1. “I don’t think we could have predicted what this has turned into,” Really, Ms. Deputy Police Chief? I’m not sure how you couldn’t have predicted it considering the protestors are doing exactly what they said they were going to do.

  2. Apparently the police don't read reddit, or twitter, or Facebook, or watch youtube or ticktock, or talk to anybody. The police escorted them into the city center and GASP they parked their trucks in the middle of the road exactly like they said they would. Anyone interested in Law Enforcement should emigrate to Canada - all of the pay but none of the work, I've been in Ottawa for years and all I've ever seen the police do is yell at homeless or put pedestrians in body bags because they never ticket for running stop signs.

  3. This sub really minimized it at the start too. I imagine a lot of Canadians just assumed it was going to fizzle out and are genuinely surprised at this point.

  4. The Quebec City police forces have been doing a really good job at allowing the protest to happen while also preventing it from blocking streets with trucks etc. Respect for people's rights to protest while not losing control. The Ottawa Police sounds like they did not try to prepare for it. I mean, no matter the circumstances, surely there should be plans to ensure people can come and leave the Parliament without problems.

  5. If TV and movies thought us anything it's the rule of third. Try the same thing 3 times and it will work. They should try doing nothing 2 more times.

  6. Yup police do nothing, shit gets out of hand, then they cry for help and try to justify their own existence... lol

  7. Didn’t many of them were caught taking selfies with the protest… I mean truckers’ occupation

  8. People are going to hit the breaking point. Downtown residents in Ottawa haven't been able to sleep peacefully at night for a week now.

  9. American here. Are police legally not able to arrest these people and impound their trucks? I'm so confused how thousands of people can just all park their vehicles in a city, cause mass disruption, and not face any consequence.

  10. The only people at a "breaking point" are the political class who don't know what to do. The slander isn't working, cutting their funding didn't work, the provocateurs and instigator didn't work, and the working people in the area empathise with the truckers more then the government. Towing companies don't want anything to do with the government and the mitirary told them to take a hike. If you go there you'll the see police casually hanging out and unstressed because there is no violence, looting, fires, or property damage going on and the protesters have organized their own internal patrols to make sure it stays that way.

  11. Have they considered treating the protesters like they are homeless people? That seems to get them super pumped to get people off of public land

  12. Considering the buildings they put up to store things, of homeless did that, the cops would've destroyed it before they even finished.

  13. Additionally they can pretend it's a group of indigenous protesters that dont want their land to be taken for a golf course. In that case they can send in the army

  14. Only problem with that is most people don’t actually realize which policies are the culprits of massively high housing prices, often supporting solutuons that would make things worse.

  15. Are their legs tired from standing around all day doing nothing? They completely stood by and let the protest escalate, they created this mess all on their own.

  16. Can’t we just tell the cops it’s indigenous people protesting for clean water? Or call it a homeless encampment. It’d be cleared within the hour.

  17. Exactly. Police welcomed protesters last week with smiling faces, didn’t set boundaries, and now they lost control.

  18. It's Canada... You're allowed to strike and our government refuses to even meet them at the table. Instead, they went after their funding to forcefully break apart the protest, which is adding fuel to the fire.

  19. I don't care if they protest, it's their right to do so. I care that they are blocking roads and screwing with people's daily lives.

  20. Call me when they start murdering people, looting, and burning shit down like BLM protestors which they also did nothing about.

  21. That's how a protest works my guy. Look at the BLM protests, they did the same things just with less noise. And they got some change. Protests are meant to disrupt the flow of things until whoever you're protesting to gives in to your demands.

  22. My guess is the government bets the longer they stay, the more foolish they'll look while if they crash down on their party, they'll look like martyrs.

  23. My fear is that Canada will delay lifting covid restrictions because they do not want it to appear like the protests influenced the decision. Then as the rest of the world is opening up and Canada doesn't, the protests will continue to intensify, and it will be an ongoing cycle until people start getting killed.

  24. I agree with your take. These losers are having their mad max moment. If their rebellion fizzles out on its own or gets eaten from the inside the participants will feel disheartened, if the cops crackdown, they’ll just use it as further evidence for a reason to attempt more to kill the bureaucratic in waves. Like they’re losers, they somewhat expect the state to win I think, just a question of how

  25. Maybe if they actually arrested them when they’re performing illegal acts, they could chip away at their numbers.

  26. I love how people said "it's only a few hundred truckers." My sister is in Ottawa and apparently it's insane. Businesses that don't care about masks have lineups around the block, wild shit.

