1. He also said we’d never guess who she’s related to. So I’m going to go out on a limb here and say he was talking about this episode, probably. Hopefully, I’m very, very wrong.

  2. It could be Kim’s mum? Well that’s my theory and don’t remember ever seeing the two brothers before at all, even tho they was in New Mexico if I understood it properly? Hence why they knew Saul?

  3. Yeah but here’s the thing: I don’t care seeing another minute with Jeff and/or Marion. I don’t care about those character and i barely went through that last episode. I am a big fan and i get that every little scene and story counts in this bb and bcs univers but these last 4 (now 3) episodes were supposed to be special/insane, just like those from breaking bad wore. So far it’s not looking good.

  4. Yea Gene really slipped up on that one. Its been quite a few years since he'd pulled a scam like this so makes sense he would be a little rusty.

  5. Yeah I think it was pretty cool that he remembers every detail about the games when he's with the security guard but kinda let his guard down when the lady asked him about nippy. He wasn't fully prepared on the latter

  6. What's more sus is when she mentioned Jeff used to fall in with a bad crowd in Albuquerque. Low-key associating Gene with said crowd.

  7. Likely behavior of someone actually in a missing pet situation. I once had the same question when someone asked me about a lost pet when I had found them a relative while back.

  8. They didn’t really talk about the future off Jeff even with the actor on the podcast and it seemed purposeful because they then slipped in at the end that we will see him again too. Definitely seems like they have a role to play in Genes endgame.

  9. He also said during a Vanity Fair interview with Rhea that Marion's related to someone we've seen before, but it would take us a long time to figure out who

  10. I agree she's definitely coming back. I don't think they would get an actress with such clout to play just a small role in on episode.

  11. While I think she’s coming back too, they didn’t have to do much convincing, Carol Burnett is a massive fan of BB & BCS and says BCS is her favourite TV show, so she would have been glad to, but I loved Marion and hope to see her back

  12. Nah she’s gonna be sharper than Gene’s expecting. The ultimate old lady revenge for what he did to Irene

  13. I'm predicting one last scam, and she'll be a part of it since a big part of Jimmy's story is his relationship with the elderly.

  14. Wow that would totally fit . Through the entire run of the show the one group of people that jimmy was always able to easily read/manipulate best was the elderly so it would be a great twist if this time around the seemingly unassuming nice elderly lady was working him. He’d never see it coming.

  15. Maybe Marion is to the show's end, what Mike was the beginning in the parking lot -- the elderly person, easily overlooked, who's got more going on upstairs than people think.

  16. Absolutely. Firstly because they'd never hire Carol Burnett for just 3/4 scenes but also because the elder clients were such a significant part of Jimmy's life in earlier seasons and it's so perfect to have that echoed at the end. Either she's going to turn the tables on him when he underestimates her, or she's going to assume he'll underestimate her and be proved wrong.

  17. From what I gathered listening to the Insider podcast it seems that Carol Burnett met Vince Gilligan and then wanted to meet Peter Gould because she's a huge fan of the shows, so it might not be that they managed to hire her and she just asked if they could find a part for her and wrote her in. From what Peter said though it sounded like there's still more to see from Jeff and Marion

  18. I have it all figured out. Marion is Cliff’s ex-wife and together they had Jeff. When Jeff got in trouble in Albuquerque, Cliff sent him up north to live with his mom. But since Marion is also Kim’s mom, Kim moved to the neighborhood to be close to her mom in her old age and to reconnect with her long lost brother Jeff. It will be revealed that Kim was actually ‘the family’ who found Nippy. And now they will all live in Omaha happily ever after.

  19. Dude it was pretty obvious that "family who found nippy" doesn't exist because Nippy doesn't exist It was lie

  20. Also she brought up Jeff getting mixed up with the wrong crowd in Albuquerque, surely that will come into play at some point

  21. My theory is that Jeff was represented by Kim pro bono when he got "mixed up with the wrong crowd" in ABQ. Also both Kim and Jeff had the same Albuquerque Air freshener. That's not a lot to go on but I do think there's a connection between Kim and Jeff somewhere. Tangentially, I also believe Marion is a little bit sharper than perhaps Jimmy gives her credit for at this point. She knows something

  22. Considering how wrong everyone was about Carol Burnett's character, and the red herrings thrown all the time, I assume this will not play a big role actually.

  23. Maybe they were both mixed up with the wrong crowd. Maybe Marian is a scammer like Kim’s mother, and they both had to lam it to Nebraska.

  24. She was also standing during that scene, leaning against the counter. She probably could have gotten that can off the shelf at the grocery store.

