1. I mean not gonna lie shinji is in the same boat. He didn’t do ANYTHING and actually Kensei ( while Zombiefied) beat Pepe with his bare hands, making him pseudo useful in this arc.

  2. Honestly I’ve been thinking the same thing, I was waiting for Shinji to do something the entire arc but he never really did. He gets one shot by bambi, escapes from Bazz B and then gets demolished by Gerald. I was hoping for a bit more but he’s still a cool character. Their done so wrong it makes me question their position as captains lol.

  3. Both his major opponents were used to showcase specific plot points. Like he is tough, while he was zombified he was easily able to defeat Pepe and Hisagi with minimal effort.

  4. Honestly all Vizards were done dirty in TYBW none used masks and none had a real fight to properly show how powerful they truly are

  5. I think that they both (as well as Shinji) got done dirty after becoming captains again. Hollowfication would’ve been very effective against the sternritter considering the Quincy’s vulnerability to Hollow spiritual pressure. However, they didn’t transform

  6. I don't really like Kensei's bankai effect since it he has to plant his fist on his enemy longer for it to deal more damage. It's ok offensively but defensively, not so much

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