  27. Per the OPS briefing yesterday, official numbers were around 5k protestors. That's 0.3% of the boasted "1.4M people" that the convoy was saying last weekend

  28. Is there a reason they can't ticket these people,24/7. The noise violations are 500 a pop. This is the best our nation's capital can do?

  29. These guys arrested everyone in Toronto during the g7 even innocent bystanders. Now that the colour of protest is different they are overwhelmed. Give me a fucking break.

  30. Ottawa is not Toronto, GTA Police sent everyone home last night,no fucking around,Ottawa police fucked up from get go thinking they aee dealing with regular truck drivers,by the time they realized they are dealing with people with IQ high as room temperature it was to late.

  31. The Toronto G20 protest included rioting, they burned police cars and smashed windows to loot stores, the Black Bloc were tossing bricks at the cops.

  32. In 2020 the narrative was that protests are supposed to make you uncomfortable. By that measure these peaceful protests have been wildly successful.

  33. I’m for the Trucker’s rights to protest even though I think they’re idiots. I just think it’s scum that cops show up and shut down perfectly legal left wing protests and then are sympathetic to these clowns. Been to several protests where it was a legal march and the police sided with the right wing counter protestors.

  34. A protest also generally aims to not have the general population hate your guts so much that's its politically impossible to back down to the protestors without getting your ass tossed out the next election. So in that regard they have failed.

  35. Causing self-reflection that way you evaluate your morals and values and it makes you uncomfortable is fairly significantly different than what's happening here.

  36. Why aren’t any of these vehicles receiving parking tickets? You can protest but parking tickets are for life. And if they don’t pay them, send out a tow truck. If they assault the tow truck driver, arrest them. Rinse and repeat.

  37. I’m vaccinated and I’ve also had Covid. I’ve read the news about these protests and got pissed off like everyone else so I said fuck it I’m going to walk downtown and see things for myself.

  38. Everything you said there is relatively correct, and as many people in the ottawa sub have pointed out, they are used to living with protests when they live downtown, it's the noise. The constant blaring of horns and TRAIN horns that they are particularly angry about, and the fireworks and verbal abuse.

  39. Everyone wants the mandates gone. Had they demanded something be done about our health care system in order to end mandates, and sent a well organized convoy to each provincial legislature along with the one to Ottawa they would have had the whole damn country behind them. They did not.

  40. I think the majority of the Canadian population supports some of what they say they are protesting. A larger portion of the population thinks they are being little bitches and protesting in a terrible way.. that's what we disagree with. Your actions speak louder than your words.

  41. Summer is coming, they were already planning to lift the restrictions. This protest isn't making any difference. None.

  42. Thank you for people like you. I also support vaccines and believe COVID is real. I do not support passports and mandates but sometimes lockdowns are needed. COVID in my honest not professional option is here to stay, it's the new seasonal flu, are we going to lockdown every year going forward?

  43. The point is random citizens don't get to decide what public health measures we should or shouldn't have. "Being tired of restrictions" means fuck all and isn't even close to a valid complaint to end restrictions. I'm pretty sure almost everyone in the country is tired of restrictions, the difference is some of us actually matured past 12 years old and realize you have to do stuff you don't like sometimes for the good of others.

  44. Nicely said. People need to hit refresh on their thinking. A lot has changed in a year; a lot has changed in 6 months; a lot has changed in a month.

  45. It's simultaneously a tiny ineffectual fringe group and a dangerous mass of insurrectionists, depending on the narrative needs of the person speaking at the moment.

  46. Well those lunatics were saying there were 2.3 million people there. There might 10 000 people. It’s nowhere near as large as they were claiming it to be.

  47. The double speak from this article is incredible. My favourite excerpts; “During a special meeting Saturday afternoon, board members suggested emergency legislation and curfews could help end protests that have shut down the city’s core as heavy trucks and machinery blare horns and supporters party on streets and in parks.” That meeting was like : Sir, the people are protesting an overbearing government and excessive mandates. How do we solve this? I know! A curfew and more mandates! Also:

  48. To see my son’s hockey game yesterday I had to fill out a form for the team, fill out a form for my son, fill out a form for the building, then show a QR code, then show ID. I’m not sure anyone entering the building has ever said they are sick. People that think is preventing Covid are insane.

  49. Exactly. Vaccination is a small sacrifice you can make for the benefit of your community if you choose to do so. But we're over a year since the vaccines started coming out and we're still dealing with these asinine rules that we all know don't do anything, they were simply an attempt by health authorities to twist the arms of people to get vaccinated. That in itself is reprehensible, and their utility has long since expired - people who still aren't vaccinated aren't going to get it at this point, and vaccinated people can still spread the virus anyways, but you still see walnut-brained redditors saying that "vaccination is our way out of the pandemic" even though the restrictions are more of a burden on people than the virus ever could have been.

