1. For a little bit more the Uberti made one has better fit and finish. Plus all the roll stamping on the barrel is hidden behind the loading lever so you don’t have “CAUTION blah blah blah” all down the side of the barrel.

  2. Uberti doesn’t make the Navy style in .44, only in the original true caliber for that model, the .36. And I have the same gun, but with the brass frame, and it is holding strong after 7 years and many hundreds of rounds at 25 to 30 grains. I did have to work the bolt to cylinder stops slightly to get the bolt to fully seat in the slots and I also made the cylinder gap smaller (.002”) and added a “cap post” to keep the spent caps out of the action. And I also had to replace the trigger spring within the first year. I made one out of another spring I bent into shape, but you can buy those as well made out of round wire instead of the flat springs. Will last much longer.

  3. Absolutely. Bought a 1851 navy in .44 for my 18th birthday, still works just as well four years later. (I did have to replace one of the springs when it broke though, but that’s an easy fix).

  4. Get the .36, it is 10 dollars cheaper right now, plus cheaper to shoot as well, and delivers similar energy below 27 or so grains. Plus it is historically accurate as well

  5. Nice! Hopefully that crappy feeling of being broke subsides the minute you open the box, feel that purdy steel, and realize you just had a gun shipped to your front door.

  6. Be prepared to have a bit of a hard time getting your hands on caps! Other than that I say go for it! I recently got a Uberti New Model Army (I.e. 1858) and absolutely love it. It is a ton of fun to shoot!

  7. Sub $300 for a '51 .44? I sprain my wrist grabbing my wallet, break a finger getting it open, and crack the table slapping the money down.

  8. I bought one in .36 cal. Havnt shot it yet but I was very happy with it. I’ll probably replace the grip but that’s just a personal preference for me. I’d say buy it

  9. If you could spend a little bit more money get a uberti they are built better and are more historically accurate. But whatever you pick they are both good options :)

  10. Definitely. I have one and it is superb. A .44 1851 did not exist in the nineteenth century, but so what. The .44 is much better than the .36; by sticking to .44 pistols, makes "ammo life" simple. I've had mine for 10+ years; no issues; replaced the front sight(will shoot high), but there are U-tube videos on how to do that; if U need parts, they are available and reasonable. Buy it! Good luck-have fun! MAKE SMOKE!

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