1. Drove past EPIC and everyone is laying on the horn the whole way past. I also swear I could smell trash (I’m not being funny, there was stank).

  2. Isn't the Canberra show coming soon? Have the overflowed from the camping grounds to the entire place? Can EPIC carry them long term?

  3. Someone's spreading the rumor that the politicians will be flying into one of the airports near Cooma tomorrow, and I'm kinda worried some of them will try the same crap they're doing around civic on the Monaro/through Bredbo and Cooma.

  4. I think they're very adament on going to the GG's House tomorrow. I'm thankful none of them have had the idea to block the train station. Like, I'm shocked the thought of pollies coming via train hasn't crossed their mind.

  5. Just had one outside my place near Glebe Park at 9:30PM. They seemed drunk and or on drugs. Going on about the mandates, marching on parliament etc. I'm over them.

  6. It's not crazy at all. If you have the means to travel south, there are other great parks to take your kids to. I hope you don't run into another one.

  7. Dude it is not crazy. I was stressing about going to the local shops today as I did not want to be yelled at for just living. It sucks that you can't take your kids out.

  8. so, how can we, as average Canberrans, fight back against these freedumb morons and convince them to never again darken our doorsteps?

  9. Ignore them. They thrive on attention. I think the best thing to do is not take any notice of them at all. I admit it's not easy to do - pretty much impossible when they clog up the roads around the airport, but wherever possible just ignore them. It's even more important to ignore them if you're unfortunate enough to have to deal with them one on one. Just wear a mask and tell them you're exercising your freedom to look after your health. If they get shitty, calmly tell them they obviously don't care about other people's freedoms and leave it at that. Maybe the interaction will leave them with something to think about (I doubt it, but it's worth a shot). Eventually they'll get bored when they realise that nobody cares about their issues and 5 million people aren't going to flock to Canberra. As they're certainly not as smart as the average bear, it'll probably take quite some time for them to reach that realisation. They also seem to be quite factionalised, so perhaps that'll be their undoing. I have a feeling that they're going to start arguing with each other more often, especially since a lot of them are starting to talk about being sleep deprived due to late nights and too much noise at epic. There seem to be a few ring leaders, each with over inflated egos, who don't seem to like each other all that much. I think once they start arguing among themselves about what they should do next, it'll pretty much be over... At least I hope so

  10. I hear the ACT Car Horn Appreciation society is holding an event this evening, gotta do it late at night so you can hear the nuanced tones. I believe it’s being held in Mitchell because no one lives there and it won’t disturb anyone.

  11. I inadvertently drove past epic and took the opportunity to put the horn down for the entire time I passed them, whenever anyone looked I gave them the finger.

  12. Absolute long shot of a question - is there any idea on how long the cookers plan to be a nuisance?

  13. Until the vaccine mandates are lifted and the politicians are jailed for running paedophile child breeding farms.

  14. PSA: They're planning a mass maskless walkthrough of the malls. Who knows if they'll get the numbers but worth watching out

  15. Bets on Twitter were Hoody for PM with Peter Little as GG and Jacqui as AG, with Bosi staging an all out military coup and establishing himself as dictator 2 weeks later

  16. Uggboots and gloves!? This is shorts and t-shirt weather. I guess after six years here my body's forgotten what it's like to live somewhere that doesn't freeze in winter.

  17. I honestly don’t understand how they didn’t do their own research and see what canberra weather can be like or at least pack in preparation for a range in temperatures. Although if they’re still here in the weeks leading up to Anzac Day…

  18. They are also starting to realise they aren’t very welcome in town! A post was out asking for food vans… I get the feeling they aren’t having much luck.

  19. Tbf I’m in a Facebook group where some of the members like to go into these groups and post stuff like this to troll. And I don’t blame anyone for falling for it because the imitation is spot on lmao

  20. Fun fact: the AFP don’t own any helicopters (they rent some of the same ones the NSW RFS use, and some others though).

  21. All good getting in to the airport, I Got to the police check point, wearing my mask and told the lovely officers I’m heading to the Vaccination clinic, he laughed and I said I think You’re good!

  22. This raises an interesting point that I’ve been bumping up against these last few days: why is there such a hardcore Christian element to these protests? I mean I was expecting it to a certain extent, but it’s been way more pronounced and overt than I would’ve thought.

  23. This is getting very close to wanting to live in Nth Korea. This is democracy, it can be messy and annoying, get over it.

  24. I was part of a small peaceful protest in garema place against the religious discrimination bill that alp + lnp are trying to get passed in two days. I was worried we’d be mistaken for the qanon nutters but they threatened to run us over with their cars, beat us up, and we had plenty of people flipping us off and jeering. So many kids were with us :(

  25. I will say sorry for swearing now. But fuck this selfish assholes, winning about freedoms being taken away. What freedoms, it's clear they don't have a clue what having freedoms taken away is actually like. Fuck those people. It annoys me more especially when I know people who are at a higher risk of the complications of covid, so seeing these assholes continue to be selfish makes my blood boil.

  26. So long as the wind is blowing in the right direction, I’m in favour of this!—Don’t want the folks of Watson getting the worst of it.

  27. Wow that sounds like a great idea. Rarely do I get to use my horn because I worry I could annoy residents. This is thoughtfully away from any hard working Australians though so it will be fun.

  28. Idiots. Was working yesterday in civic when they all decided to go and exercise whatever “right” they think they have. i was abused by them for hours, so badly. some of them tried to start looting and threw money at me. peaceful protest my ass.