  50. I'm going to side with the public health officials whose entire job is to know if these things work, rather than your personal opinion of whether they do.

  51. It's mostly for contact tracing and because there would be a lot more covid without vaccines, which they make you show and deny entry without. Filling out forms also is important for liability bc if someone was knowingly going in with covid, they would get in trouble with these forms. It's not the same as someone covid testing at the door, but it does help. Maybe you're the insane one?

  52. Who are you calling insane? Do you have any clue how we have managed to keep the rate of infection down in this country? Do you have any sense of self preservation or responsibility for your neighbours at all? Apparently not! Poor pathetic Canadian had to fill out some forms and wear a mask and even that is too much for you.

  53. I went to a bar last night to get a drink with a buddy - had to show them ID, show my medical records, fill out a form, give them my phone number name and email, and wear a mask to walk to my table.

  54. Yup, people who provide goods and services (like energy and transportation) have money, and people who didn’t even want to consider the economic consequences of each policy have less.

  55. I know it's hard but it's time to admit you bought into the fear because the numbers haven't been there to support such restrictions for a while now

  56. Peaceful-ish. I mean there have been arrests. Some folks working in downtown Ottawa were assaulted for wearing a mask. People's private residences have been deficated on.

  57. Horns blaring at 150 decibels for 16 hours a day. There is nothing peaceful about this, its an all out assault on the senses.

  58. "This is a peaceful protest with one or two outliers"... There have been eleven specific allegations and four hate crime related arrests already. More than 150 calls received on the hate related crimes line. 50 criminal investigations have been opened.

  59. https://www.reddit.com/r/walkaway/comments/slz2gf/stop_the_madness_these_truckers_are_out_of_control/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  60. It's been slowly happening since Reagan and Thatcher, Corona just put it into high gear and exposed all the failures of our civilizations.

  61. Follow the lead of Japan, UK, Ireland and the Scandinavian nations. Denmark, Norway and Sweden have all either dropped most COVID restrictions or announced they’re about to. Why is this not in open debate for the path forward here? This is inexcusable.

  62. BC, Alberta, Sask, and PEI have all announced they started to transition to living with COVID, and will start removing restrictions. Because.... and I think we've all been clear about this: Trudeau has no power over the provinces.

  63. It was prior to the "protest" and will continue to be. If you haven't realized this, you really need to check your news sources, because they're lying to you.

  64. Just end the mandates and everyone leaves. Problem solved. Make them suggestions and recommendations and leave it at that. Now is the time.

  65. Towing wont work no tow company will get involved in this their answer so far has been we dont have any staff available to tow they are off for 14 days lol

  66. So if the protests are strengthening wouldn't that mean the politicians should start a dialogue with increasing amounts of people making noise?

  67. I’m from Ottawa. It’s not a fringe minority. It was ~ -20 yesterday in Ottawa and it was a giant music festival. There were blow up bouncy castles for kids, and there was even a hockey area setup in front of parliament. The support will keep growing. Everyone that is around here knows the media coverage is skewed and the protest is peaceful. The word of mouth from people who’ve checked it out is just building the support… Canadians don’t appreciate being lied to. Trudeau should at least address the protesters properly. It’s not a problem yet.. but with the passing of time frustration will build on both sides. It seems like Trudeau is waiting for an incident so he can dismiss them with more legitimacy. TO ANYONE THATS PROTESTING. KEEP IT PEACEFUL. KEEP YOUR FELLOW PROTESTERS PEACEFUL. If not, you will be dismissed as being hateful, and they will remove you. Your support will grow if you remain peaceful, and you will need to be addressed properly.

  68. The police in DT Vancouver are useless too. The city has let homelessness and drug addicts utterly overrun the downtown core. Residents, employees and business owners all get to suffer for it as woke advocacy groups try telling the rest of us that we just don't understand homelessness.

  69. Maybe, the police agree with the protesters. Those who are complaining are just mad they have lost the power to do anything about it.

  70. These protests are just going to prolong Covid lockdown measures as the Provinces (who have been the ones enacting them, not the Feds) ending them now looks like the protestors "won".

  71. This is ridiculous. Ottawa police have demonstrated their utter incompetence in dealing with this. They had the whole week to remove last week’s trucks. They didn’t do jack.

