1. Perfect gun for a terrorist. You can get a few people and yourself and be well on your way to getting your 72 Virginians with one pull of the trigger!

  2. It’s a bit late in the game for this kind of development, but you’d have though somebody would have created trapdoors over the cylinder — they could recess when the associated cylinder was chambered. It would prevent chain fires and the need for lubricant pockets

  3. Hindsight is 20/20 but it's crazy to see some of the absolutely insane "solutions" people came up with while ignoring the obvious conclusion of metallic cartridges.

  4. Do note that allot of the goofy stuff that arms manufactures did was to get around patents held by other companies. They might have very well known that their solution was inferior but would talk it up as being better in their marketing materials.

  5. And correctly sized bullets, yes. It is in theory no more likely to chain-fire than a standard style cap-and-ball revolver. But a meme is a meme.

  6. That’s very interesting. I can see why it never became widely used or known. Yeah a chainfire would have been alarming to say nothing of deadly!

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