1. I've found the key to a good decaf is to look to small independent coffee makers. It's always a bit more expensive, but I find it worth it. Found Familiar is my favorite.

  2. Decaf coffee still has caffeine in it, just like 1/5 of a cup of regular coffee. If you can't have ANY caffeine on your meds, you should stay away from all coffee including decaf. The lowest amount of caffeine in a coffee is gonna be a decaf dark roast so if you still want the taste of coffee without all the caffeine, that's what you're gonna want to have.

  3. Depends on the source but you can't state this for all decaf. Some have as little as 1-2mgs and others as high as 1/5. Starbucks is notable for high caffeine decaf.

  4. So how much caffeine CAN you have? Is it “stay away from too much caffeine”? Or is it “NO CAFFEINE!” ? Because if it’s the former you can have decaf (which does have some caffeine). But if it’s the later then, well… you need to stick with zero

  5. I will have to look into the Cafe D’Orzo! It sounds delicious. Thank you for telling me about them. I am pretty sure I can have decaf.

  6. this is how i find out im not supposed to have caffeine (im on propranolol) but im a huge dr pepper enjoyer 😭

  7. I drank a ton of caffeine on propranolol. I’m just now finding out you aren’t suppose to. I’d like to get upset at my psychiatrist for not telling me, but honestly he probably did because I don’t listen to anyone ever about anything. It’s a bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see if it works out for em.

  8. Oh, wow! That’s my boyfriends work schedule. I normally get a headache if I don’t have caffeine, but I’m trying to persist.

  9. I drink a lot of coffee and am trying to switch to decaf too! The key for me will be to find a decaf coffee that is comparable in taste to the dark roast beans that I buy.

  10. I don’t drink coffee and instead drink diet soda in the morning which I have to assume is terrible for me but oh well. It’s less caffeine but enough to wake up a little and not have a headache.

  11. I’m on both ziprasidone and propranolol and my psychiatrist never told me I can’t have caffeine. I normally don’t drink a ton of caffeine though because most coffee hurts my stomach and I don’t drink soda often. I really enjoy hot herbal teas during the fall and winter and iced herbal teas in the summer and spring.

  12. If I do drink coffee it can’t be very strong, I feel you on the stomach ache part. Not much of a soda drinker either; but tea will always be in my hoop.

  13. I’m not sure, my psychiatrist just told me not to have any on the Ziprasidone for some reason. I think it’s because I get restless, I am sure you’re good

  14. If you drink coffee for the flavor, look for Swiss water decaf, it's a method of decaffeination that preserves the flavor integrity while using only water to extract the caffeine instead of industrial solvents like the cheap stuff.

  15. Caffeine counteracts the therapeutic effects of propranolol. Propranolol relaxes smooth muscle tone and decreases heart rate but caffeine vasoconstricts and elevates HR

  16. I’m on propranolol and drink coffee+smoke weed and tobacco. I need propranolol to perform so I had to make it work with dosage and what not.

  17. I’m taking propranolol and drink a cup of black coffee a day as well as the occasional milk tea and I’m ok. What was their reasoning? Triggering mania?

  18. I'm on ziprasidone and a calcium channel blocker(was on alpha and beta blockers before too). I was never told to not drink caffeine for Ziprasidone, but because of the condition my calcium channel blocker is treating(Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia and high blood pressure) I am to watch how much I consume. Basically I take it to lower my heart rate and blood pressure, drinking caffeine counteracts that. Not completely, but it will make it difficult to get an accurate idea of how your meds are helping. My doctor knows I still drink a bit of coffee and he is okay with it. I just can't have a pot or two a day before like I used to.

  19. As a professional coffee roaster, it’s death before decaf for me. But that being said, if you’re looking for the best flavor, look for Swiss water process. There has been a naturally decaffeinated coffee species discovered but it’s not grown commercially, in part I assume because caffeine is a pest repellent. But hopefully someday we can see it for sale!

  20. I can technically have caffeine but my mental health improved when I cut back, so I mix powdered cacao, cinnamon, and masala chai in a big glass jar and have a tablespoon mixed with one of those little frother thingies into a mug of hot water every morning. There’s this brand called MUD/WTR but theirs is like $50 a can so I make my own.

  21. The danger of decaf is baristas screw up and give you regular. I went hypomanic because of this once.

  22. I do drink coffee, on occasion. Like right now lol..but I try and stay away from caffeine (mainly just coffee) because it tends to give me jitters and a cold sweat and makes me super tired, unless I've had like 1 coffee that week. I've also noticed that, just like alcohol, coffee tends to send my mood into a spiral if unchecked.

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