  72. In Ottawa there are two groups that want to enact policy. There is Parliament.....which was elected a 100ish days ago in a democratic election, who must answer to voters. The other group isn't elected at all, answers only to itself and contains foreign money. Parliament by law has to tell you where every dime came from....and doesn't contain any foreign dark money.

  73. The covid measures didn’t really work all that well 2 years ago, why does anyone think they’re magically going to work now? Our politicians have picked and chosen which protests they deem acceptable, and which they don’t. What did they think was going to happen?

  74. Look at what happened in Alberta when they lifted restrictions prematurely this summer and you have the best evidence you need for their effectiveness. Alberta had an extra wave that crippled the system as a result.

  75. What measures two years ago, lockdowns and masks? Those were highly effective and have an overwhelming amount of evidence to support that. It’s two years later and you can’t come up with better arguments against health measures than ignoring the empirical data and making up your own reality? How do you expect to be taken seriously?

  76. Do not let the media spin this into some bullshit. This is more than just a protest for mandates. This is a movement where enough people have decided it's over. The bullshit is over. All the politics. All the divide. It's done now, alright? The right wing are not your enemy. We are not "racists", "nazis", "homophobes", "transphobes", "islamaphobes", "misogynists", etc etc etc. We are all one people. The left wing has ran a RELENTLESS media campaign against US ALL. It started once they saw the support for Donald Trump. [For the record, i never supported him. That said, he is a mere venturous business man who likes literally anybody who likes him back]. He isn't a white supremicist. White supremacists are literally like an endangered animal. I have met I think 3 genuine white racists in my life (at age 33), so you do the math on the % of white people that is in comparisom with how many I've met, as a white person. There is no boogie man. The news has not told you lies, but it has put extreme emphasis on particular issues through the most biased of bias lenses, depending on the station. If you watch one station you hate the other, and rightfully so because their shameless tactics quite literally brainwash you - not to discredit the inflammatory algorith for your youtube or reddit accounts. Idk about you, but for me my algorithms show me stuff it knows I will comment on and agree with, and likewise things 'it' knows I will have controversy with. They show you meticulously chosen clips of videos to inflame you. Highlight stories to inflame you. We all have opinions. We all recognize stereotypes whether we vocalize them or not (hence how they are generated). We all make fun of each other. We internally and/or externally mock our own races as much as we mock others. That is not what racism is. We are ALL hypocrites. Please stop this hate and attacking each other because of political affiliation. I am as guilty as anyone else. In my actual life (not on reddit) I find myself pulling in people from both sides of the political spectrum, constantly. There is no microchip in the vaccine. Likewise, there should not be a mandate for the vaccine, nor the masks. I have two of the shots as well my vaccine passport and yet I will boycott from now on any place that requires it. Let's be honest, it isn't necessary. We have to wear the mask into the restaurant, but it's all good once we're eating ;). Most of us have not been sick in a long time (give or take 2 years) because we've had great hygiene practice due to public warnings (I appreciate that). Even before Covid 19 happened - if you managed to not get a cold for 2 years and then caught one, you would have likely been bedridden. Covid-19 and other corona viruses are a real thing, so if you are sick, do as you normally would and stay home to avoid infecting others - same as always. If you don't have the vaccine, you are more likely to develop more severe symptoms should you catch a corona virus. That's it. You are not more communicable than a vaccinated person. It is yourself who you are theoretically protecting. There is no need for a mandated vaccine and to turn us into HongKong for that. I say Hongkong not because I have "asian hate", but because we know that Chinese people have been wearing medical masks in public for many many years and us westerners always wondered why. They just did it/do it to avoid getting sick from others in such densly populated areas of the public, and it is a wise thing to do. Other cultures and countries with extreme population density never got into it yet because the Chinese are one of the most, if not the most intelligent of all people worldwide, and that is just a fact. 'Members' of all races and countries can and do achieve the same level of intelligence, so don't think I'm calling the rest of the world dumb as it's far from it. It is wise to wear the mask, but it shouldn't be mandated. We as a relatively modern world have come so far, lets not regress any further. Not over the god damn cold or what big companies get tax breaks depending on who's in office.

  77. This could have ended last week if our arrogant/coward of a pm had a conversation with the heads of the protesters. They only wanted 1 thing and now they are mad and want alot more. WAY TO GO.

  78. How many cops are FOR this? How many are telling protesters to stand their ground? They are the ‘blue lives matter’ crowd after all.

  79. Who would have thought that backing the cops leads to reciprocity? The same side that wanted law enforcement abolished for 2 years is now whining that law enforcement isn't on their side. Shocking!

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