1. He stopped Ichigo's bankai with his finger and destroyed Komamura with kido and didn't use any hypnosis. He is still a beast even without zanpakto.

  2. Ichigo just fought Byakuya before that so he was barely close to full power. That fight alone he was barely hanging in there towards the end.

  3. I might be in a far minority but I don't think Base Aizen was stronger than Segunda Etapa, physical abilities wise.

  4. Really hard to say as his whole thing is “you can’t tell when I’m using KS, so maybe I am maybe I’m not.” Only people who are not already under its spell (Ichigo) can “sense” the change in reiatsu when KS is being used. Still… that being said even without KS Aizen is a top-tier shinigami. So he could def beat most of the captains fairly easily even without KS. Then there’s the senior captains who he would likely have some actual trouble with, I’d argue… then Yamamoto who would burn him to ashes without KS (even with KS, Aizen still felt it necessary to create Wonderweiss). So I think we can safely say he could at least beat MOST of the captains even without hypnosis. Of course this is still regular Shinigami Aizen we’re talking about, post-hogyoku/evolved Aizen (especially TYBW Aizen) should be at least the third most powerful being in the bleach verse and above any shinigami individually. At which point he wins no matter what against the other captains Yama included.

  5. Yeah irrespective of his hypnosis power, I don't think aizen stands a reasonable chance against yama. I'd also say the likes of shunsui and unohana could take down base aizen pretty confidently (especially once bankai is activated).

  6. if you weren't Yama or a non depressed/nerfed Ichigo then you're toast if you're a Gotei 13 member or a Visored lol. Gin's speech on Aizen wasn't really a reach as he's stupid strong as is but KS is merely the overkill icing on the cake

  7. Kyoraku's bankai may have been able to kill him but besides that only Ichigo and Yamamoto could bring him down. Also maybe Isshin and Urahara.

  8. Aizen was an absolute monster even without Kyouka Suigetsu. Most of the fights outside of Ichigo we see him using it, so it's kind of hard to judge. But he was toying with Bankai Ichigo like it was nothing. Fought against Isshin, up to his 'limit', after having blitzed the entire gotei 13 already at this point.

  9. Gin literally goes on a whole inner monologue explaining to the audience that Aizen is basically a monster, even without Kyokasuigetsu. All of the Espada wouldn’t respect him if all he had was complete hypnosis. His Zanpakuto ability is only an added benefit to his arsenal of peak abilities, strength, and intelligence. Kyokasuigetsu is not a crutch that he relies on; making him practically unstoppable and on top of that, he has the Hyogyoku embedded within his being. I have a hunch that he’s probably the strongest Shinigami born in over 1000 years, since Yamamoto. The only time he’s TRULY had to rely on Kyokasuigetsu was ⚠️MAJOR SPOILER

  10. Gin states he earned the respect of all the Espada without the use of Kyoka Suigetsu, meaning he is at minimum, stronger than all of them combined. He is also stated to be a master of the four shinigami disciplines, with the only other two characters to have done so being Yamamoto and Urahara. With all that in mind, he easily clears all the Gotei and Visoreds excepting the previously two mentioned characters and Ichibe. I also see him winning against all of the Sternritter excepting Yhwach and his elite guard. He obviously clears Xcution as well; even Tsukishima wouldn't pose too much of a threat due to his sociopathic tendencies. So basically, he's outdone only by Urahara, Yamamoto, Ichibe, Yhwach, Lille, Gerard, Gremmy, and Ikomikidomoe/Hikone.

  11. I remember Gin saying that its not Kyoka Suigetsu that makes him so menacing. It's just his sheere power is what makes him scary. so ya i don't think there'd be much difference

  12. I commented on a similar post to this once, saying "what even can be considered base Aizen?". We've never seen "base" Aizen, technically speaking, before even before the series started, everyone was under hypnosis and he could just will it into effect at any given time. So it's almost impossible to assess Aizen in such a manner.

  13. He stabbed Yamamoto and survived that suicide bombing kido + an attack from Masked Ichigo after taking that suicide bomb to the face. I'd say he'd still 1v1 every member of the Gotei 13 shikai to shikai perfectly fine.

  14. Pretty sure at that point he can destroy anyone who isn't Yama in a straight up fight mano-e-mano, excluding some shamelessly broken bankais

  15. He still had more than double the reiatsu of a Captain. Probably could still go toe-to-toe with Yama-jii but might not win.

  16. Well Gin said himself that it's not his KS that makes him terrifying it's just how naturally powerful he is that strikes fear into people so I think he could beat most if not all the captains besides maybe Yamamoto and some of the zero division

  17. Realistically he beats everyone except Genryusai, he's also confident he can beat Genryusai if his sword is sealed. This is why he said he's surpassed shinigami. It's debatable how good he would perform against some people with hax like Urahara but as far as strength goes he's only rivaled by Yama, Ichigo and a few endgame characters.

  18. So how strong was base Aizen without his Kyōka Suigetsu's complete hypnosis power? Who could be beat if he had to only rely on his raw strength, speed and kido abilities?

