1. He was living with Patty at 16xx University Drive up until the last few months. She died last autumn and Todd sold the house just this month. It's empty right now.

  2. I see Michael once or twice a week since we hike in a similar place. I also used to live two doors down from the Peterson mansion, so I’ve been pretty fascinated since I’ve moved here.

  3. Incredibly done. I was weary as I usually don’t love biopics / docudramas after I’ve seen the real doc, but this was great. Those death scenes were brutal though.

  4. I knew Michael and Kathleen. My kids were friends with the Ratliff girls. I thought Colin Firth did an amazing job capturing the narcissistic depravity of Michael Peterson. Parker Posey did a great job as Freda Black. I thought the series was surprisingly good. I thought the world of Kathleen and I despised Michael well before the murder (yes, murder) and this series reinforced my biases nicely.

  5. I've never met any of them but given the documentary and then series I feel like the acting in this thing was phenomenal. Like, I'll be shocked if this doesn't clean up at the emmys.

  6. I’ve been fascinated by the Peterson story and think the HBO series was phenomenal. Hopefully I stumble into Michael one of these days

  7. It wasn’t a miniseries that was needed but the two performances by Toni Collette and Colin Firth were incredible. It fell short with people surrounding the case like the prosecutor that basically drank herself to death, but overall it was impressive series. The end text card stating that Peterson still lives in Durham really shows that while he’s free he made his own prison here.

  8. Yeah agree with good performances but felt like a recast of the (amazing) documentary. Maybe I was drawn in by the procedural aspect of the documentary and missed it from the mini-series, which felt like it just made a lot of conjecture of the personal lives of the Michael, Kathleen, and the children.

  9. I bumped into him a few times. It's an all around weird feeling. I haven't watched "the Staircase" yet, but I did enjoy the parody of it in Trial and Error.

  10. I remember watching Trial and Error the first time and had a major “wait a minute” moment after the first episode. Weirdly enough, not much had to be changed to turn the story into a comedy!

  11. did freda black ended up working in just a laundry store and duanne deaver working in a drugtore? so sad

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