37. That would explain the almighty racket I can hear - some redneck yelling into a megaphone interspersed with random honking

  38. Saw a stream of a woman showing off the EPIC camp. I didn't realize how much of it they were taking up: looks like they're occupying so much of the space usually used for event parking that they're really going to screw over the Lifeline Book Fair this weekend. (Not to mention the people who won't go near the place because they don't want to be verbally abused.)

  39. Yeah it’s super annoying I was looking forward to the bookfair being back at EPIC (cause thoroughbred park was somewhat disappointing) and now this- only hope is they leave before then

  40. I went to the farmers market on Saturday and the tents were only meters from shed. I feel for the poor folk working at the epic maccas…

  41. As much as it would be great to confused and scare the cookers, exploiting the homeless isn't the way to go. They're people just like us, but who have been through shit circumstances. No need to expose them to the lowest of society.

  42. Please don’t give that guy any air time. He’s unprofessional, a deadset nuisance and has refused to take down his photos of accident fatalities despite affected families asking.

  43. they mentioned in the zello that a 9 year old died or went missing today, so the organisers have gone quiet to 'fact-check'. Somethings going on with them today

  44. Passed a billboard near Govt House depicting a tank with a syringe as a barrel. Tell me you’ve never feared for your life without telling me you’ve never feared for your life.

  45. Blocking traffic is fair enough, even if you don't care for the person doing it. That's protest. Breaking your shit, threatening you, etc, is not fair enough. Stopping the business of government is the whole point of protest, and I support these incoherent gnats' right to do so because I want the option to do the same thing if I have a grievance the government decides it doesn't need to listen to.

  46. Yeah, that's a ball drop from Barr, really disappointing after what i'd consider decent leadership during the earlier parts of the pandemic.

  47. Panicking in their zello chat, apparantly they've "lost a 9 year old boy". Unsure if this is a missing kid or if there was an incident. But the person saying it was in tears and all the admins have gone to their closed room to discuss and 'verify'

  48. The blue masks have nano worms in them, that's why the horse dewormer works, it is important to deliver this information to the cops guarding the governor general's house. I'm a scientist.

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