  25. I think she knows Gene is Saul. Especially if she lived in ABQ… no way she hasn’t seen a BCS commercial.

  26. This is a great take. I wonder what she's trying to use Gene for? She's definitely up to something. Maybe she was one of the Sandpiper crew?!? (It's a reach, humour me LOL)

  27. She asked for a certain amount and told him to pay better attention because he gave too much last time (resulting in her having to pay a touch more)

  28. I think the bit in the aisle was to establish that she values her independence. That's why she was initially hesitant to let Gene push her over the ice (which he created no doubt)

  29. Yeah. It wasn’t to establish she “noticed” it was too heavy - but it did establish that she could certainly turn salty on a dime, and more importantly, it established she had a routine (the guy asked “is it a pastrami day today?”) one where Gene could easily figure out when she went to the grocery store and how long she’d be gone for and when she’d be back.

  30. Exactly! All the comments and posts about this episodes being meaningless are driving me nuts, there are SO MANY SET UPS! This is the beginning of something new and big.

  31. Peter Gould mentioned during the podcast that Carol stayed in Albuquerque for a while for filming this show. This pretty much confirms it. Michelle McLaren said too that all the directors left for the last episodes met together to discuss how to shoot well in black and white. So I think we will follow Gene, and Marion, for almost every episodes.

  32. Do we know where “Nebraska” was shot? It seems like a waste to move production to a different state for a single episode that’s shot in a generic mall and neighborhood.

  33. Well she lived in ABQ. Anyone who lived there would know him, so yeah its safe to say she knows exactly who he is. My question is, whats stopping her from going to the cops? Maybe there is something she wants from him?

  34. It's possible because there were multiple Sandpiper Crossings. She could have lived at one in Nebraska. But that still seems like a stretch.

  35. "this wasn't here last time" she stares at the camera "do you know who could have done it", gene with snow still on hand ... It was to let audience know Gene planned it

  36. Man, the more I think about it, the more I believe that Carol Burnett is DEFINITELY going to factor in the upcoming storyline. Her very first words in the grocery store, when the customer offered to help her: "If I had needed help, I would've asked!" Then followed by a sweet: "But, thank you!" I think she very well could represent part of the remaining conflict in the show. Coupled with the fact, that Jimmy always has been able to play up his charm with elderly ladies... he may totally get "played" himself by Marion!! That could be awesome.

  37. Yeah I firmly believe that Marion suspected Jimmy from the get-go and already knows something is off with him. I think she's looking into him trying to find out if he's hiding anything and she might potentially end up causing Gene's downfall and exposing him for who he actually is, which Jimmy would never suspect. He put all of his focus on Jeff this whole time when maybe Marion will be the one he should be looking out for.

  38. Idk, to me, I don’t know if she will. I’m happy to be proven wrong but why do we need to keep interacting with these characters? They served as a vehicle to bring Gene back to Jimmy. Saul is officially put to rest. What else do we do with them?

  39. What else do we do with anyone in the show? The last two episodes could pretty much have been finales. There is nothing that has to be resolved now, so what we get next could well be the unraveling of old plans and the developing of something in the Gene timeline.

  40. I think by the time she asked about the cat at the end she had figured out that it was a ruse. Also I still think she has some kind of connection bro Kim or Jimmy maybe a former client of Kim's or someone involved in the Sandpiper case?

  41. I mean, all of these theories sound cool as hell but also, wouldn’t it be the classic misdirect? Make us think she’s gonna have a larger role than she actually does?

  42. He also told Jeff the tapes are erased every 72 hours and there was a skight facial expression from Jeff before Marion showed up at rhe end that gave away ego. It's not over yet.

  43. I definitely think Jeff is going to screw this up and might be looking at hard time, thus, willing to give up Gene.

  44. The thought just occurred to me that maybe the slip is part of the scam too. It would be an interesting way to come back around to BB if medical bills somehow play a part in how this resolves itself.

  45. I think she deliberately asked Gene if he has ever been to ABQ and he denied, if she can remember such small details, she must've definitely seen his face on tv and still remembers.

  46. Ok ok we’ve all heard the “gene reuniting w kim” theories but hear me out: Marion is very clearly knowledgeable of their area and quite sharp. What if Gene tells Marion about an old love, (I can see Gene saying it in passing but Marion catching it and asking for more info) and with Jeff’s taxi service she helps him locate Kim? That is if she ended up moving back to Nebraska

  47. Jeff tells mommy who gene is and she blackmails him somehow cuz Saul was involved in drugs and maybe that’s why jeffy was in trouble cuz he likes the baby blue meth. So that’s genes payback. Prison or diamonds.

  48. gene isn't really trying to scheme anything out of her though, he just needed to get in close to get to jeff.

