1. What happened with the Bengals was probably quite lucky. They played far better than they should have and were lucky with the Chiefs as usual imploding during the second half. Not saying they’re bad, that’s far from it, but to say that the Bengals are one of the best teams is kinda ridiculous to me. The AFC is fucking loaded and they’re in the division with one of the most talented teams, if not the most talented team in the browns, the somehow always strong Steelers and the always good Ravens. They could genuinely place anywhere in that division. By that game they could be below .500 bc of that division/unlucky games or injuries or whatever that happens in a general nfl season.

  2. I think the Bengals are the best team in that division, hands down. Probably some regression this year, but the rest of the division isn't as good, imo. Browns, while talented, are gonna Browns. They have a whole new skill offense: new QB, new WR room, and they are shifting away from the 2 TE sets. The Steelers aren't any better with Mitch than they were with Ben. And the Ravens, who seem to have Cincy's number, also seem to be good but not good enough.

  3. The Bengals have a well rounded team with some absolute studs at key positions. I personally believe they are a 50/50 team as far as making the playoffs, only because the Afc is so ridiculously stacked right now. If they stay reasonably healthy and a few other teams in the Afc North don't, it's entirely possible they win the division again.

  4. Bengals division is tough and they had an insanely lucky stretch where teams imploded twice on them. KC just had to run the ball and they likely have another SB but they blew it.

  5. I hate saying teams are lucky. But they were at the tail end of season. They won’t even win their division this year.

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