  19. Nimaiya is probably the closest I can think of powerwisr to base Aizen. Besides him and Ichibe, he can probably beat each of the other three members of zero squad.

  20. I believe that what Zaraki represents in terms of power to the others, Aizen is the same in relation to reiryoku/kido.

  21. So Aizen without his Shilai, hmmm, and since we don't know his Bankai so that's also out of question. This form was without Hogyoku infused. So, Aizen cancelled a lvl 88 hado when he was doing the hollowfication experiments. He was able to hold Ichigo's Bankai of Shinagami Arc with bare hands and did lvl 90 Hado without incantation in the same Arc. In the Arrancar Arc, Aizen took advantage of his Shilai to fight others , and Isshin and Ichigo were not really a threat to him so I put him somewhat higher than Non-Hollowfied Ichigo's lvl

  22. One of the strongest characters still. He'd beat every Shinigami aside from Yama and Ichibe, every Hollow, and every Quincy aside from the SS/Yhwach

  23. Isn't this the whole point of Gin's speach? Aizen is a BEAST even without hypnosis. Dude one shotted Kyoraku, one fingered SS Ichigo, tanked Genrusai's 90 level kido and is kido master. Only Yama would be a problem for him I guess.

  24. High Captain Class. He could probably beat every captain except Yammamoto, with Shunsui and Unohana probably giving him the closest fights

  25. Under these conditions, only Yamamoto and arguably Ichigo surpass him during the arc. Also Oetsu and Ichibei if we include them, though I think Aizen is still stronger than the rest of the Zero Squad in this state

  26. Literally everyone we see him beat in Fake Karakura Town. Without his Kazin Saimin he could probably go hand toe to toe with Base Yamamoto and possibly win using only the Shinigami arts. I'm not saying Shikai Yamamoto for those fuckers that are gonna scream in the comments.

  27. All the Espada, most the Gotei 13 (besides Yama and maybe Unahona), the Vizards, and probably a decent chunk of the Stern Ritter. Like the guy a strong.

  28. Yamamoto, Yhwach, Ichibe and Ichigo after certain power ups. And apparently Isshin unless there are some implications or inconsistencies in the story since Isshin pushed Aizen to his natural limit. I can only assume Aizen got worn down after fighting the Captains and using his Zanpakuto for so long. But then again we never see Aizen visually getting tired until he fought Isshin and he had plenty of time to rest after Yamamoto's kido + Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshos

  29. In a straight up fight, Gin likely would have lost IMO. He only landed a “killing” blow through a sneak attack.

  30. Well based on the fact that he was able to get all the Espada to follow him, and warned them to calm down by releasing a little extra spiritual pressure to intimidate them. Probably as stronger than Ulquiorra in his full release

  31. High tier captain but needs KS to fight more than 2 high tier captains, and definitely can't claim a top 10 spot without hogyoku.

  32. Isshin was aboe to go toe to toe with him without even using his shikai. Base Aizen may be strong but he’a really not THAT strong

  33. I feel like he got retconned to a lower power level in Kurakara Arc in order to give room for him to show growth through transformations.

  34. Why do you say he has greater reiatsu than base Unohana? I can’t think of a time the two were ever compared

  35. He pretty strong however everyone except ichigo was under his hypnosis he only need to do it once and your screwed however it has a fatal flaw which is similar to tosen which if he attacks you himself he’s real yama advantage of this when he grabbed his arm and aizen had the oh crap look on his face

  36. If it is 1v1 base zanpakuto for both then He could beat everyone except for Shinji, Zaraki and Yamamoto (and I am adding Shinji, because

  37. I think his base power is close to yamamoto. Considering he even admits that he’s the only one that could stand a chance.

  38. He can beat everyone except yamamoto. Some fights more difficult than others of course. I can see shunsui or uarahara having a chance to win. Maybe also mayuri and Unohana and if we count end of the story also Kenpachi. But if they win it's a difficult one. Let's not forget what he shows in the pensulum flashback.

  39. If Aizen really wanted to, he could have folded all those captains and Vizoreds without KS. Remember Gin's speech?

  40. Top tier captain but he loses to captains with unavoidable hax or sheer raw power e.g. zaraki and yama. Also would lose to steinreitter of the same criteria etc.

  41. You remember what gin said about him, and that was the truth, Its not KS that makes him terrifying, its his power.

  42. So APPARENTLY, according to some lines in the manga, Aizen should be able to outscale all the Espada together WITHOUT hypnosis. And to be fair, after seeing what Aizen did to the rest of the Gotei 13, it’s pretty self explanatory.

  43. he is said to be stronger than any of the espada, and most of the active captains at the time. just above shunsui, but possibly isshin, yoruichi, and kisuke, and for sure below even base yamamoto

  44. EOS, Id say he gets Stopped by RG Byakuya and above, but anyone below that is fair game. With KS I'd say he has very few limits on who he can't beat, and I'd say only the Hax characters would outright beat him.

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