  49. I imagine Jimmy would’ve done his research when looking into Jeff and Marion to find out where they live and all of that info. He would’ve found out if they were related to the Kettlemens, he’s consistently been thorough in the series

  50. The Insider Podcast said today that we haven't seen the last of Jeff, so more Marion is certainly plausible.

  51. Imagine if Marion was working for the cartel we might get a repeat of the infamous “soy amigo(enemigo) del cartel” line lol

  52. She does not know more than is going on… right now. Maybe she figures it out, but she doesn’t know anything extra as of now

  53. It's incredible that with 3 episodes left I have no clue where this is going. Phenomenal work. I'm rooting for Marion to get that reward money, no way anybody is going to jail for 30 years for stealing $5000 worth of merchandise. If Jeff was smart he'd just wait the 3 days, burn the merchandise, and get the reward money himself. No way they could prove it was him who stole anything

  54. Very good point. I wonder was she one of the Sandpiper residents once upon a time? How is she able to hold that house down with Jeff just doing cab work? Something is off.

  55. What if Marion is actually the one running a scam on Gene to coax him out of his hiding? it would be ironic justice if he was the victim of an elaborate scam which ends his story 🤓🧐— ‘A new player enters the game’

  56. Notice her independent mindedness, internal locus of control and how guarded she was about her agency too. Sharp, independent, “I save me”.

  57. I think you’re wrong here. I don’t think we’ll see Jeff or Marion again. Her noticing the snow was just to show Gene/Jimmy was the one that actually did it. Her being sharp was important to that episode because she was the constant showing that she did that same thing all the time

  58. Oh, I hope so! I would be so thrilled to see her, and find out that she was a bit of a con herself! That would be so delightful.

  59. He cut the battery cable, which is why the scooter wouldn’t move and Jimmy had to push her home. Then he fixed it with duct tape.

  60. But what purpose does her character serve? I agree that casting such a famous actress for a single episode is a waste, but what can Marion do to influence Jimmy's character?

  61. I think Jimmy will decide to travel to visit Kim one last time, to do that and not get made he enlists Jeff to drive him in the taxi. So he'll turn up on her porch to facilitate that.

  62. I’m wondering if Marion already knows who Jimmy is. She could be dropping little hints that come off as innocent. Jeff could have easily told her that he met Saul Goodman. If he was in with the wrong crowd in ABQ they might both know of him.

  63. If she was really on top of things, she would know that the master cylinder would not be found under the hood of a car. It's part of the brake assembly. Now that's Braking Bad.

  64. Brake master cylinders are almost exclusively located under the hood. Usually up against the firewall but under the hood nonetheless

  65. I thought I read somewhere she was going to be in three episodes but I can't find that again. I must have dreamed it. I agree though.

  66. I think Gene's big mistake was saying that he found the dog. She's going to figure it out somehow and once she does, she's going to cause him problems.

  67. In one of the initial promos for this season shows Gene in ABQ walking by a bulletin board and he swipes a Saul Goodman wanted poster with a 5 million dollar reward for details of his arrest.

  68. What if Jeff the cabbie is Cliff’s son-Jeff gets pinched, lawyer dad tries to bail him out, and Marion somehow lets cliff know about Jimmy even though Jeff stays quiet due to their caper

  69. I'm pretty sure Nippy the dog is gonna become relevant in some way because he told her that he got the dog back

  70. No they wouldn't have made her a sweet unassuming old lady even if we never see her again. Her being who she is was about Jef, had she been a sweet unassuming old lady then Saul doesn't get the upperhand by showing up in their home, Jeff might as well be Tuco. But Marion being sharp and tough means Jeff is exposed as just Jeffie and Jeff knows it as soon as he walks in and sees them.

  71. I really think the whole point of the episode was to tie up his last loose end with Saul (Jeff). He clearly spent months meticulously planning to do so. And then the last scene with the sleazy lawyer outfit was him walking away from Saul.

  72. She probably has connections to ABQ. I think someone she knows was involved with the Sandpiper lawsuit. Perhaps they come vist and recognize Jimmy?

  73. Also, what's the point of bringing in Carol Burnett to play this role if it's just for Gene to use her character to make contact with Jeff?

  74. Agree, and love it if she avenges all the old women of Sandpiper, most of all Irene. Would love it if she plays Jimmy and even better somehow Kim too, scammed big and humilatiing. beat them at their own game. Maybe she can even torture him ala Howard a bit too, while she set up something as awful as making an old woman in a senior home lose her friends.

  75. As I said before, SHE USED TO LIVE IN ABQ TOO. She probably recognizes Saul and either doesn't care because he's a friend to her or because she's playing a long con. Also when she asked about Nippy she wasn't just asking, she was suspicious.

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