1. Fawns aren’t usually dropped in North America til late May/June starting in North and the East and later July/August in the southern regions. My guess this pic is from a road kill someone shot to put out of its misery. Definitely not a recent pic. Sorry

  2. I think a lot of predator animals do this. An example would be a bear eating salmon heads and leaving behind the perfectly good body meat. But what do I know.

  3. I'm leaning toward the hit-by-a-car theory. If this was a predator, why would it eat the brain and leave the rest of the carcass on the trail? Seems like a bear would cover it up, a cat would stash it somewhere, and a sasquatch would definitely take it with them, ect...wouldn't they?

  4. i just seen 3 baby deer and their mothers killed killed, laying next to the road, literally 1 pair after another, last month.

  5. Definitely looks like a deer I hit with my brand new restoration ‘66 Bronco about a decade ago. He was basically ripped in half. Shot him in the side of the head with a 9mm hollow point to put him out of his misery, top of the head looked exactly like that.

  6. No one else was here. End of the road no gun shots heard. I thought hunters at first too but I could see the teeth marks on skull ,bone broken into the skull. Not blown out like a gun would!

  7. It definitely looks scooped out and seeing the way that capucin monkey made a meal out of that seagull you can see how a Sasquatch might just scoop the brain out for a nice snack.

  8. No bear tracks in area. But sure they are around. It happened in 10 mins is what got me found on the trail I was just on!. Two does were looking for it!. But we heard a Sasquatch knocks and had a walk bye.on our week stay here!

  9. Track from the Fawn looked like a full run coming out of some dark pine, and just before it hit the trail it's tracks disappeared and the fawn layed 5 foot away from the tree line. Picked up but ,by what?. The skull has 3 deep scrape marks like a teeth marks and oval part of scalp and brains are gone. It happened in a 10 min window

  10. This is just some of the strangeness we find around sasquatch. I've never found a kill like this before. Happened fast it was still warm. Just asking what mite have done it. Jeff meldrum said chimpanzees eat each other brains. Birds of Prey go for the soft meats not the skull. They go for the belly soft tissues. Found other skulls from a cow ripped open. It's not a nice place if your on the menu in the woods. It's not a pretty picture but life's not nice all the time is it!!

  11. Well it's Colorado, so no grizzlies, or at least it's vanishingly unlikely. Your nearest established grizz population is going to be way up in the Greater Yellowstone area which is hundreds of miles from Colorado.

  12. I would say your wrong bears attack the neck and spine to kill there prey then they eat at the soft spots there not going to bite the hard skull and risk a broken tooth this is a fawn though but still old enough for the skull to be hard not saying it’s Bigfoot but I don’t think it’s a bear

  13. My Aunt had chickens and ducks at her farm. Kept finding them decapitated. Discovered they had an owl problem!!!

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