  29. I'm going to be honest. I've had a couple of chats with people from this protest and most are generally very nice people some are creepy and weird but I think it's a loud small group. Most of them are there to protest against mandates and lossing their jobs to them. This isn't the anti vaxx crowd but the anti mandate crowd. I really don't care if this gets down voted it's simply my opinion.

  30. The only large groups who require vaccination are healthcare workers & emergency services workers, with a small amount of other workers. Its fuck all people who've 'lost their jobs' (especially as the national vaccination rate is at 95%, so really can't be that many people since 5% of Australians wouldn't all work int hose inudstries), but a lot of idiots who think they've lost something, or can't understand basic epidemology principles.

  31. They're still pretty comfortable being led by people yelling on their open mic sessions about overthrowing the govt, about arresting everyone for treason, claiming the unvaccinated will be put in camps and gassed to death. You are the company you happily keep.

  32. Just drove to Queanbeyan and it was dead. Police have packed up all blocks bar the airport entry itself (you can get into the airport if you don't fit the profile)

  33. Can't speak for the start of your trip, but the Inner North is quite quiet atm. Traffic along Northbourne seems a little busier than a normal Sunday arvo, but not by much.

  34. I've only been in the Watson Dickson area, they were going up and down the streets at like 20ks at around 2/3pm yelling and honking. Moved on by about 4, not sure where to

  35. Just saw the videos of some guy having a close shave with a police bike and then going off at them for riding on the median strip- they wouldn’t be on the median strip if you selfish pricks hadn’t caused all this traffic chaos. Stupid fuck.

  36. Yep, that’s Jace. He also tried stepping into a civilian BMW X5 that drove past and then went and yelled at the woman in her passenger window.

  37. Just had them drive past, had a bunch of people in my building yelling at them to fuck off. You make me proud Canberra.

  38. My daughter walked past one of the dumbernats sitting on retaining wall. He took the cigarette out if his mouth to yell, ‘Get rid of the fucking mask and get some fresh air!’

  39. Evidence? This same thing was passed around earlier this morning in this thread as a rumour going around the sov shitizens social media. Large tub of salt required for this one unless you have direct proof.

  40. Evidence? This same thing was passed around earlier this morning in this thread as a rumour going around the sov shitizens social media. Large tub of salt required for this one unless you have direct proof.

  41. Okay y’all so don’t bother counter reviewing that towing company that got slammed by the antivaxxers!! The company has apologised profusely to the anti vaxxers and claimed they only moved three cars then stopped and they refused to take any money because they don’t agree with it.

  42. Has that been confirmed? I heard it was being passed around the nutters' communications channels, but I'd take that with a a few kilos of salt.

  43. I’m really hoping they all drive through the city and get a happy snap in the mail in a few weeks time! A memento of their visit to the capital!

  44. They've impounded cars doing burnouts on the basis of videos posted by social media in the past, no doubt there's a team of people sitting in a computer lab just taking notes on video after video. I think a lot of people will be coming home to a lot of fines in the next few days.

  45. So I drive an old land cruiser with Victorian plates and over the past two days I have had 3 people in the city call me a moron and telling me to piss off. I'm a double vaxed uni student and wear a mask everywhere. Don't be a fuck nut and profile people just because they're driving a 4by

  46. Tell them who you are - vaxxed, masked, student, and tell them to fuck off and stop being a bunch of profiling cunts.

  47. Stay safe mate, when the virus kicked off in the ACT so many people in Queanbeyan were like "WhY aRE TheRE ACT PlATEs?". It's definetly your licence plate.

  48. I got abused at the Farmers markets by people thinking I was with them too, likely on account of wearing a Guns N Roses T-Shirt. This new attitude of this subreddit says that this could never happen and I'm a liar, therefore you must be too.

  49. Don't worry, alot of Canberran's lump people into one basket. Caveat is that if they are a member of the APS (quite a few in Canberra), they are violating the code of conduct.

  50. Guy tried that on outside the NLA on Friday - he took his wheel off and when the cops told him to put it back on he said he had defects, "look at me brake pads" or something to do with suspension.

  51. I was heading to Braddon from Fyshwick and saw them all along Fairbairn about an hour ago. Maybe they actually decided to go to the airport.

  52. My freaking ice cream melted while I was stuck in a traffic jam trying to leave Aldi. Road was clear when we went in, bedlam when we came out forty minutes later. I'm so mad.

  53. they’re totally fucked. They’re blocking people catching planes etc., and you can imagine anyone trying to get into the Animal Hospital… They’re broadcasting interviews on the side of the road laughing about Canberrans being asleep. People actually getting out of their cars up near Duntroon WALKING to the airport … one girl, very fucking unimpressed … but they’re all laughing and harassing her. Cops seem to be doing SFA but standing around.

  54. What do they hope to achieve at the airport? Do they think Scomo and co. are just going to come walking out of gate 11 arrivals?

  55. Um ExcUSE me, but don’t you know these protesters are SAVING these poor people from the OPPRESSION of … living their lives happily and peacefully?

  56. They think they can block the pollies from coming into Canberra. Cops has blocked the entrance to the actual airport so rn all they're doing is just stopping people going to Majura Park and people actually needing to catch fucking flights and laughing at those

  57. Should someone tell them the pollies tend to exit via Fairbairn, and watch them try and storm the RAAF base with much hiliarity?

  58. I support them. And the Canadian truckers. And all people around the world opposing government mandates. The global government mandates ride roughshod over fundamental human rights to bodily autonomy and informed consent. Enough is enough. This is a human rights issue and I applaud everyone, vaccinated or unvaccinated, who is standing up, around the world, for human rights.

  59. But the mandates aren't put in place by people in Canberra, but in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. They are in the wrong damn place.

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